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Why choose ActewAGL?

Local is the name of the game with ActewAGL. It’s a locally-based energy company. All their 800 staff are locals and they support local communities.

Communities in ACT and New South Wales benefit from thier sponsorship, fundraising, support, and help with events and philanthropy.

In 2014 AEMC Electricity Price Trends Report named ActewAGL as the company with the lowest energy prices in Australia when comparing electricity retailers.

ActewAGL boasts 76 ways they can help customers take control of their energy costs.


ActewAGL offers a range of payment methods including: direct debit, 24/7 online, BPay, Cash, EFTPOS, Phone, Cheque, Australia Post, Bill Smoothing and Centrelink. Credit card payments are also accepted; there is a processing fee for this.

Supply Area

ActewAGL currently provides electricity and gas services to households and businesses in

the Australian Capital Territory and south-east New South Wales.

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ActewAGL is an electricity and gas retail company, with its head office in Canberra. Over the past century ActewAGL has built up its customer base. Today it has more than 195,000 electricity customers and 145,000 gas customers in the ACT and NSW.

Uniquely in the Australian utilities market, ActewAGL is a joint venture organization made up of two companies: ActewAGLRetail and ActewAGL Distribution.

ActewAGL Retail includes ActewAGL Solar, which sells rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to its ACT and NSW customers.

ActewAGL Distribution both owns and operates electricity and gas networks in the ACT. It also owns gas networks in the Queanbeyan shire, the Paterang shire and Nowra.

ActewAGL’s mission is to meet its customers’ desire for safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions.


ActewAGL’s embedded generation connected to its network includes about:

  • 17,500 domestic PV rooftop installations (averaging about 3kW). These are connected to its 400 V system. Their combined capacity is about 53.5 MW
  • The 700 kW Stromlo micro-hydro. This is connected by a shared 22 kV feeder to Woden Zone Substation
  • The Googong Dam; this recovers energy if water is pumped from Angle Crossing to Googong Dam.
  • Two bio-gas fuelled open-cycle gas turbine (OCGT) generators connected to the ActewAGL network


  • Belconnen Waste Transfer Station; this 3 MW station is connected by a shared 11 kV feeder to Latham Zone Substation
  • Mugga Lane Waste Transfer Station; this 3 MW is connected by a shared 11 kV feeder to Gilmore Zone Substation
  • One gas fuelled cogeneration plant; this 1.2 MW plant is connected to the network at HMAS Harman, which in turn is connected by a shared 11 kV feeder to Fyshwick Zone Substation.
  • Three large-scale solar embedded installations. These are connected to ActewAGL’s network. They are the –
  • PRV Solar Farm at Royolla; it has a 20 MW peak capacity. Two 11 kV feeders connect it to the Theodore Zone Substation
  • Mugga Lane Solar Park at Hume; it has a 12.85 MW peak output capacity. It is connected by a dedicated feeder to the Gilmore Zone Substation
  • Williamsdale Solar Farm at Williamsdale. It has a peak output capacity of 10.1 MW and a 132/11 kV mobile substation.
  • Mount Majura Solar Farm at Mount Majura. It has a peak output capacity of 3.6 MW, connected by two 11kV feeders to City East and East Lake zone substations


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