The Best Electricity Deals in NSW 2020 (Bargain Retailer BREAKDOWN)

* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

Retailer Comparison | BY Ethan

Some of the best electricity deals NSW has on the market include Simply Energy’s Simply NRMA plan.

So if you’d like some of that just put your details in the form above or call us on 1300 584 72. 

However, we aren’t capping our analysis at just two providers, read on for a more detailed breakdown of the entire situation.

10 of the Cheapest Retailers in NSW*

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Wondering which provider offers the best electricity deals NSW has to choose from? Of course, you are, and we’ve got the info right here. Comparing plans doesn’t need to be hard, just take a quick look through our table below.

10 Best Electricity Deals NSW Ausgrid

For the Ausgrid network, we’ll be making a couple of assumptions, that this is a four-person household that has an annual energy usage of about 3900 kWh of electricity each year.

Simply EnergySimply NRMA$1,151
DodoMarket Offer$1,212
Origin EnergyMax Saver$1,213
Alinta EnergyHome Deal$1,232
Sumo PowerSumo Assure$1,245
PowerdirectResidential Discount Saver$1,256
Energy LocalsOnline Saver$1,256
Energy AustraliaTotal Plan$1,278
MomentumSmilePower Flexi$1,443

The winner here is Simply Energy, and we can also see some great products being offered by Electricity Monster’s partners. If you’re with AGL or Origin, you could make some big savings just by calling us. 

10 Best Electricity Deals NSW Essential Energy

Moving to the Essential Energy Network, our calculations change a little bit. It’s still a four-person home, but the usage we’re assuming is 4900 kWh a year. 

PowerdirectResidential Discount Saver$1,449
DodoResidential Market$1,512
Simply EnergySimply NRMA$1,548
AGLResidental Essentials Saver$1,627
Origin EnergyMax Saver$1,627
Alinta EnergyHome Deal$1,644
Sumo PowerSumo Select$1,681
Energy LocalsOnline Saver$1,720
MomentumSmilePower Flexi$1,921
Energy AustraliaTotal Plan$1,960

If you’re living in the Essential network, Electricity Monster’s partners have rates really compete on the big stage. Are you with AGL, or Origin Energy? Get in touch with us, and we might be able to help you save money. 

10 Best Electricity Deals NSW Endeavour

Finally, for NSW, we’ll be taking a look at the Endeavour network. Here the assumption changes again to average yearly usage of 4600 kWh a year. 

PowerdirectResidential Discount Saver$1,265
Simply EnergySimply NRMA$1,352
AGLResidential Essentials Saver$1,386
DodoResidential Market$1,422
Energy AustraliaTotal Plan$1,437
Alinta EnergyHome Deal$1,444
Sumo PowerSumo Assure$1,494
Energy LocalsOnline Saver$1,508
SmilePower FlexiMomentum$1,677

The great news for anyone in the Endeavour Network is that Electricity Monster’s partner Simply Energy beats all the big retailers. If you’ve never switched energy retailers before and you’re interested in making some savings on your electricity and gas bill, call us, and we’ll see if we can help you find a sharper rate. 

*All prices accurate as of 14/07/20

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Trying to find a new electricity provider in NSW but aren’t too sure about which one is right for you? Maybe you find the energy market a bit confusing, consider these quick breakdowns of some of our leading electricity providers

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Simply NRM Plus is a fantastic offer to consider if you’re an NRMA member. It’s the best offer Simply  Energy has available. If you’re interested in getting smaller energy bills or want to learn more contact us today!

Alinta Energy No Fuss

Alinta Energy’s No Fuss is your classic no-frills plan. While it doesn’t offer a discount or a credit, it does offer a simple-to-understand plan that promises an affordable rate. If you’d like to learn more about Alinta Energy’s No Fuss plan, just get in touch with us today!

The best electricity deals in NSW – Results

Looks like Alinta Energy and Momentum Energy are winning! If you’d like to learn more just phone us. We could help you onto a sharper rate with one of our partner providers in New South Wales. If you’d like to learn more call us at 1300 584 872 or enter your details in the form above. 

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This publication looks at how much a 4-person household pays a year, on average, on plans from various retailers in NSW. The information in this document cannot substitute for legal advice. No financial decisions should be made based on information from this publication. Then again, individual usage, circumstances and brands could cause usage figures to vary.

Important points to note are:

  • In brief, we do not guarantee that the information applies to every household in Australia.
  • Significantly, all dollar figures are including GST unless explicitly mentioned.
  • The comparison is between a market offers that Momentum Energy, Powershop, Alinta Energy, Origin Energy, Energy Australia, Powerdieect, AGL, Energy Locals, Simply Energy, Sumo Power, Dodo Power have in NSW. 
  • The plans chosen for comparison may not necessarily reflect the most competitive plans offered by Energy Australia or Simply Energy.
  • Specifically, comparisons are on the peak rates in single rate plans from retailers, plus their daily electricity supply charges.
  • Electricity rates used are from the websites of electricity retailers. We have not verified their accuracy.
  • Chiefly, electricity benchmarks used for the average energy usage of households are from the AER website.
  • In NSW, the Ausgrid network is used to calculate an average price.
  • *Figure based off estimated savings with Powershop.


Written by Ethan


Ethan is an energy journalist with a passion for how the electricity industry affects regular people. His key areas of interest are the energy poverty crisis and inner workings of each state’s electricity situation.