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    Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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    Why Origin Energy?

    Origin Energy offers several competitive electricity and natural gas plans.

    Origin Energy shows its concern for the environment, offering low-carbon energy options in all its plans. Origin Energy’s easy online account management is another feature included in all its plans.

    Discounts can be accessed through eBilling and direct debit payments. Origin Energy also offers a higher feed-in tariff offer for its solar boost option. Curious about what Origin has to offer? Call Electricity Monster and let us help you with comparing electricity retailers.

    Supply Area

    Origin Energy currently provides electricity to households and businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and the Energex Network of Southeast Queensland.

    Origin also supplies gas to residential customers in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

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    Origin Energy has been in the Australian energy market for nearly two decades now. Whether you’re shopping for a new plan for your household, or a sharp rate on your business electricity, Origin Energy has a number of options available for you to choose from. As an added incentive they typically offer either a pay-on-time, direct debit, or guaranteed discount on your energy bill.*

    * All offers are valid as of July 4, 2019.

    Origin Victoria

    Everyone in Victoria knows how competitive their energy market is, and Origin is right there with a number of offers for both residential and business customers. On the residential side of things, they have a bunch of different plans on offer. Firstly there’s their Origin Basic plan which doesn’t come with a discount but does offer low rates. If you’re looking for discounts they offer Origin Max Saver, which has a direct debit discount of 6% on your electricity bill and 12% on your gas bill. Origin Flexi comes with a direct debit discount of 3% on your electricity bill and a 10% direct debit discount on your gas.

    If you’ve got some business energy problems Origin might have the solutions. You could opt to keep your rates simple with no discounts or credits through the Origin Business Basic plan.

    Origin New South Wales

    People in New South Wales looking for a bit of relief from their constantly rising power bill could consider going with Origin Energy. In terms of residential electricity, they have three main options. The first is called Origin Basic, and it is just a low, flat rate that exactly matches the DMO reference bill for NSW! The Origin Flexi and Origin Max Saver plan, however, comes with a guaranteed discount on your entire power and gas bills. Those plans, however, do mean that you have to set up a direct debit option and agree to receive your bills online. The Origin Flexi comes with a 10% guaranteed discount on power and a 7% guaranteed discount on gas, while the Origin Max Saver comes with a 13% guaranteed electricity discount as well as an 11% guaranteed discount on your gas bill! The Origin Flexi works out to be 10% below the DMO reference bill, while the Origin Max Saver is 13% lower!

    Origin also has a multitude of business electricity and gas plans available if your business wants a new deal. To start with they have Business Basic. This plan comes with a flat rate that matches the DMO reference price for businesses in NSW. Another plan, the Business Flexi, comes with a 12% guaranteed discount of your entire power and gas bill. In comparison to the DMO reference price, this plan is an excellent 12% below the reference price in NSW.

    Origin South Australia

    Looking for electricity or gas in South Australia? Origin might have the right plan for you. If residential electricity is what you’re after their plans start with a flat rate plan, the Origin Basic. This is a plan that exactly matches the reference bill for the state. The Origin Flexi plan offers a 12% guaranteed discount on your entire electricity bill and a 9% guaranteed discount on your gas bill. Next, there’s Origin Max Saver which comes with a 15% guaranteed discount on your electricity bill and a 10% guaranteed discount on your gas bill. Origin Flexi is 12% lower than the DMO reference bill in SA, while the Origin Max Saver is 15% lower.

    Origin also has plans for small businesses available. Their Business Flexi plan offers a 14% guaranteed discount on your electricity bill and a 6% guaranteed discount on your business gas bill. This plan is 14% below the DMO reference bill for SA businesses. Other business plans they have include the Business Basic plan, which comes with fixed rates that match the SA reference bill.

    Origin Queensland

    If you’re after an electricity plan for your home in Queensland there are multiple plans on offer from Origin Energy. If you’re the kind of person who prefers the no confusion approach, you might be interested in their flat rate Origin Basic Plan. The plan works out to have rates that exactly match the DMO reference prices for the Energex network. If you don’t mind paying by direct debit or receiving online bills, the Origin Flexi plan comes with a 9% guaranteed discount on your electricity bill and a 2% guaranteed discount on your gas bill. Origin Max Saver is another interesting plan which offers an 11% guaranteed discount on your electricity bill and a 3% guaranteed discount on your gas bill. With reference to the DMO prices in the Energex network, the Origin Flexi plan works out to be 9% lower, while the Origin Max Saver works out to be 11% lower.

    Business people need a deal on their electricity too, and Origin has two plans on offer. Business Flexi comes with a 12% guaranteed discount on your electricity bill and a 6% guaranteed discount on your gas bill. The plan is 12% cheaper than the reference bill for businesses in the Energex network. Business Basic is a flat rate plan for businesses, that matches the DMO reference bill in the state.

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    There are six natural gas-fired Origin Energy power stations in Australia. There is also a baseload station and five peaking stations. Baseload power ensures there is a dependable supply of competitively-priced power available at all times. The peaking stations ensure customers can access power during peak usage periods.

    Origin’s stations are:

    • Darling Downs Power Station in Queensland: 644 MW generation capacity
    • Roma Power Station, Queensland: 80 MW generation capacity
    • Mortlake Power Station, Victoria: 566 MW generation capacity
    • Ladbroke Grove Power Station, South Australia: 80 MW generation capacity
    • Quarantine Power Station, South Australia: 224 MW generation capacity
    • Uranquinty Power Station, New South Wales: 664 MW generation capacity

    In addition, Origin Energy has Solar Parks at Bendigo and Ballarat. Together, they generate 710 MWh of power each year.


    Origin Energy is proud to say it’s Australia’s “leading integrated energy company”, with a hand in supplying millions of business and domestic customers in all six States. What’s more, many of Australia’s New Zealand and Pacific neighbours choose Origin Energy to provide their electricity and gas.

    The company isn’t resting on its achievements either. At present, it’s busy developing new markets in Asia and South America. So far, Papua New Guinea, Chile, Vietnam, Kenya and Fiji have Origin Energy customers.

    Origin Energy has built its reputation by keeping up with the game. They are involved in energy exploration – think natural gas and LNG, for example – energy generation, energy market purchasing and energy investment.

    Origin Energy’s mission is to make energy more affordable by bringing your energy bill back to basics and simple to understand energy plans that make sense.

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