* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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* We do not compare all energy providers and have commercial arrangements with our partners.


Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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NSW Electricity Providers

If you’re in need of an electricity provider in New South Wales, Electricity Monster is here to help. Electricity Monster is an Electricity Broker, this means we bridge the gap between the suppliers and the Aussie consumer, and we make it our job to get you your electricity connection at the sharpest rate we have available from our partners. What we do is compare the suppliers in your area to find out which one will leave you better off. Whether you need a new connection, want a better deal or have a problem with your current electricity company, we are sure that our team has the skills to help you out. To top it off, we offer a 100% Free Service.

Call us today on 1300 232 848, our service takes less than 15 minutes.

If you’re shopping to see what electricity suppliers NSW has to offer, we really can’t blame you. Despite living in the richest and largest state in the entire country, New South Wales’ citizens have been taken to the cleaners when it comes to their electricity.

Everyone’s to blame. The government, the generators, the big retailers. While these high prices are lining the pockets of the corporate fat cats, the ordinary Australian living anywhere in NSW like Sydney, Newcastle or Wollongong is struggling to pay his or her power bill.

Here at Electricity Monster, we don’t like this situation any more than you do. That’s why we offer a 100% Free Service to both households and businesses. Our service removes the time consuming process of manually comparing suppliers, leaving you with both a sharper rate and more time to spend on the things that matter.

If you’re interested in learning more about why the NSW electricity situation has become so bad read on below.

Electricity Suppliers – New South Wales

“You Don’t Need To Stick With Expensive Electricity Companies”

Electricity Monster provides a free service for both families & business looking for a better deal on their electricity & gas. Australian electricity prices have been driven up dramatically in recent times, and finding sharp energy plans is hard. But not with us!

How did NSW get here?

How did such a rich and populous state end up paying and arm and a leg just the keep the lights on? Especially with an abundance of energy resources such as hydro, coal, solar and gas? The answer is a combination of factors, all of which end up with the regular NSW consumer paying, on average, over $1600 a year for the electricity. That’s if you're lucky, because some people in NSW are paying significantly more.

Unlike a lot of other states in Australia, New South Wales was pretty late to full deregulation party. The government announced that electricity prices would be deregulated in April of 2014. After that they didn’t give people much time to get organised and in July of that same year the changes came into effect. Anyone who didn’t get onto the market was moved from the old regulated rate to the transitional tariff.

Since deregulation much has changed in NSW, a lot of it coming at the expense of the consumer. Let’s start with the electricity network and a phenomenon known as “gold-plating”. Gold-plating or over-investment is a problem all across the Australia energy sector. What this means is that an excessive amount of money has been spent upgrading, maintaining and running the network. In raw numbers, Australia with it’s population of around 24 million has an energy network valued at $75 billion, whereas the United States, with a population of 300 million has a network valued at $100 billion. Where do they get all that money? From you of course. They pass these costs onto the consumer. In NSW this has amounted to an extra $500 a year the average customer has to pay. This ultimately adds up to an extra $3 billion dollars NSW as a whole has to pay.

What’s causing all this gold plating? It’s partly to do with the government ownership of many of the electricity assets, and partly to do with certain laws. The government in NSW controls a very large amount of the energy infrastructure and they aren’t very efficient with how they spend your money. The distributors TransGrid, Ausgrid, Essential Energy are all wholly government owned, whereas Endeavour Energy is partly owned by the government.

On the generation side the government owns part of Snowy Hydro, which produces the lion’s share of the renewable energy in the state, and 19% of NSW’s generation overall. The other half of the problem is the regulation. Whoever owns the grid is guaranteed a certain earnings from the regulators, and this income is tied to the value of the network. Whether the network is owned privately or publicly, the more the network consumes in up keep the more money they can make. So they pump upgrades into the network system and pass these costs onto you. Craig Memery speaking to ABC had this to say on the subject:

“The operators have spent a lot of money on building their networks to potentially provide excessive reliability […] on top of that, the interest rate that is applied over the long term to that investment which consumers pay has been particularly high.”



