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What can Powershop do for me?


Powershop now has over 100,000 customers and is growing daily while constantly innovating new ways to help customers interact with their energy usage and put the control back in the customer's hands.

Powershop is the only electricity retailer to be accredited 100% carbon neutral.

Powershop is also an award winner. They’re Australia’s greenest power company. For three years running, they’ve been Australia's greenest power company 2014, 2015 & 2018. They’re also people pleasers. They've been awarded Canstar Blue's Most Satisfied Customers - Energy Providers VIC, three years running, 2015, 2016, & 2017.

Market Offers

Powershop comes with a wide variety of offers, often structured as one of their Powershop Power Packs. These include: the Power Saver Pack which offers a competitive standing rate and a nice discount, Mega Pack, this is for the customer who likes to buy in bulk and comes with an even bigger discount, and Future Pack for if you want to pay for you power months in advance.

Supply Area

Powershop services electricity residential and business customer in Victoria, New South Wales and South-East Queensland. If you would like to see what Powershop has to offer in your area, Electricity Monster can help you with comparing electricity retailers from our partners.

Current Offers




Small Medium Enterprise

New South Wales Residential: 12% discount off their already low rates and off your entire bill by purchasing the Power Saver to cover your monthly bill.

New South Wales Small Medium Enterprise: 12% discount off their already low rates and off your entire bill by purchasing the Power Saver to cover your monthly bill.

Making sense of the large collection of power plans in NSW can be a struggle. However, with Powershop everything is much simpler allowing you to really get on top of your energy needs. If you’re after residential electricity, Powershops Power Saver pack offers customers in NSW a 12% discount on their entire bill. This can be bumped up to 15% if you go with one of Powershop’s Mega Packs where you’ll pay for 3 months of electricity in advance. If you’re after business electricity you can still take advantage of these plans. Business customers can purchase a Powershop Power Saver Pack and receive a 12% discount on their whole bill, or go with a Mega Pack and get a 15% discount on their entire bill. Once again this comes with Powershops commitment to not tax their own customers for their loyalty. As long as your with Powershop in NSW, you will be on the best rate they have.




Small Medium Enterprise

South East Queensland Residential: 12% discount off their already low rates and off your entire bill by purchasing the Power Saver to cover your monthly bill.

South East Queensland Small Medium Enterprise: 12% discount off their already low rates and off your entire bill by purchasing the Power Saver to cover your monthly bill.

Powershop has just as much to offer Queensland as they do other states. If you’re in need of a new plan for your residential electricity, consider Powershop’s Power Saver pack. You can receive a 12% discount on your entire bill. If you’re looking to go even further with your saves, you can purchase 3 months worth of power through their Mega Pack offer, and receive a 15% discount. The great thing about Powershop is that these offers carry over if you’re interested in business energy. If you purchase a Power Saver pack for your business and you can get in on the 12% discount just like a residential customer. The loyalty tax pledge applies to Queensland as well, if you’re in Queensland you can rest assured you’re always getting Powershop’s best offer, and that your rates will not suddenly spike after remaining with them for a long time.




Small Medium Enterprise

Victoria Residential: 19.5% discount off their already low rates and off your entire bill by purchasing the Power Saver to cover your monthly bill.

Victoria Small Medium Enterprise: 19.5% discount off their already low rates and off your entire bill by purchasing the Power Saver to cover your monthly bill.

In Victoria, you have a lot of options to choose from. Being one of the most competitive energy markets on the planet will do that. If you want to survive in such an environment you need to come with some great deals, and Powershop does just that. Whereas a lot of providers will offer a discount on your usage, Powershop’s Power Saver pack gets you a 19.5% discount on your whole bill. Go a step further and purchase a 3 months electricity supply with a Mega Pack and you’ll receive a 23.5% discount on your entire bill. Businesses can also find big discounts through Powershops simplified systems. If you purchase a Power Saver pack from Powershop for your business you’ll also get a 19.5% discount on your entire bill, and a 23.5% discount if you buy 3 months supply with a Mega Pack. Best of all Powershop takes a strong stance against the loyalty taxes meted out by the big retailers. Often times a retailer will offer you a big discount when you first sign up, but once that offer expires customers find themselves on an expensive standing rate. With Powershop, you’ll always get the best rate they have available.




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Powershop Gas

Right now Powershop only offers gas solutions to customers in Victoria. Those in NSW or Queensland looking to join up with Powershop for their natural gas might have to wait and see. As for Victoria, you can sign up for their Gas Saver Plan. This plan offers a 5% discount on your entire gas bill, provided you pay the whole thing. There are no Mega Packs offered for gas customers in Victoria at this time.


