* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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* We do not compare all energy providers and have commercial arrangements with our partners.


Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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Why Alinta Energy?

Alinta Energy have simple to understand plans that beat the DMO price, and in Victoria big credits on offer. They do not charge for paper bills or merchant fees making it easier for the customer to pay their bills. All their offers do not contain exit fees, which means if you are not happy you can easily move to another energy retailer.

Alinta Energy offers a range of payment methods including; phone, web, direct debit, Bpay, Post office, Cheque, Bill Smoothing & Centrelink.

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Market Offers

The arrival of the DMO in NSW, Queensland and South Australia, and the VDO in Victoria, has meant Alinta Energy has had to majorly rethink their plans. Luckily they were up to the challenge. Gone are the big discounts they were known for, and in are very competitive and affordable rates that beat the DMO without the need for any discount at all. Meanwhile in Victoria Alinta Energy has introduced an extremely competitive credit offer that whacks big chunks out of your bill. If you’ve found yourself moved to one of the new default rates and are considering what else might be available, give Electricity Monster a call today!

Supply Area

Alinta Energy currently provides electricity to households and businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and the Energex Network of South East Queensland.

Alinta Energy also supplies gas to residential customers in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners. Voucher Terms & Conditions Apply


Alinta Energy is the aboriginal word for fire and promotes the powerful status to a company that now has over 800,000 customers Australia Wide.

Alinta Energy is the only true national electricity company and gas company with operation in five of Australia's six states as well as New Zealand.

Alinta Energy commenced retailing Gas with Alinta Energy Gas in Western Australia in 1995. Alinta Energy Gas then rebranded into Alinta Energy in 2010 to better represent the evolving brand into the electricity market.

Alinta Energy's mission is to make energy more affordable by bringing your energy bill back to basics and simple to understand energy plans that make sense.


Alinta Energy entered into a 50/50 joint venture with CS Energy. CS Energy is a government-owned corporation that was established under the Government Owned Corporations Act. CS energy provides the wholesale electricity for the joint venture while Alinta Energy provides the retail services of the joint venture. Alinta Energy does not represent the government instead is working with CS Energy in a joint venture arrangement. If you would like to see what deals are available to fill in your details above or call us on 1300 232 848.


Alinta Energy operates nine power stations throughout Australia with over more than 2,500MW if capacity.

  • Bairnsdale Power Station 94MW power station located in Victoria's East Gippsland region
  • Braemar Power Station 502MW power station located in southeast Queensland
  • Newman Power Station 178MW power station located in the Pilbara region of WA
  • Pinjarra Power Station 285MW Power Station located at Alcoa's Pinjarra refinery in WA
  • Port Hedland Power Station 210MW Power Station located in the Pilbara Region of WA
  • Wagerup Power Station 380MW located in South West WA
  • Glenbrook Power Station 112MW power Station located south of Auckland New Zealand

East Coast

Alinta Energy branched into the east coast in 2012 as a new retailer and has been growing ever since. Alinta Energy first opened in the South Australia and Victorian markets later expanding into New South Wales and Queensland.

How to compare Alinta Energy rates?

To compare your Alinta Energy Rates with rates from our providers please submit your details above or feel free to call us on 1300 232 848 to have one of our Electricity brokers help you find a better deal today.

Note: Electricity Monster is not in a commercial relationship with Alinta Energy and therefore will not be displaying Alinta Energy rates and plans in our comparison table. We do however include plans and rates from other retailers we are partners with which you can compare electricity against your Alinta Energy Plan.

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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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