7 Reasons Why You Should Use an Energy Broker

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Should I use an energy broker? It's good to toss things up in your head like that. What's even better are the cold hard facts. So whether you're looking for residential or business electricity,  unsure about what the DMO or VDO means for you, we've collected seven of the best reasons why you should use an electricity broker if to get your electricity supply.

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1. Free Service!

We know what you think when you hear “broker". You hear broker and think: “Oh no how much is this going to cost me?"

But that is where your concerns should end. At Electricity Monster our service is 100% free.

We compare electricity plans in all deregulated areas and search for the best deal we have available and meets our specific customer’s needs.

2. An energy broker can help you with more than you think!

Using a broker also has its advantages other than just shopping for a new energy provider.

If you find yourself in the awkward situation where you:

  • Need the power turned on ASAP
  • You’re looking for a provider that waves the initial connection fee
  • You need to change a person's name on the bill
  • Need to install a new meter or looking for a free upgrade to a smart meter

Our energy brokers have all these connections at their fingertips!

Just in one easy call, let a professional broker know your problem and they will do their utmost best to find you a solution!

3. Fast & Easy!

Generally, when you call an electricity retailer you get one of two people:

A salesperson desperate to push a product or a customer service agent that does not understand what you want and doesn't even have a solution.

Here is the exact reason why energy brokers exist. Our highly trained brokers are experts in their field. They have access to data that will answer any question you have about your energy account. Just call Electricity Monster, we’ll identify your problem and present you with the solution you are looking for.

4. An energy broker does the hard work for you!

What is the alternative to using an electricity broker?

Well, you could spend hours scrolling through all the energy retailers in your area, request pricing from each and then compare electricity in your own time but this could take hours and you might still miss the leading deals on the market.

Instead of wasting your precious free time in our ever-busier lives why not use an energy broker?

Electricity Monster’s energy brokers can, in the space of 5 minutes, check out the best deal they have available in your area, provide you essential information around the plan and set up your connection.

In one easy call, you can shop your power with a professional who knows what they are talking about and can answer any of those critical questions that generally end up stinging us in the end:

  • Have you got solar?
  • Do you want a company that facilities direct debit?
  • Are you looking for an environmentally conscious provider?

These are some of the requirements you may have when searching for the provider that best suit your needs and who you feel comfortable giving your business to.          

5. You Might Get Better Deals with an Energy Broker

Ever get the feeling that you are paying too much for your energy?

Well, your inclination is more than likely correct.

Just because you have been a loyal customer to an energy company for years, unfortunately, that does not mean you are on a good deal.

Actually, the longer you spend with the same retailer without shopping for your energy increases the chances you are paying too much for your energy.

Brokers refer to this as being known as the loyalty tax. A loyalty tax is where the new customers get the better deals, and where the existing loyal customers generally are worse off.

That does not sound right, does it? Any other practice in the world and the loyal customers are generally the winners.

But with electricity this is different, and why you may ask? This is how energy companies make their profits.

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They love customers who receive their bills and pay them without asking any questions.

So, if you have not shopped your energy plans in the last 12 months, or worse you have never shopped your power bill call Electricity Monster today and one of our professional brokers will take care of the rest.

6. Speak to a Professional

Electricity broker

Comparing energy can be tricky, especially when you are dealing with inexperienced customer service staff from energy companies in a call centre located who knows where.

This is where speaking to a broker can take the stress away from what can be a confusing situation.

What tariff am I on? Do the rates include GST? What is a daily supply charge? How much would my bill be with another provider?

All of these questions can be tricky to answer on your own, but this is where our highly experienced brokers take the pain away.

Our brokers answer all your question in simple English and take away the problem of you having to do all the painstaking research. Instead, leave it to the experts! Call Electricity Monster.

7. Peace of Mind Guarantee

There must be some catch to using an Energy Broker? So, you're saying I can use Electricity Monster, it’s a 100% free service and you are going to help me shop for a better deal which could save me heaps off my energy bills?

There. Is. No. Catch.

Electricity Monster provide a 100% free service, but just to be sure we have our Peace of Mind Guarantee.

This enables you to make a choice worry free knowing that Electricity Monster has got your back in case your new match does not fit your needs.

So why wait? If you have not used an energy broker before what are you waiting for? Call Electricity Monster today on 1300 232 848, or book online using our easy-to-use form.

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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.
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