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Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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Why Red Energy?

A popular and award-winning provider, Red Energy is 100% Australian owned and operated! Having burst onto the Victorian energy scene in 2004 with a hiss and a roar, Red Energy has since expanded to service customers all across Australia.

Red Energy prides itself on its customer satisfaction and has won multiple awards for its customer service, no small feat in the Australian energy market. Part of the way they maintain such acclaimed customer service is by having a single point of contact for customer inquiries. This means that every customer gets a personalised service.

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Supply Area

Red Energy retails electricity and gas across Australia. For energy, they provide residential electricity in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. They also supply gas if you live in Victoria and New South Wales.

Market Offer

Red Energy currently has a number of specials on offer. Recently they’ve partnered with airliner Qantas. Customers of both Red Energy and Qantas can qualify to earn Qantas airpoints with Qantas Red Saver and Red Saver Plus. For every one dollar you spend on your energy and you can earn two Qantas points!

In addition to this Red Energy offers EvenPay, which is their version of bill smoothing. It works by making small payments with greater frequency, as opposed to large payments every now and again.

A standard Red Energy plan (such as Easy Saver or Living Energy Saver) will typically come with a 10% pay on time discount, no exit fees and no contract term for electricity or gas.

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Note: Electricity Monster is not in a commercial relationship with Red Energy and therefore will not be displaying Red Energy rates and plans in our comparison table. We do however include plans and rates from other retailers we are partners with which you can compare electricity against your Red Energy Plan.

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Red Energy, is one of two electricity retailers owned by Australian-based renewables plant operator Snowy Hydro. The company has an extensive variety of plans that cater to the needs of households as well as businesses. As they operate differently in each region, the plans they have for homes and small businesses also vary in subtle ways.*

* All offers are valid as of April 15, 2019.

Red Energy New South Wales

The offers that Red Energy has in NSW for homes and businesses are identical in their terms to the offers they have in place for Victorian households. Red Energy’s partnership with Australian airline Qantas continues in the NSW region as well, with the Qantas Red Saver and the Qantas Red Plus, both currently running. The focal point of both plans remains the free airline points from Qantas when you sign up. You will receive 10,000 points for electricity and 5,000 additional points for also getting your gas connection with Red Energy. Those who choose to go with one of these plans can earn two airline points for each dollar that they spend on their electricity and gas bill. Under the Qantas Red Plus, airline points added for each dollar towards your electricity and gas bill goes up to 7. While both plans are similar in how neither have exit fees or contract terms involved, the Qantas Red Saver also boasts a 10% discount on timely payment of bills.

Much like Victoria, the standard offer for the market remains the Living Energy Saver. The plan is floated with rewards of up to $1,500 through their entertainment discount scheme, the Red Energy Rewards. With a chance to choose from thousands of offers and discounts related to movies, dining, stay or tourism, NSW customers, will be left spoilt for choice.

If you are a business owner in NSW, the Red Easy, Qantas Red Saverand Qantas Red Easy are three plans on offer for small businesses. Red Energy’s Red Easy gives you access to a range of flexible payment options while showcasing zero exit fees and no contract periods. Much like its name, the Qantas Red Saver and Qantas Red Easy plans relate to earning airline points on Qantas Airlines, with the Qantas Red Saveralso showcasing a nice 10% pay on time discount.

Red Energy Victoria

Victoria remains one of the most competitive electricity markets in Australia, and Red Energy has responded to this competition through their market offers. The company recently began a partnership with airline operator Qantas. Qantas Red Saver, as well as the Qantas Red Plus, are two plans currently running in Victoria. Both plans offer a sign-up incentive of 10,000 Qantas points for choosing an electricity plan, along with an extra 5,000 points if you also select a gas connection with Red Energy. It’s worth mentioning that both plans have no contract terms and therefore, no exit fees. Under the Qantas Red Saver plan, Red Energy customers will receive two Qantas airline points for every dollar they spend on their electricity and gas bills. There also exists a 10% pay on time discount applicable to this plan, which applies to your whole electricity bill.

