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Key Points

  • If you’re moving house and need a new power connection, Electricity Monster offers a variety of energy and gas solutions.
  • We understand the stress and anxiety that come with having no electricity. If you need an urgent or last minute connection, our team will work with you to get your power sorted.
  • We handle the connection process from start to finish. Our energy experts will guide you through the necessary steps, including the paperwork, so you can focus on enjoying your new home without the stress of setting up your utilities on your own.
  • We compare multiple energy and gas plans to get you the best deal we have within our network of partnered providers.
  • Are you looking to schedule an electricity connection for a future move? Our team can plan up to a month in advance.

You’ve just moved into your new home, excited to settle in and start unpacking. But as you flick the light switch, nothing happens. The lights don't turn on, and suddenly, you're left in the dark with no air con, internet, and other basic necessities to keep you comfortable. This scenario may sound like a nightmare, but it's a reality for many residents who forget to set up their electricity before their move. So, if you’ve just started moving house and are stuck with no electricity supply, call us on 1300 232 848, and we'll work to get your connection sorted ASAP.

What Does Electricity Monster Do?

Electricity Monster offers our free services to consumers and businesses looking for a better deal on their utilities. Electricity and gas prices have increased throughout the years, and staying on top of a sharp rate can be time-consuming and stressful. Not only can we help you get your home connected fast when you’re moving house, but we can also help you compare energy plans. So, if you’re unhappy with your existing deal, call us and take advantage of our many free services. We are always searching our energy suppliers for great deals on electricity and gas.

Need Your Gas Connected?

Electricity Monster does more than just find you a great rate on your power; our gas experts can also help you get a competitive gas plan. Whether you want a more affordable gas plan or want to explore what options are available to you, our team is ready and excited to help you. We can help you compare the available gas plans from our list of leading gas and electricity retailers, and once we’ve found a plan that leaves you better off, we’ll take care of the process from start to finish. Need assistance with LPG bottled gas? Give our team a call, and we’ll work to get you sorted.


Need An Urgent Electricity Connection? Do You Need It On the Same Business Day?

There's no need to stress. Give Electricity Monster a call. Our number is 1300 232 848. We can get you an urgent connection fast. We understand the importance of a smooth transition when it comes to the moving process, and we're here to help every step of the way. If you’ve forgotten to arrange a new connection for your new home, don’t panic—phone us now. Our service extends to residents in NSW, Queensland, SA, Victoria, and ACT.

It's important to create a moving checklist, so you have everything set up the moment you walk through the door. Some utilities to consider include:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • Home security
  • Phone

If you’ve moved into a new property and don’t have your electricity connected, don’t worry – call us NOW.

Will It Cost Me Anything?

An urgent connection may come with a fee. The good news is that the fee might not be too high relative to your situation. These charges are not from Electricity Monster but are ones that retailers will charge. In some cases, there will be some extra charges to cover admin costs. However, the good news is that Electricity Monster could get you a regular connection for free with certain providers.

What Should I Expect On the Day Of My New Connection?

After you arrange an electricity or gas connection at your new address, there are some important things to keep in mind, such as:

  • Whether there is clear access to the electricity and gas meters at your new address. The technician may need to complete a manual meter reading and connection. Households with a smart meter are generally read remotely through the retailer's communications systems, so a technician may not need to visit your property;
  • What date you need your connection;
  • If you need to arrange disconnections at your old address,
  • If the property needs to be connected for the first time and
  • If an existing connection needs to be modified.

Our team can provide more guidance on what to expect when you get your new electricity connection. Call us now if you have any questions.

Electricity Connections By State

Power Connections NSW

Do you need a power connection in Sydney? We can help. We service residents and small business owners all over New South Wales. Whether you live in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, or another city or town in New South Wales, we offer a variety of free electricity solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Power Connections QLD

If you live in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or another city or town in South-East Queensland and need an urgent power connection, we can help you get connected. Call us today.

Power Connections SA

Getting your power connected in South Australia is easy with Electricity Monster, especially when you need a quick connection without the hassles of calling. We simplify the process, providing you with a variety of solutions to get you connected fast.

Power Connections VIC

Securing an urgent power connection in Melbourne or surrounding areas in Victoria is easy with Electricity Monster. Our comprehensive comparison service can help you connect your power quickly and at a competitive rate. If you're planning a move, need a quick connection, or want to save money on your power bills, reach out to our energy experts now.

Power Connections ACT

Looking to get a new power connection for your home or business in Canberra or the surrounding areas in ACT? Call us today. We can help facilitate electricity connections for properties in ACT. From getting an urgent connection to helping you switch to a new provider, our service will handle the process from start to finish. Phone us now to speak with one of our energy experts today.

Need a Same Day Electricity Connection?

If you need a same-day electricity connection, call Electricity Monster on 1300 232 848.

One of our energy experts may be able to get you a same day electricity connection regardless of whether you live in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, SA, or ACT. When you contact Electricity Monster, you’ll be put through to a professional who can help guide you through the connection process from start to finish.

When you’re moving home, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos. However, it’s crucial that you don’t overlook the importance of setting up electricity in your new home. The moving process involves more than just unpacking; it means ensuring your utilities are up and running from day one. But not having an electricity connection doesn’t have to be a cause for concern. All you need to do is make one call to Electricity Monster, and remember, speaking with Electricity Monster is 100% free.

How Does A Same Day Connection Work?

Call us on 1300 232 848 if you’re looking for a same-day connection. One of our brokers will provide you with options available at your property. Our team will also complete a search of your address and send your connection directly to the retailer to get your connection sorted ASAP. In most cases, the whole process can take less than 15 minutes.

What Do I Need To Organise A Same Day Connection?

Electricity Monster makes organising same-day energy connections easy. All we need is the address of the property you are moving into and the date you would like to be connected. Sometimes, we will also need a form of ID to set up your account, so please have one handy when discussing your options with one of our brokers.

Moving Home? Need to Connect Electricity To Your New Home?

If you’re looking to move home or have just moved in and don’t have power, we can help. Imagine this scenario: it's the middle of a scorching summer day, and suddenly, your power goes out. The blistering heat becomes unbearable as you realize you have no way to cool down, keep your food fresh, or even charge your phone to get your power connected. Don't let this nightmare scenario become a reality. 

Our team can handle all the necessary arrangements to ensure that your electricity is up and running at your new home from the moment you move in—from handling the paperwork on your behalf to getting your connection sorted. Whether you have questions about the transfer process, need assistance with your connection, or require help choosing a competitive electricity plan for your new home, we're here to help. Phone us at 1300 232 848 and let our team of energy experts take care of your energy needs.

Organise An Electricity Connection Now

Get in touch with Electricity Monster today. We may be able to connect you on the same day in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, and ACT. Same day connections are possible; however, you need to make sure you get your application processed before the cut-off time. Cut-off times vary depending on your location and the retailer you choose. Don’t wait. If you need a same day power connection, call us as soon as possible so you can make sure to get your application in before the cut-off time.

How Do I Connect Power After I Move?

Get in touch with Electricity Monster, and our energy experts will work to connect your new house quickly. Whether moving to a new home, renovating your space, or simply looking to switch energy retailers, we've got you covered. Our electricity experts will guide you through the entire process, from helping you secure a competitive electricity plan from name-brand service providers like Origin Energy, Energy Australia, and OVO Energy to analysing your power bill and finding you a cost-effective solution to your energy needs, let Electricity Monster take care of you today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I Be Charged Any Fees When I Move Home?