"Looking for gas? We can get you cooking! And with our Peace of Mind Guarantee you know there’s no need to worry. The whole process can take less than 10 minutes so give us a call and speak to one of our free energy consultants today"

CORY MCGOWN - Electricity Broker

How to get connected to Powershop?

To find out more about Powershop, organise a connection to Powershop or to switch to Powershop call us on 1300 232 848 or submit your detail to have one energy experts help you.

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Powershop is owned by Australasia’s largest 100% renewable generator, Meridian Energy. Their Office is based in Melbourne, with contact centres in both Melbourne and New Zealand.

Powershop believe in putting the customer first and empowering their customers to take control of their energy bills.


Powershop’s parent company Meridian Energy Ltd owns and operates two wind farms in Australia:

  • Mt Millar wind farm located on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia which produces approximately 180 GWh of renewable energy a year.
  • Mt Mercer wind farm located south of Ballarat in Victoria and produces approximately 400 GWh of renewable energy each year.

Powershop App

Powershop’s online tool can help you get a handle on how much power you use and when you use it.

Get variable insights into what time and which activities are driving you power usage

Gain more control over your power bill by making more informed decisions about how you use and purchase your power.

Smart Meter Upgrades

Powershop are also offering customers an upgrade to Smart Meter for free in most circumstances in New South Wales and South-East Queensland Customers. Call us on 1300 232 848 or submit your details above to see if you qualify for a free smart meter upgrade.

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Powershop News

  • Date: 26/06/18

    Powershop Announces Big Discounts in QLD & NSW!

    Great news for Powershop customers. The retailer has just announced they plan to slash prices in Queensland, and there’s a nice discount coming to NSW too. Customers in QLD can look forward to an 8.6% decrease in their energy supply charge. Meanwhile, in NSW there will be a 3% discount. This is expected to save the average Queensland and NSW consumer $140 and $74 a year, respectively.

  • Date: 18/05/18

    Powershop Launches Duel Fuel Product in Victoria

    Powershop now has over 100,000 customers and has just launched their gas product for Victorian Customers. If you opt for Powershop's Gas Saver product, you will receive a 5% discount if you pay your bill on time and in full. If you are interested in hearing more about this offer, feel free to call one of our brokers on 1300 232 848, and they will be happy to help!

  • Date: 28/03/18

    Powershop Win 5-Star Rankings for Third Year Running

    Powershop are ranked number 1 by green piece for the 3rd year running. One of Powershop's main focuses is to provide greener energy to its customer at affordable prices. This year, for the third year running Powershop, has proven themselves to be found the greenest retailer again! Green peace focus at areas such as; the level of emission intensity, a focus of renewables, and their general policies when they look into awarding this specific award.

  • Date: 01/03/18

    Powershop Invests in more green power!

    Powershop has passed the reduction in the wholesale prices in Victoria back to their customers. Due to the fall in wholesale prices in Victoria, Powershop wants to make sure they continue to provide affordable energy to their customers. Unlike other retailers, Powershop has passed these saving onto all their customers, not only new customers.

    This has been eased into place by the purchase of three hydro plants have been recently acquired by Powershop, as well as the confirmation of several longer-term contracts that have been secured to provide energy from both solar and wind farms across the eastern coast of Australia, at potentially lower energy prices.

  • Date: 28/02/18

    Powershop has been awarded Most Satisfied Customers Victoria Electricity Suppliers 2017 for the 3rd year in a row!

    Powershop scored full marks in categories of value for money, bill clarity, customer services, energy efficiency advice and environmental sustainability. Here at Electricity Monster, it is extremely important that we are providing the correct solutions to our customers, and awards like this one let us know we are on the right track!

  • Date: 01/02/18

    Powershop Invests in more green power!

    Powershops's parent company Meridian Energy has agreed to purchase three hydro stations from Trustpower for $168m. Along with this, they have signed 3 Power Purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable projects in Victoria and New South Wales. The net result of these agreements will add 749 GWh, taking Meridian's total renewable generation to roughly 1,300GWh in Australia.

    What makes them so Green?

    • Powershop's parent company Meridian Energy is a 100% renewable generator.
    • Further investment this year into with new Power Purchase Agreements into renewable generation
    • 100% Carbon Neutral Energy provided to their customers at no extra cost.
    • Powershop facilitate the funding of renewable energy through their Community Energy program.
    • Powershop's customer base buys more GreenPower compared to other retailers.

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