On the other hand, the Qantas Red Plus gives you seven Qantas points for every dollar you are charged on your electricity and gas bills. The standard market offer for Victoria, however, is the Living Energy Saver. The plan comes with a 10% pay on time discount on your entire bill and, similar to the Qantas-partnered plans above, has no contract or exit fees involved. An additional incentive floated is the up to $1,500 worth of benefits through Red Energy’s entertainment program called Red Energy Rewards. The program gives you access to more than 4,500 offers across Australia and New Zealand, including dining, hotel rooms, groceries or tickets to movies as well as tourist attractions.

Are you a small business in Victoria looking to save on electricity costs? Red Energy’s Red Easy services small businesses as well, with simple terms that charge no exit fees or tie your business down to a contract. The Qantas Red Saver and the Qantas Red Plus are Red Easy’s offerings to businesses that showcase their airline points program with Qantas Airlines.

Red Energy South Australia

In the most expensive state in Australia, the plans Red Energy have on offer may solve a few problems for households and businesses in the region. For South Australian homeowners that are keen to travel, Red Energy’s business partnership with Qantas comes in handy. The Qantas Red Saver and the Qantas Red Plus are plans offered through the collaboration of these two companies that have no contract or hefty exit fees. 10,000 Qantas airline points arrive on either plan on setting up your electricity connection with Red Energy. Want a bigger bump? 5,000 additional airline points await customers who also get their gas from Red Energy. Still not enough? Red Energy’s other plans have you covered. You will collect two bonus points for each dollar you spend on your electricity and gas bill under the Qantas Red Saver, going up to as much as seven points under Qantas Red Plus. The other significant distinction between these plans is the availability of pay on time discounts. The Qantas Red Saver offers a 10% reduction on the entirety of your energy bill should you pay your bill on time. The standard market offer from Red Energy is the Easy Saver, equipped with zero contract terms and no exit fees. While not decorated with fancy airline rewards, the Easy Saver keeps it simple with a 10% pay on time discount off your whole bill.

For businesses in South Australia, Red Energy has made the Red Easy plan available, which offers no contract periods or exit fees. Additionally, an option for monthly billing allows businesses to manage their finances in a more organised manner. For businesses that thrive on airline points, the Qantas Red Saver and the Qantas Red Easy are Red Easy’s offerings in collaboration with Qantas Airlines.

Red Energy Queensland

Red Energy’s partnership with Qantas airline continues in Queensland, with the Qantas Red Saver and the Qantas Red Plus both in the mix. Airline points are useful in booking tickets, hotel rooms or rental vehicles. If you and your family are looking to see the world, Red Energy’s tie-in with Qantas can be beneficial. Both plans, the Qantas Red Plus and the Qantas Red Saver, reward you with 10,000 points on signing up with Red Energy on an electricity connection, adding 5,000 points on getting your gas connected with Red Energy as well. In addition to this, on the Qantas Red Saver you will receive two airline points for each dollar of energy you’re charged for on your bill, as well as a 10% pay-on-time discount. Although the Qantas Red Plus does not offer a pay on time discount, the airline points reward on offer jumps to seven for each dollar spent. The standard market offer for Queensland homes is the Easy Saver that boasts zero term contracts or plans with a 10% pay-on-time discount on your entire electricity bill.

Are you a business in Queensland looking for a connection? Red Energy offers the Red Easy, Qantas Red Saver and Qantas Red Easy for small businesses. Red Energy’s Red Easy gives you access to a stepped rate plan, as well as a range of flexible payment options while showcasing zero exit fees and no contract periods. Much like its name, the Qantas Red Saver and Qantas Red Easy are in relation to airline points on Qantas Airlines, with the Qantas Red Saver also showcasing a nice 10% pay on time discount.

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Red Energy is owned by Snowy Hydro Limited, which in turn is owned by the Australian Federal Government, making Red Energy 100% Australian owned and operated. Being 100% Australian owned and operated is a significant point of pride for Red Energy, as many electricity providers in Australia often have large overseas shareholders. They see their Australian ownership as a part of what makes them different from the other providers. Whereas other providers might be somewhat disconnected from regular Australians, Red Energy is the opposite.


Red Energy is an electricity retailer, not a generator, this means they don’t generate any electricity, instead they sell it to customers like you. However their parent company Snowy Hydro generates a significant amount of electricity, usually through renewable means. They own and operate a number of hydroelectric dams throughout NSW as well as a few diesel and natural gas extraction plants. All told Snowy Hydro generates about 4500 GWh of renewable energy every year.

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