Policy Team Leader, Energy + Water Consumers' Advocacy Program

So much money has been wasted by the big providers and the government upgrading a network beyond the point where it was effective. Seeing as not only are your tax dollars sometimes going towards these upgrades, but these upgrades are undertaken by state owned networks then comes back to the government as revenue. Some have described this process as another form of a high tax, and sometims these upgrades as been blamed on solar installations. All this means you get lumped with a high electricity bill, it has never been more necessary to start shopping for a top plan on your residential or business electricity.

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How to find the best retailers NSW has on offer

The one ray of hope in for the New South Wales consumer is you do have a lot of options in terms of electricity providers. The problem is knowing which ones are offering the sharpest rates. Often times retailers will employ deliberately confusing and complicated pricing schemes in order to catch customers unawares. However, going through and figuring out which one has the best deal for you can take forever. Not to mention cross checking all the different discount rates and standing offers can become a nightmare. That’s why you should use an Electricity Broker. That’s why you should call us here at Electricity Monster.

Electricity Monster has some of New South Wales’ top plans all under one roof. We’re partnered up with some of New South Wales sharpest providers so that we can deliver great rates for Australia, all while providing a 100% Free Service. Not only that, we have an entire crack team of highly trained Electricity Brokers ready personally to help you get into a sharp rate in as little as 15 minutes. If you’re interested in joining the 35,000 other Australians who are enjoying sharper rates with our service call us today!

The future for electricity in NSW

Recent times have seen some interesting new developments in the NSW electricity scene. One of the more ambitious and unusual projects that’s been floated is Snowy 2.0. Snowy 2.0 is a next generation hydro scheme that’s straight out of a science fiction movie. The plan is to link the Talbingo reservoir and the Tantangara reservoir via underground tunnels. In between these two water sources, a kilometer underneath the mountains, they’re planning to build a power station. Like most hydro plants, electricity will be generated by falling water spinning massive turbines.

What’s special about the Snowy 2.0 scheme though, is that its turbines will be reversible, allowing for water to be fed back into the reservoir and to be used all over again.

Should the project be completed Snowy 2.0 will be able to generate over 2000 MW of electricity and be able to store a massive 350,000 MW. Many of those working on the projects are extremely confident in its potential. Paul Broad the CEO of Snowy Hydro made the bold claim that Snowy 2.0 could outperform any coal plant in the country.

Snowy 2.0 is just part of the massive renewables boom that’s going on all across New South Wales. 2018 will see 10 new wind farms constructed, when you combine this with the ever growing investment in solar a grand total of 4750 MW of electricity will be generated. The investment in renewables that’s going in in NSW is great for the environment and all, but what does it do to get that power bill down? Not a whole lot right now, which is why it pays it compare with Electricity Monster.

We can find you more cost effective providers

Curious about what you’ll get when you call Electricity Monster?

All you need to do is pick up the phone and dial 1300 232 848. After that you can sit back and let our brokers handle all the heavy lifting. We just need your name, and your address, so we can figure out what your electricity tariff is. Once we’ve got that all sorted we get right to comparing the retailers that we have available in your area.

Before you know it we’ll have found you the sharpest rate we have. Not to mention, you won’t have to do a thing. Everything to do with the switch to your new supplier is handled by Electricity Monster.

Once the switchover has been completed you’ll receive a welcome pack from the new supplier we’ve found you. This may take a few days to arrive but don’t worry too much if it does. The good news is, at no point will you ever be without power. In short we can switch you over to a new provider in as little as fifteen minutes.

What about when it comes time to renew your agreement? No worries, we can handle that too. Once your agreement expires just ring us again, we’ll be waiting for you call, and as always Electricity Monster is a 100% Free Service.

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If for any reason, after 6 months you are not happy with the retailer we switched you to, then we will set you up with any other retailer of your choosing from our panel and reimburse your exit fees where applicable up to $75 for your electricity and $25 for your gas.

So now you can get a better deal on your electricity & gas with 100% peace of mind. Electricity Monster is 100% FREE SERVICE! Up to $100 protection peace of mind guarantee.

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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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