The Best Electricity Deals in ACT 2021 – How To Get These Cheap Deals?
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* We do not compare all energy providers and have commercial arrangements with our partners.

Scrolling through the web searching for cheap electricity plans in the ACT? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We compare electricity rates and help you find a plan that suits your needs.

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Sick of High Electricity Bills?
We can help compare your energy rates!
* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

In the table below, we’ve compiled a list of the best electricity plans we could find in the EvoEnergy network. We have analysed and ranked the plans based on their lowest estimated price, including conditional discounts if available.

Best Electricity Deals Australian Capital Territory*

RetailerEstimated Price*
Radian Energy$1,328
ReAmped Energy$1,386
Origin Energy$1,402
Energy Locals$1,426^
Energy Australia$1,443^
Red Energy$1,511
Amber Electric$1,770

All calculations above are based on a single rate tariff, with a default electricity usage of 5499kWh. 

Energy Locals Online Member – Includes a 3% Pay On Time Discount

^ Energy Australia Total Plan – Estimated price includes $25 credit per new energy account

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About our cheapest electricity deals – In ACT

Let’s take a closer look at the cheapest electricity plans we could find on the Australian Capital Territory market and see what each plan entails. 

Radian Energy – Grid To Go

Radian Energy aims to provide Australians with affordable renewable energy. Their Grid To Go plan is fairly straightforward for ACT residents who are looking for a cheaper deal. 

The Grid To Go plan includes carbon-neutral electricity and comes with an unlimited benefit period. This deal features a monthly billing frequency and flexible payment options.

With no lock-in contract and zero exit fees, this offer from Radian Energy is sure to turn a few heads!

ReAmped Energy – ReAmped Advance

ReAmped Energy have entered the energy market in Canberra with their ReAmped Advance electricity plan.

Features of this energy plan include flexible billing options, direct debit or credit card payment, no contract term and zero exit fees.

Powerclub – Home Flat

When you think of an Australian Member-owned electricity provider, only 1 should spring to mind. And That’s Powerclub! Powerclub gives you access to wholesale energy rates for a small membership fee.

A measly $39 annual membership fee enables you to access these wholesale energy rates. Powerclub’s Home Flat offer comes in as the cheapest electricity plan that we could find on the market.

Powerclub’s Home Flat plan consists of 2 payment options; direct debit or credit card and features a monthly billing period. Also, this offer has no contract term so you won’t feel contractually obligated. However, this offer is only available through online web signup!

Here’s the catch though! To access these wholesale electricity rates, you must make a minimum one-off contribution to your Powerbank of $40 per 1000kWh of annual consumption. This contribution is refundable at its value when you choose to leave. 

So based on Powerclubs’ website calculation, that’s an initial payment of $240, PLUS the $39 membership fee! So you have to fork up a whopping $279 upfront to join! 

Your initial Powerbank deposit is tailored to your energy usage. Your powerbank’s buffering technology ensures you’ll be covered for the ups and downs of the markets’ energy rates.

If you’re living the Gucci lifestyle, then this could be the electricity plan for you. BUT if you’re not, use our 100% FREE comparison service to get yourself the best deal available on the ACT electricity market! All you’ve got to do is pick up that phone and give us a call on 1300 232 848 today!

Origin Energy – Go

It’s no surprise to see Origin Energy rocking up on our list of best energy plans available in Canberra. 

Origin Energy has 3 competitive energy plans, but it’s their Origin Go plan that appears on our list with a scorching price.

There are 2 applications for this electricity plan – one for normal customers and one for Everyday Rewards members.

Everyday Rewards Members collect points with their energy. By linking their Everyday Rewards number on signup, members can collect 1 point for every $1 on their energy bill.

Hold on! Did someone say that Everyday Rewards members collect a one-off 5000 bonus points on signup for each energy type? You heard that right, but it doesn’t end there! Members pay nothing extra for 25% GreenPower. For 25% of your energy usage, the equivalent amount of electricity from renewable sources gets added to the grid.

If you do want all these rewards, but you’re not a member, sign up to the Everyday Rewards loyalty program before signing up for this plan, and you’ll be sweet!

Or if you don’t want to be an Everyday Rewards member, then it’s as easy as skipping the adding points step when you sign up. You still get the competitive offer of this energy plan without the added benefits.

The Origin Go plan has flexible payment options, fixed rates for 12 months and no lock-in contract or exit fees.

With all these incentives, this plan sounds like a winning offer! Origin offers simple plans for customers to understand their energy and added incentives. 

Energy Locals – Online Member

Next up on our list is the 2020 Green Energy Retailer of the Year, Energy Locals. They have a massive focus on customers being able to use clean energy to live comfortable lives at a great price.

Out of the 2 energy plans they have on offer, it’s their Online Member plan that makes its presence on our list. 

This is an ONLINE only offer with the exception that customers must subscribe to a $12.99 per month membership fee to access the wholesale energy prices. But the total subscription is included in our estimated cost so don’t worry!

The great thing about this offer is that you will get the first 4 months of your membership for free. This will be credited back to you IF there is no outstanding balance remaining on your 4 month anniversary with Energy Locals. 

Hold up! There’s a 3% Pay On Time discount with this offer! So, you’re telling me there’s a 3% discount to pay my bills on time? Sign me up!

This deal offers flexible billing options, no exit fees and lock-in contracts. Also, your direct debit details are required for payment.

A smashing offer with bonus incentives makes this a tough deal for their competitors to beat.

