The Best Electricity Deals Victoria has on offer (and how you can get them!)

* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

Retailer Comparison | BY Ethan Rodgers

Looking for the best electricity deals Victoria has on offer? Based on our analysis of electricity providers in Victoria, so we reckon you’ve got a few good options.

Firstly, two of the best deals in Victoria include Simply Energy, whose Simply RACV energy plan comes with a $150 credit. We’ve also got Alinta Energy who offer a $100 credit on your bill. 

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However for now we’re going to get started on some of the best electricity deals Victoria has for you.

10 of the Cheapest Retailers in Victoria

Best Electricity Deals Victoria

If you live in Victoria and are looking for a more cost-effective electricity bill, consider the providers in our breakdown below. Finding affordable electricity rates don’t need to be a hassle, you might be able to get your energy costs down with one call to Electricity Monster. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most popular retailers in Victoria and ranked according to where they fall amoung the best electricity deals in Victoria.

10 Best Electricity Deals CitiPower

The Victorian energy market is divided into five networks. Depending on what network you’re in, you might have different costing energy bills from your neighbour down the road. We’ll start off with the Citipower network. 

For the purposes of our calculations, we’ll be assuming an average usage of 5782 kWh/year.

RankingRetailerPlanAnnual CostDiscount/Credit
1Globird EnergyEasy Save$1460-
2Tango EnergyHome Select$1479-
3Lumo EnergyLumo Value 5$15645% (direct debit)
4Simply EnergySimply RACV Plus$1597$150 (credit)
5PowerdirectResidential Rate Save$1598-
6Energy AustraliaTotal Plan$16267% (guaranteed)
7Alinta EnergyReal Deal$1,648$100 (credit)
8Click EnergyBanksia$1731-
9QEnergyHome Your Way$1748-
10Sumo EnergySumo Saver$1799$40 (credit)

Based on our calculations, we’re happy to see that two Electricity Monster partners – Alinta Energy and Simply Energy – turn up in the top seven cheapest retailers in the CitiPower network! 

11 Best Electricity Deals Powercor

The next network we’re looking at is Powercor. For the purposes of our calculations, we’ll be assuming an average usage of 6526 kWh/year.

RankingRetailerPlanAnnual CostDiscount/Credit
1GloBird EnergyEasy Save$1668-
2Tango EnergyHome Select$1678-
3Elysian EnergyThe Minialist$1700-
4Momentum EnergySmilePower Flexi$1,721-
5Dodo PowerResidential Market$1,759-
6PowerdirectResidential Rate Saver$1,829-
7Simply EnergySimply RACV Plus $1,868$150 (Credit
8Energy AustraliaTotal Plan$1,8787% (guaranteed)
9PowershopAutoPay w/ Mega Pack$1,90623.2% (pay-on-time)
10Alinta EnergyReal Deal$1,918$100 (Credit)
11Sumo PowerSumo Saver$1,967$40 (Credit)

Based on our analysis, it’s a pleasure to report back a fantastic performance from many of Electricity Monster’s partner providers. As you can see, most of the top ten in Powercor are Electricity Monster partners. 

10 Best Electricity Deals United Energy

Up next we’re taking a look at United Energy, another energy network in Victoria. For the purposes of our calculations, we’ll be assuming an average usage of 6526 kWh/year.

RankingRetailerPlanAnnual CostDiscount/Credit
1GloBird EnergyEasy Save$1426-
2Momentum EnergySmilePower Flexi$1522-
3Tango EnergyHome Select$1525-
4Dodo PowerResidential Market$1537-
5Sumo PowerSumo Saver$1613$40 (Credit)
6Lumo EnergyLumo Value 5$16585% direct debit
7Simply EnergySimply RACV Plus$1697$150 (Credit)
8Energy AustraliaTotal Plan$17197% (guaranteed)
9PowerdirectResidential Rate Saver$1729-
10Alinta EnergyReal Deal$1748$100 (Credit)

Based on our calculations, we are proud to report that two of Electricity Monster’s partners – Sumo Power and Dodo Power, make up the top five retailers in the United Energy network. 

10 Best Electricity Deals Jemena

The next network we’re going to examine is Jemena. For the purposes of our calculations, we’ll be assuming an average usage of 6526 kWh/year.

