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* We do not compare all energy providers


Electricity Monster provides a free service for Businesses looking to get Electricity & Gas quotes from multiple retailers. Our Service is Fast & Easy, we can usually get you quotes on the spot. There are over 20 companies that operate and provide Business Electricity in Australia and with Rising Energy Costs hurting Australian Businesses, it makes sense to shop around

  • If it's a new connection, we specialise in setting up new companies too.
  • Electricity Monster can connect your Electricity, Gas, Internet & Phones
  • We can even do your Accounting & Tax Needs via Tax Monster.

"Comparing Electricity makes sense with Electricity Monster! Especially with our Peace of Mind Guarantee. The whole process can take less than 10 Minutes so give us a call & speak to one of our Free Energy Consultants Today"

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  • Electricity Broker
  • 100% Free Service
  • Peace of Mind Guarantee
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Victorian businesses have been fortunate enough to enjoy a fairly wide range of options across both fixed rate and variable plans to select between for their specific energy requirements.

Companies operating within the state can choose from a diverse selection of energy providers who are currently offering discounts and incentives of up to 37% for those looking to swap their existing energy retailer.

New South Wales



There have been a considerable amount of competing electricity retailers that have entered the market in New South Wales, and this has resulted in some attractive deals for local businesses to take advantage of.

Due to this influx of new, rival energy providers who are looking for your custom are offering up to 27% discounts, making it an excellent time to compare various incentives that are currently being promoted.

South Australia



South Australia has been unlucky for some time with many companies suffering due to the continuing issues that have been resulting in ongoing blackouts and power shortages.

While the selection of energy companies SA companies can pick from to supply their power requirements can’t do much to prevent these problems, comparing offers could result in one positive with available discounts of up to 28%

South-East Queensland



South-East Queensland has been a little late to the party when you compare the state to much of the rest of Australia and the way that the energy market has exploded in the wake of deregulation.

However, things have now changed substantially for those SE Queensland businesses who are searching for lower electricity and gas bills to reduce their overall energy spend and with retailers pushing for custom, reductions of up to 20% are available.


Electricity Monster now look after large and commercial electricity for businesses also. From our range of suppliers, we can now get you several quotes and send you the plans that are available.

What is Commercial Electricity?

Commercial Electricity is focused on medium to large customers. To understand the difference between a large and a small customer, please see below:

Small Customer

  • All residential customers
  • Business customer that use less than 100 MWh of electricity per year or spends less than $30,000 on electricity
  • This includes small businesses and are referred to as SME or Small to Medium Enterprise
  • Please see our Small Medium Enterprise page to arrange a comparison or a connection for your business.

Large Customer

A large customer on the other hand range from medium to large commercial and industrial businesses. They use 100 MWh or more of electricity a year. They can also be small businesses that use a large amount of electricity, spending more than $35,000 a year.

If you are unsure if you are a small or large customer, call our team on 1300 232 848, and we will be able to let you know.

Clarifying if you are a small or large customer is important as it will dictate what types of rates and plans are available to you, and what electricity providers will be able to service your premises.


Commercial Electricity is a little bit different from Small Medium Enterprise electricity as the pricing needs to be quoted specifically for the site in question.

Due to commercial businesses applying more load to the grid, electricity suppliers need to configure a specific quote based on the businesses location and load profile it applies to the grid. Quotes can take up to 2 weeks to be completed, and only a small window is provided by the retailer for you to accept the quote. So this makes it a pain to compare electricity on your own!

Sounds a bit tricky and complicated, right? Well, the truth it is, and it is very difficult to negotiate a good deal on your own. That’s where Electricity Monster comes in to take the pain and stress away from organising a comparison or a new connection.

How does the Electricity Monster Commercial team work?

There are a few steps to getting you a quote for your commercial property, but we make it simple and easy. We contact several electricity suppliers and complete the hard work on your behalf.

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Read More about Business Electricity below

What can be done about Rising Business Electricity Costs?

