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Need a New Smart Meter Installation?

Smart (or advanced) meters can bring many benefits to your household. From receiving information about how and when you use energy to the convenience of automatically sending data to your electricity provider, these digital communication systems have become the standard throughout Australia. Because smart meters measure energy consumption more accurately than traditional accumulation meters, energy customers can get specific information regarding their usage – which can help in the process of finding a better electricity deal.

Are you overpaying for electricity? Do you want to benefit from the perks of upgrading to a smart meter but don’t know how? Submit your details above or call us, and one of our brokers will check if you qualify for a free upgrade. We can also help you find a better deal on your energy by comparing trusted retailers within our network of partners. Sometimes, we can even help switch you to your new provider in minutes. Our service is also 100% FREE to use, so give us a call today and see how we can help.

What Are the Benefits of a Smart Meter?

Smart meters offer a wide range of benefits over traditional meters. For one, a smart meter will measure your energy consumption and solar export every 30 minutes and then send this information to your provider automatically. This means your energy provider will bill you for exact energy usage – you’ll no longer have to deal with estimated bills. 

Here are some other benefits:

  • Smart meters provide in-depth information about energy consumption, which can lead to more ways to be energy efficient.
  • Energy providers can connect or disconnect your power remotely, reducing delays if you are moving house.
  • Smart meters can offer insight into your energy usage to help you gauge the size of your solar system.

Also, it’s important to note that upgrading to a smart meter won’t automatically mean your power bills will go down. It’s still recommended to compare the market to ensure you get the best deal available. The energy rate you received when you initially signed up for your plan may not be the best rate available anymore. Your benefit period can expire after a period of time, leading to higher rates and more money out of your pocket. By comparing the market, you’ll not only be able to see what plans and rates are available, but you may be able to lower your power bill by switching providers. This is ideal, especially with the energy market being as volatile as it is.

Fortunately, all it takes is one call to Electricity Monster, and our energy experts will seamlessly guide you through the process, analyse your energy usage, and provide you with various free solutions. Call us today to learn more.


How Can Electricity Monster Help Me?

Electricity Monster provides a 100% FREE electricity comparison service for business customers looking for a better electricity rate. In deregulated areas of Australia, you can choose your power company. With dozens of business electricity retailers operating within Australia, you have plenty of options, so it makes sense to shop around and compare the market. 

We can initiate this process for you. All it takes is one call, and we’ll help you find a fair deal for a fair price.

Why Should I Upgrade to a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is a great digital upgrade from your old electricity meter for several reasons. For one, you can receive information about how and when you use electricity, giving you greater control of your energy accounts. It can also virtually eliminate estimated power bills, saving you money in the long run. Solar owners will have access to more accurate readings of their energy, which can lead to more effective use of solar systems and solar battery storage systems. 

Smart meters can also offer remote services like automatic meter readings, supply connections and disconnections, and even virtually remove the need for onsite visits.

How Can I Get a Smart Meter?

All states and territories in Australia have unanimously made smart meters the default meters, which means if you are replacing an old meter or are upgrading, the installer will default to a smart meter. 

If you’re on a non-smart meter and want to upgrade, you can ask your current retailer for one. Electricity Monster can also help with this process as well. 

Most electricity providers can install a smart meter on your property. But, if this isn’t possible, you’ll want to either check with other retailers in your area or call Electricity Monster. In this case, you may need to switch your home energy plan to a retailer that can install a smart meter.

How Long Does Your Service Take?

The whole process can take as little as 15 minutes, depending on your personal needs and circumstances.

Will a Smart Meter Lower My Power Bills?

A smart meter itself can't lower your energy bills. However, it can provide access to real-time data that can help you manage your usage and, in turn, can lead to lower power bills. It also lets you look at your annual consumption and plan when you use energy based on your usage patterns.

How Do I Prepare for a Smart Meter Installation?

Ensure that your installer has clear, unencumbered access to your electricity meter. If meter access is impeded by a locked door or any other obstruction, contact your electricity provider and inform them of the situation. Once the new meter is in place, your installer will provide you with everything you need to read your new meter.

How Much Does Electricity Monster Cost?

Electricity Monster is a 100% FREE service for business customers. We compare plans within our network of trusted electricity providers and provide you with our best offer.

What is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is a digital electricity meter that records your energy consumption and solar export (if applicable) in 30-minute intervals and then sends that information to the relevant provider. These meters measure your energy consumption with great accuracy and will stop you from receiving an estimated bill if you have received one in the past.

How Much Does a Smart Meter Cost?

The standard installation of a smart meter does not come with any charges. However, on certain occasions, the installation of a new smart meter or a replacement of an old meter can bring about some costs from either the electricity retailer or other third parties (i.e. electrician, contractor, etc.). If there are additional charges, you’ll be notified before the installation or before any work has been completed.

How Does a Smart Meter Benefit Solar Owners?

A smart meter can benefit solar owners by helping them decide what size solar system is best suited for their home. For one, it can provide a net assessment of how much energy the homeowner draws from the grid against how much they export.

On top of this, a smart meter can allow solar owners to access different electricity tariff structures like net metering arrangements that let the individual consume the energy produced by the solar system before selling any excess energy back to the grid.

Who Is Not Eligible for a Smart Meter?

In some cases, smart meters may not be permitted due to the following:

  • Poor Wiring
  • Current metering arrangement
  • Asbestos or hazardous materials are present
  • Evidence of meter tampering

What Happens On the Day of My Smart Meter Installation?

Before any work occurs, your retailer will contact you and provide you with advanced notice of when the installation will occur, along with any other relevant information. This will usually come in the form of a succession of letters as the installation date draws closer.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to pay your installer anything, as any costs you incur will be from your provider – these vary based on the provider.

On the installation day, your installer will show up and turn off your electricity briefly – anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour. However, times can vary if there are any issues. During this time, the installer will replace your old meter with your new smart meter.

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