Moving Home? Here’s Everything About Setting Up Power!

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* We do not compare all energy providers and have commercial arrangements with our partners.

We get that moving home can be a stressful time for everybody involved.

The process of moving can be nerve-wracking, for families who have not planned in advance.

As the excitement over the moving date increases, unfortunately so can a bit of anxiety.

In reality, by not setting up a proper timeline and weekly targets as your moving date comes closer, moving home may become stressful.

It should go without saying, butelectricity is something no Australian home should ever be without.

So it’s vital to ensure that the new property you will be moving to is connected to the electricity network.

Here at Electricity Monster, we want to facilitate a clean, effortless connection for our customers as they move into their new home!

Follow our guide and see how simple it is to disconnect from your old home and set up a new home power connection.

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Understanding Your Move

Are you moving into a new home which is not currently connected to the electricity grid via a meter?

In that case, you need to call the electricity distributor in the location you are moving to and get them to connect your home to the grid.

The work required to set up a home to the grid for the first time can take a while.

For that purpose, notify your distributor a few months before the date you want to move in.

If you are moving to a home connected to the grid, then the first step you need to take is to…

Notify Your Current Power Supplier

Call up your current electricity retailer and let them know about your plans to move.

You can do this a few weeks in advance, but it should be completed at least three working days before you move out.

Have a conversation with your electricity retailer.

Ask if the current electricity contract you are on can be transferred to your new property.

If your contract is transferable, then you need to advise them about your moving in date.

In effect, by knowing the date, your power company can make sure that your property is connected before you walk in the door!

What if my contract cannot be signed over to my new location?

You may have to fork out inconvenient exit fees to remove yourself from a contract with your current electricity provider.

Make sure a final meter read is set up so that you don’t get charged for the power use of others!

After that, it’s finally official! You are now out of contract!

Once you pay an additional disconnection fee, you are free from your old power supplier and can move onto the next step, which is to…

Find a New Electricity Provider

You have the perfect opportunity in your hands to save some money for your family and free up your budget!

How exactly? By comparing electricity providers in your new location!

You should look in detail at the electricity plans of different power retailers when selecting.

If you feel you may need some help with finding which choice give your home the most benefits for joining, then call Electricity Monster.

Our electricity brokers compare the retailers that we have partnered with and give skilful advice on moving homes.

By all means, our brokers find out about the needs of your family and usage patterns to get you a practical and affordable power plan.

Call us on 1300 232 848 and see how smooth our 100% Free Service can make your process of moving out!

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Flatting Arrangements

What steps do I need to follow if I flat with others and the power connection is in my name?

By all means, you need to call your current supplier and let them know about the date you are moving out.

If needed, you can organise for one of your flatmates to take over the remainder of your contract.

If on the other hand, you want to transfer the contract to your new address, tell your current retailer about when you plan to move.

In this case, also let your flatmates know that they need to set up a new electricity contract in their names.

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Getting Your New Home Connected

Call your new electricity provider at least three working days in advance before you move into the place.

By doing so, your power provider can ensure there are no issues with the meters at your property.

Before moving out, note the meter reading and send that information to your old retailer.

In effect, your final bill with them will be accurate.

After this, read the meter on the day you move in and remember it as a reference to know if you are getting an accurate bill.

To summarise, notify your old supplier before moving, compare plans of electricity providers and arrange for a new connection.

If that seems too complicated, call our team at Electricity Monster!

Our team of brokers can get your old property disconnected and your new property connected before you walk in!

We will handle all the paperwork, contact your old and new electricity retailer and make sure a final meter read is done before you move out!

Our 100% Free Service allows our customers to compare our retail electricity partners and choose a sharper rate.

With us, you can also set up a gas connection for your new property! Our team will see if you can get your electricity and gas in a bundle to save more!

Reach us on 1300 232 848 or submit your details below and we will be sure to get back to you!

Want to save on electricity?
We can help compare your energy rates!
* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.
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