Shop around to get lower Electricity Rates

Changing your Electricity company is not like changing your phone company, because electricity is supplied by your network, not your retailer - so there will be no interruption to your business!

Using a free service like Electricity Monster will allow you to see competitive rates from electricity suppliers that are prepared to provide sharp energy plans. The whole process takes minutes & changing providers is easy, no need to worry about interruption of supply.

You will usually need to change your Energy Company, however changing Energy Providers for a better deal makes obvious commercial sense.

Is Electricity a "Fixed Cost"?

Electricity is treated as a fixed cost... but would seem not to be, as it's a variable price each month! Confused? Let us explain briefly:

A fixed cost is any cost that does not vary with level of production. For most Businesses, Electricity is a fixed cost because you have to spend about the same amount, regardless of sales, to keep operating.

There can be exceptions: aluminium, cement, glass, and paper production are all very energy intensive. For example, if I were to run a glass works on electricity rather than gas, the electric bill would be considered a variable cost.

Either way, cutting business costs makes perfect sense!

What are the costs involved in using Electricity Monster?
Are there any costs involved to use your service?
How do i pay Electricity Monster?

There are NO COSTS to use our FREE SERVICE.
Electricity Monster does not charge for our service. It's 100% FREE SERVICE for our customers. We receive a payment from the Electricity Companies for getting them a new customer.

We know what you're wondering: "Do Electricity Monster just place me with whoever pays them the most?"

To be clear: We get paid about the same commission from all of our suppliers. We state who is our best provider based on rates & tariffs.

Unlike a mortgage broker, whose commission is built into the loan, these fees are not then passed onto you.

Some customers therefore think, "Oh well, I will just go direct to the retailer and get a bigger discount, as they won't need to pay a commission"

This would seem like a good idea! However, our retailers will often give us superior rates to win customers. That also means if their Business Electricity rates are not as sharp as their competitors, they won't get any customers from us.

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Proactive Account Management

Is there Proactive Account Management after the service? What happens after my business electricity is switched?

We provide full after-sale service free of charge.

Once we have switched your account, you can sit back & do nothing.

Most energy contracts for business are two years. When your contract is up, we will call you again & shop your rates. Giving you peace of mind that you're getting market leading offers and helping you cut running costs.

Do we speak to the Business Electricity Providers on your behalf? If I have any issues with my company now or in the future can you help?

Yes, we have access to streamlined communication with our partners.

That means we can speak to the correct people at each organisation to sort out any issues. No need to wait on the phone to your Business Electricity company! Just call or email Electricity Monster with the issue. And if you need to move your account, we can do that too

Need a new Business Electricity Connection because your business is growing? Just send your account manager an email, and we will have all your details on file. Get connected without having to wait on those annoying call centre prompts!

Am I going to be hard sold? Or do you have a Professional Team? Will I be pressured into taking up these free business energy quotes?

No, you will not be given the "hard sell". We have a Professional team of Energy Brokers with a consultative approach.

Our team of Business Energy Brokers use this approach because circumstances change so quickly.

We enjoy reviewing your accounts. If we cannot help you now our team will let you know, wait until your rates have expired or changed, and call you again to offer their assistance.

This is why we are consultative in our approach.

Speak to one of our Energy Brokers Today about Managing Rising Business Energy Costs

Electricity Business Providers

  • Momentum Energy
  • Energy Australia
  • Power Direct
  • Origin Energy
  • QEnergy
  • Lumo
  • Blue Energy
  • Red Energy
  • Sumo Power
  • AGL
  • Next Business Energy

* We do not compare all energy providers

If for any reason, after 6 months you are not happy with the retailer we switched you to, then we will set you up with any other retailer of your choosing from our panel and reimburse your exit fees where applicable up to $75 for your electricity and $25 for your gas.

So now you can get a better deal on your electricity & gas with 100% peace of mind. Electricity Monster is a 100% free service! Up to $100 protection peace of mind guarantee

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