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Electricity Monster is a dedicated Electricity Broker that believes all Aussies deserve a better deal on their electricity & gas. We’re energy experts focused on delivering a free service for people to compare electricity and gas rates and then switch to a new provider.

The current energy crisis in 2022 has made power bills a serious issue for Australian families. Cost of living pressures has been made even worse with these higher energy prices. Our service is free as we are paid by our partners. We’ve brokered over 100,000 deals and we’re not stopping there. We pride ourselves on offering the best electricity and gas deals we have available to our customers. If you are sick of high energy bills is it time you had a look for a Better Deal?

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Worried About Rising Electricity Bills?

Electricity prices in 2022 have gone up dramatically. These price increases have been caused by the cost of coal and gas that is used to generate power. What does it mean for consumers? It means that now it is more important than ever to compare prices. Why are people so worried? Aussies are worried about the cost of their power bill when it comes in the mail. The best thing you can do is grab your power bill and call our experts ASAP. We can compare rates and plans that are available at your house or business.

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