Energy Australia – Total Plan

Hey, look! It’s our partnered provider, Energy Australia! With 3 energy plans on offer in Canberra, Energy Australia’s Total Plan comes in with a red hot price.

Energy Australia is committed to giving Australians simple and affordable energy. All their plans show how much this energy provider cares for its customers. 

They’re an energy retailer who prides themselves on providing excellent customer service and is constantly looking for ways to improve customer interactions.

A 12% GUARANTEED DISCOUNT! What does that mean? Well, this plan includes a 12% discount on your total energy bill. Sounds good already doesn’t it?

The Total Plan is an ongoing contract with a 1 year benefit period, quarterly billing and flexible payment options. 

This plan includes a carbon-neutral option you can opt-in on your 6 month anniversary with Energy Australia. Also, this offers’ no exit fees enables customers to switch providers or plans with ease.

Energy Australia’s significant presence in the energy market is backed up by the competitive electricity plans they have on offer.

Found an offer that caught your eye? Give us a call on 1300 232 848 for a friendly chat with our energy experts and see if it’s the plan for you!

Sick of High Electricity Bills?
We can help compare your energy rates!
* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

Keen to learn more?

ActewAGL – Simple Saver

Who do we have next? Well, it’s one of our partnered providers, ActewAGL, who is undoubtedly the biggest energy provider in Canberra.

ActewAGL is an electricity provider who has been committed to the ACT region for over 100 years. They aim to provide the best customer service experience through their team of local experts.

ActewAGL has 3 plans on offer in the ACT region. Their Simple Saver plan is the one we’re looking at today. 

ActewAGL’s Simple Saver offers their lowest possible rate, has a one year benefit period and no exit fees. 

To be eligible for this offer, you must agree to set up an EvenPay payment method. The EvenPay option breaks down the estimated annual bill into smaller amounts with a monthly or fortnightly payment period.

The fixed, automatic payments with EvenPay take all the hassle away from manually settling your energy bill.

This smashing offer is an absolute bargain that’s sure to be attracting customers from other providers. 

Looking to save money on your electricity bill? Well, let’s help you find a better deal on your electricity! 1300 232 848 is the number to call for fast free and fair advice. Electricity Monster is here to compare electricity rates and give you the lowdown on the current energy plans the ACT market has to offer.

Sick of High Electricity Bills?
We can help compare your energy rates!
* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

Red Energy – Living Energy Saver

Red Energy is an Australian energy retailer owned by Snowy Hydro. With their head office being located in Melbourne, customers can always expect exceptional local customer service.

With 3 electricity plans on offer, Red Energy’s Living Energy Saver plan sneaks in at 6th on our list of best plans in the ACT region. This offer is available to new customers and existing customers who are moving homes or adding a new property. 

This deal has E-Billing and E-communication on offer. Also, this plan features flexible billing and payment options, no contract term and no exit fees.

There is also a $500 Power on Promise incentive available when you move. This is a promise where if you book by 12pm Monday to Friday, your connection will be available on the next business day. IF they fail to meet this promise, customers will get a one-off $500 credit on their first electricity bill. 

This deal also comes with a Renewable matching promise whereby every unit of energy purchased from Red Energy, will be matched by Snowy Hydro generating one unit of electricity from a renewable source. 

Amber Electric – The Amber Plan

A late bloomer onto the Australian electricity market is Amber Electric, who launched in 2017. Amber Electric focuses on transitioning the world towards 100% renewable energy and using technology to improve people’s lives.

Amber Electric only has 1 energy deal on offer, The Amber Plan. 

You MUST have a smart meter installed to be eligible for this offer. Don’t have a smart meter? Not to worry! Amber Electric will install one for you for no upfront cost!

Let’s not forget that there’s a $10 per month subscription fee with Amber Electric to access the wholesale energy prices. But our estimated cost of this electricity plan includes this membership fee, so don’t worry about working it out!

This deal offers a monthly billing period, no lock-in contract and no exit fees. Direct debit is the only form of payment accepted for this deal.

Sick of High Electricity Bills?
We can help compare your energy rates!
* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

How to get a cheap deal in ACT?

Wow! That’s so many energy providers to choose from! The ACT residents are spoilt for choice with all these electricity plans! Especially with all the added benefits!

So where to from here?

Want to find the best energy plan that suits your needs? Looking to keep some of that hard-earned cash away from your electricity bill? 

Why go through all the trouble when Electricity Monster’s 100% free comparison service is here for you! We’ll compare energy rates and help you find the cheapest electricity plan on the market. We’ll do the hard work for you!

Energy providers are constantly adjusting their offers to beat their competitors, so the best option is to give us a call! Phone us on 1300 232 848 and speak to one of our energy experts who’ll help sort you out with a sharper rate mate!


Important points to note are:

  • Some plans may require you to meet certain conditions before a discount becomes available to you. Check the energy provider’s plan information for details of all possible discounts that may apply and any conditions that need to be met to be eligible for these discounts. Consider the provider’s detailed product and pricing information before making a decision to take out a new plan or switch electricity providers.
  • For ACT, calculations are based on a single rate tariff in the Evoenergy network with an annual household usage of 5,499kWh and ranked plans based on an estimated price including GST and any discounts, both conditional and unconditional.
  • All calculations have been based off the Price Fact Sheets taken from the respective retailers’ websites.
  • The information in this blog cannot substitute for legal advice. No financial decisions should be made based on information from this blog.
  • This data is accurate as of 28/04/2021