RankingRetailerPlanAnnual CostDiscount/Credit
1GloBird EnergyGloSave$1699-
2Dodo PowerResidential Market$1721-
3Momentum EnergySmilePower Flexi$1721-
4PowershopAuto Pay w/ Mega Pack$173723.2% (pay-on-time)
5Tango EnergyHome Select$1772-
6Sumo PowerSumo Saver$1810$40 (Credit)
7Lumo EnergyLumo Value 5$18305% (direct debit)
8Simply EnergySimply RACV Plus$1878$150 (Credit)
9PowerdirectResidential State Saver$1899-
10Alinta EnergyReal Deal$1929$100 (Credit)

FIVE partners of Electricity Monster – Sumo Power, Simply Energy, Alinta Energy, Dodo Power and Powershop – make up HALF of the top ten retailers in this network! 

10 Best Electricity Deals AusNet

Finally, here are 10 of the best electricity deals available in the AusNet network. For the purposes of our calculations, we’ll be assuming an average usage of 6526 kWh/year.

RankingRetailerPlanAnnual CostDiscount/Credit
1GloBird EnergyEasySave$1764-
2Tango EnergyHome Select$1782-
3Elysian EnergyA New Chapter$1793-
4Momentum EnergySmilePower Flexi$1932-
5Dodo PowerResidential Market$1933-
6Energy AustraliaTotal Plan$20647% (guaranteed)
7AGLResidential Essentials Plus$2067-
8PowerdirectResidential Rate Saver$2067-
9Simply EnergySimply RACV Plus$2067$150 (credit)
10Origin Max SaverOrigin Max Saver$20856% (guaranteed)

Elysian Energy, Simply Energy and Dodo Power, THREE of Electricity Monster’s partners, once again come up in the top five retailers in the pricey AusNet network. 

About our cheap electricity deals in Victoria

Cheap Electricity Deals Victoria

When looking for a great deal on energy retail customers sometimes get a bit confused. Do I go with the credit or pay on time discount? Which energy company has the right plan for me? Here’s a quick rundown of three of our best electricity deals in Victoria.

Simply RACV Plus

Simply RACV Plus is a great product open to Simply Energy customers who are also members of the RACV. Many Simply Plans come with competitive credit schemes, but this one goes even further. On top of a low rate, you also get a $150 credit on your bill. On top of that after your $150 credit in the first year, you get $50 every year after.  

Alinta Energy Real Deal

Alinta Energy is growing every day, and some estimates have put them as the fourth most popular retailer in the country. Their Real Deal plan really is the real deal as well. It comes with a $100 credit on your bill which is a great bonus on top of an already Top 10 rate in some networks. 

Powershop Shopper Market offer. 

Powershop’s Shopper Market Offer has grown to become one of the best offers on the market since the arrival of the VDO. It comes with a 23.2% pay on time discount, which is very competitive. If you would like to learn more about companies like Powershop, get in touch with us today. 

How do I check some of the best electricity deals in Victoria?

Call us! We can help you compare your current energy price with many of the rates we’ve looked at today. Many people are having to change their electricity usage habits in order to find relief from high power prices. However, if you compare providers to find yourself a better deal, you won’t have to change a thing. Give us a call on 1300 584 872 today!

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This publication looks at how much a 4-person household pays a year, on average, on plans from various retailers in Victoria. The information in this document cannot substitute for legal advice. No financial decisions should be made based on information from this publication. Then again, individual usage, circumstances and brands could cause usage figures to vary.

Important points to note are:

  • We do not guarantee that the information applies to every household in Australia.
  • All dollar figures are including GST unless explicitly mentioned.
  • The comparison is between the market offers that 15 retailers (GloBird, Tango Energy, Lumo Energy, Simply Energy, Powerdirect, Energy Australia, OEnergy, Origin Energy, Click Energy, Alinta Energy, Sumo Power, Elysian Energy, Momentum Energy, Dodo Power, Powershop) have in Victoria
  • The plans chosen for comparison may not necessarily reflect the most competitive plans offered by these retailers. 
  • Specifically, comparisons are on the peak rates in single rate plans from retailers, plus their daily electricity supply charges.
  • Electricity rates used are from the websites of electricity retailers. We have not verified their accuracy.
  • Chiefly, electricity benchmarks used for the average energy usage of households are from the AER website.
  • In Vic, the Citipower network is used to calculate an average price.


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