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Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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Why Momentum Energy?

What you see is what you get with Momentum Energy. Rather than offer discounts, Momentum offers customers competitive rates – this means customers don’t have to fidget with calculators to work out what they will be paying. They can see their energy price straight away.

Momentum is 100% Australian-owned. Furthermore, in this day of off-shore call-centre staffing, their call-centres are based here in Australia. This not only ensures they support the Australian economy, but they are also sensitive to their customers’ needs. Their customers come first – every time.


Providing simple plans and flexible payment options are other ways Momentum Energy looks after its customers. If you’re interested in comparing electricity retailers like Momentum, give us at here Electricity Monster a call.

Supply Area

Melbourne-based Momentum Energy provides electricity to households and businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and the ACT.

Momentum also supplies gas to residential customers in Victoria.

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Ownership by Australia’s largest renewable energy provider allows Momentum Energy direct access to supply from a generator. The Melbourne-based company has capitalised on this fact by providing some competitive offers for homes and businesses in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. Take a look at what they have on offer and see if they might have a plan that suits you.*

* All offers are valid as of April 15, 2019.

MOMENTUM New South Wales

If you're searching the market for electricity for your home in NSW, Momentum Energy has one simple offer available, SmilePower Flexi. There are no confusing discounts in play, with the company instead of focussing on bringing clarity to the rates and providing customers with dollar estimates of what their bill will be with Momentum Energy. Momentum Energy seems to prefer the path of transparency over what they call “naked” rates. The benefit period for the SmilePower Flexi is open, meaning there are no lock-in obligations or costly exit fees for switching retailers in the future. To drive online sign-ups to the Smile Power Flexi plan, Momentum offers a $50 reduction to your first power bill.


For a business based out of NSW, the SmilePower Flexi is the market offer on display. Although the rates differ regarding supply charges or usage rates, the basic terms are the same as the SmilePower Flexi offer available to households. The basic terms that are unchanged are zero exit fees, no discounts and no contract period. An additional benefit that remains unchanged is that there are no credit card charges on payment, leaving your business with one less thing to worry about when making payments.


For Victorian households, Momentum offers simplicity with three plans on offer - SmilePower Flexi, Solar Step-Up and Move Mate. The SmilePower Flexi plan contains no complex discount structures or puts offers any complicated contract terms. There may be a common misconception that savings are created only when conditional discounts exist, yet that may not always be the case. The critical point is to focus on the tariff rates and how suitable they are to your energy needs and affordability concerns. With no exit fees or discounts, SmilePower Flexi instead focuses on low usage rates to attract households. To further increase adoption, customers that apply online for SmilePower Flexi get a $50 credit on their first electricity bill. The Solar Step-Up plan is identical in terms to the SmilePower Flexi except that there is a handsome 13.5 cents/kWh FIT on offer for the power your panels export back to the grid. The Move Mate plan is advertised to offer a next business day connection (if it’s safe to do so) for people that are moving homes and would not want to be left in the dark on their first day!


Businesses in Victoria can enjoy the simplicity showcased by SmilePower Flexi, with the same terms available to households, other than a higher usage and supply charge. The provisions of an open contract with no exit fees or discounts remain unchanged. Additionally, for customers who are conscious of their carbon footprint, it may be heartening to know that by choosing the SmilePower Flexi plan, Momentum has pledged to feed some form of renewable energy into the grid. This may come from either their parent company Hydro Tasmania or another renewable generator. Businesses are also offered the Solar Step-Up plan at a 13.5 cents/kWh FIT rate as well as the Move Mate plan for a next business day connection (if it’s safe to do so) for businesses that are changing locations.

MOMENTUM South Australia

For homes and businesses in South Australia, it is a situation starkly similar to a horror movie when the electricity bill comes in the mail. If your home wanted a provider which focuses on simplicity across the board, then you may be interested to hear about the options available from Momentum Energy. Instead of clouding the judgement of customers with elaborate discount setups, Momentum’s Smile Power Flexi is a straightforward plan that is easy to understand. Instead of discounts, Momentum has presented the rates for supplying electricity to the property and usage charges with clarity. With no presence of contract terms, there are no exit fees involved in this plan.


The Smile Power Flexi is extended to include small businesses as well. Once again, the plan offers no discounts but focus on providing clear and concise supply and usage tariffs. By making the rates they offer as transparent as possible, businesses in South Australia can easily estimate what their bill payment is going to be from their usage. That transparency can help enterprises manage their budgets and operating costs in a more controlled fashion. Flexibility for a business is promoted by the absence of exit fees or a contract for the plan.

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Hydro Tasmania, which is Australia's biggest renewable energy provider, owns Momentum Energy and supplies all of Momentum’s electricity.

Renewable energy is a priority for Momentum. One way it demonstrates its commitment to this is through its Smile Power product.

SmilePower guarantees customers that Momentum’s profits will help maintain Hydro Tasmania – or another electricity generator – to generate comparable amounts of renewable energy in the National Electricity Market. This will happen within the same calendar year as they bill their SmilePower customers.

Momentum’s future-oriented mission focuses on sustainability. This involves leading-edge resource and asset management; developing its financial capability and providing its owners and Tasmanian people with sustainable returns on their investment.

Momentum seeks to grow its new renewable energy resources, to become Australia’s first carbon-neutral energy generator and to develop innovative commodities through its consulting arm (Ventura), and its electricity and green-energy portfolios.


Momentum’s power generation plants include:

Tamar Valley gas – 390 MW
Studland Bay, Bluff Point and Musselroe wind farms –combined 308 MW capacity
Bass Strait Islands power stations – Whitemark (2.80 MW) and Currie (8.55)
Derwent – 11 stations with a combined 520 MW capacity
Gordon – Pedder – 432 MW
Yingina/Great Lake – South Esk – three stations, with a combined 397.5 capacity
King – Yolande – three stations, with a combined 154.6 MW capacity
Pieman – four stations, with a combined 484 capacity
Mersey – Forth – eight stations with a combined 336.25 capacity

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