Want a $500 Power Bill? We might have some good news for you…

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Want a $500 Power Bill?

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Keep reading below to find out how some homeowners in Victoria could be looking at $500 power bills.

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The New Developments in Cape Paterson

Cape Paterson is a village on the coast of Victoria, about a hundred and thirty kilometres south-east of Melbourne.

Right now Cape Patters is home to about eight hundred people, but they could be in for an imminent population spike.

A new development is on the way, with plots of lands presently being sectioned and put up for sale.

The plots vary quite significantly in price.

If you want to purchase one of the cheaper plots of land might set you back about $185,000.

However should you wish to buy a larger section, you might have to fork out over $400,000.

The first lot of about 32 plots took a wee while to sell.

The next series of plots were quickly snapped up over the course of 2018 once word got out.

Right now only 15% of this current series of plots remains available for purchase, so if you’re interested better act fast.

But why exactly should you be interested?

And what do these developments have to do with a $500 power bill?

Keep reading to find out!

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How These Developments Could Lead to $500 Power Bill

What makes this development interesting is there are a number of rules in place designed to keep the place as energy efficient as possible.

The first of these rules is in regards to the size of your home.

The absolute largest home you would be allowed to have would need to have under 250 square meters of total floor space.

Smaller homes are quicker and easier to heat, meaning you use less power.

There’s another rule that has less to do with power and more to do with water.

In order to build a home on these plots of land, you must also have a 10,000-litre rainwater catchment tank.

Taking advantage of the rain is something very few people do, so it’s an interesting idea.

Next, there are the energy efficiency rules, which are a major contributor to the possibly tiny power bills.

It basically comes down to energy ratings.

Your house must meet the minimum requirements of a 7.5-star energy rating.

Finally, you’ve probably read a lot about the solar craze at the moment.

And the Cape Paterson development is getting on the bandwagon as well.

You’ll also have to be generating 2.5KW of solar power.

All that efficiency could add up to some super low power bills.

Beaumont Concepts estimates that this could create power bills as low as $100, but possibly never higher than $500.

How much have you been paying lately?

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Can’t afford a plot of land in Cape Paterson?

So let’s say you don’t have a spare few hundred grand kicking abound.

What are you to do about these high prices?

A smart choice would be to take the time and compare some of the retailers on the market and decided which plan you like best.

However, this could end up taking quite a long time.

It’s a good thing Electricity Monster is here then!

We can help you compare what you’re currently paying to the rates offered by our partner providers.

If we can find you a sharper rate, we’ll take care of the changeover, so all you have to do is pick up the phone.

* We do not compare all energy providers


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