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Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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Why 1st Energy?

As a small Energy Retailer, 1st Energy promises an excellent level of customer service and quick solutions.

Their offers are simple and straightforward, with no hidden fees or charges. They may not be the biggest energy company, but they plan to be the best.

1st Energy recognises that customers want to cut costs and not to be constantly shopping for a new offer after the contract term. That is why 1st Energy won’t take away your benefits after your contract time has finished.

The products are simple with an offer of a Pay On Time Discount off the Electricity Usage component of the bill. If you’re interested in 1st Energy, let Electricity Monster help you compare electricity retailers to see if they have a great deal available for.

Payment Methods

1st Energy offers multiple payment methods including direct debit, BPay or credit card. In case you don’t want to pay your bill online, you can pay over the phone or even post a cheque.

No Credit Card Fees – 1st Energy does not believe in charging you more when you pay your bill, rightly waiving credit card fees.

Monthly billing

If you sign up for 1st Energy, you will receive your bills monthly. This saves 1st Energy customers from huge bill shocks from enormous quarterly bills. Even if you have a quarterly read meter, your bills will still be monthly, but you can nominate how much you want to pay on your monthly bill instead of getting an estimated bill from your provider. Any unpaid or overpaid amounts will be adjusted at the time of your quarterly read.

If you have a smart meter, your monthly bills will be accurate as electricity use information is sent back every half an hour.

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1st Energy Rates


1st Energy - Electricity

Has your family in Victoria been in dire need of an inexpensive and effective electricity plan to adopt? Victoria’s deregulated electricity markets are one of the most competitive markets for electricity retailers. 1st Energy holds their own, however, with the 1st Saver plan promising a strong 35% discount on electricity usage charges when bills are cleared on time.


1st Energy - Electricity

Are you a Victorian business-owner looking to incorporate savings in energy costs? The cost-effective plans 1st Energy has for Victorian businesses provide a variety of choices to businesses when it comes to cutting their electricity spend. The Business Market Offer that 1st Energy grants in Victoria assure a 20% discount on the electricity usage part of your electricity bill on timely payment. By not putting restrictions on the period of the discount, the plan that the company offers business owners is cost-cutting on a long-term basis.


1st Energy - Electricity

Are you a homeowner in NSW who is on the lookout for a power plan that is simple to follow? In a retail market where there are many established players, 1st Energy has disrupted the market through the introduction of ongoing contracts that do not expire until you want it to, locking in the benefits for as long as you please. The ongoing contracts have made 1st Energy stand out through the simplicity of the terms given to customers.

For homes that are happy with clearing bill payments before they are due, 1st Energy’s 1st Saver offer contains a pay on time discount that will be attractive to NSW residents. A sizeable 22% discount applies to usage charges of the electricity bill when you make a bill payment on time. For tech-savvy homeowners that are comfortable with receiving a bill through your email, the 1st easySaver allows a pay on time discount of 25% to be applied.


1st Energy - Electricity

For business customers who are comfortable with paying electricity bills on or before the due date, 1st Energy’s 1st Saver offer rewards customers with an attractive 27% pay on time discount. The ongoing nature of the contract allows businesses in NSW to enjoy benefits for as long as they want.


1st Energy - Electricity

In the south-east sections of Queensland, 1st Energy offers residential customers two variations of a market offer arming them with the ability to clamp down on skyrocketing costs. The 1st Saver offer contains a 28% pay on time discount that will be applicable for QLD residents when they make a timely payment of their electricity bill.


1st Energy - Electricity

For SE Queensland-based businesses, costs of electricity make up a large portion of the entire budget set aside for energy spend. With contracts that do not expire, with 1st Energy, businesses can reach a plan with hefty discounts that have no end in sight. Choosing a stable contract allows businesses to plan ahead and boosts the availability of funds for future business growth. Through a 15% pay on time discount from the 1st Saver plan, Queensland companies can refocus their attention on the operation of their business rather than worrying about the business’ energy spend.

Basic Plan Information Document for this plan is available here.

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1st Energy Tasmania

If you’re looking for a residential electricity plan in Tasmania, here’s what 1st Energy can offer you. For starters, there are two plans available to Tasmanian customers. This is called 1st Saver. 1st Energy boasts that this plan offers low rates and a pay on time discount of 5% on their usage charges. Your other option is 1st Solar Bonus, which is for those who have a solar setup at their home. This plan does not offer the 5% pay on time discount, but it does offer a 5 cent bonus to your solar feed-in tariff.


If you’re a business customer, 1st Energy also has a business plan available. Businesses can also hop onto 1st Saver, where they will also receive a 5% pay on time discount on their business electricity usage charges. If you’re interested in learning more about 1st energy contact Electricity Monster today! We can help you compare your current retailer with 1st Energy as well as many other providers.


Beginning operations in 2014, 1st Energy is one of Australia’s newest retailers that operate in VIC, and South-East Queensland. 1st Energy is proudly Australian based and dedicated to providing energy that reflects the “real cost of doing business” while giving the customer the peace of mind they desire through ongoing contracts. The company’s Australian-based customer service centres are what is making them a more approachable retailer for many Australians.

Solar Energy

1st Energy also offers plans tailored for homes that have solar panels on their roof. If you are looking for more details on what these are, feel free to call our team on 1300 232 848.

My Account

1st Energy’s ‘My Account’ allows you to access your account 24/7, check your usage, pay your bills plus access to heaps of information. It offers real-time tracking of the energy use of your home or business. It allows you to pay your bill with no hassle and through a secure medium.

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