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ActewAGL Review

Want to see how ActewAGL’s electricity plans fare against your current energy provider? In this article, we are breaking down ActewAGL and giving you all the information you require to make an informed decision.

ActewAGL is a joint venture between AGL and Icon Water Limited, formerly known as the ACTEW Corporation. ActewAGL generates electricity through AGL’s generation assets and supplies it to ACT, South-East New South Wales and Queanbeyan residential and business customers.

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ActewAGL Plans ACT

In the below table we have summarised ActewAGL’s residential electricity and gas plans from our database in the Australian Capital Territory. Plans have been listed in order of lowest price first. Please check the details of these plans directly with the retailer before making any purchase decisions.

Plan Name % Below DMO* Price/year (Est.)
Capital 23% $1,658
Simple Saver 21% $1,706
Solar Saver 0% $2,152
Standard plan 0% $2,152

*Calculated based on usage of 6100kWh/year for a residential customer on a single rate tariff in the Evoenergy network. The DMO reference price is: $2,152 / year. Click here to view plan energy fact sheets.

ActewAGL Plans NSW

In the below table we have summarised ActewAGL’s residential electricity and gas plans from our database in New South Wales. Plans have been listed in order of lowest price first. Please check the details of these plans directly with the retailer before making any purchase decisions.

Plan Name % Below DMO* Price/year (Est.)
Simple Saver 18% $1,827
Solar Saver 0% $2,228
Standard Plan (Essential Energy) 0% $2,228

*Calculated based on usage of 3911kWh/year for a residential customer on a single rate tariff in the Ausgrid network. The DMO reference price is: $1,827 / year. Click here to view plan energy fact sheets.

ActewAGL’s Electricity Plans

As the biggest electricity retailer in the Australian Capital Territory, ActewAGL is responsible for providing residential and business customers with electricity and gas. ActewAGL understands the importance of offering electricity advice and solutions to waste less and save more money. In the section below, we have a summary of the ActewAGL electricity plans for residential customers.

Standard Plan

ActewAGL’s Standard Plan sounds just like how you’d imagine, standard. The Standard Plan is a straightforward deal that offers customers an ongoing, everyday energy plan with a depth of flexibility.

This plan includes an ongoing contract, standard electricity and gas charges, flexible payment options, e-billing and zero exit fees.

Simple Saver Plan

The name of this plan just about sums it up. ActewAGL’s Simple Saver plan is a combination of their lower electricity rates and set-and-forget automatic payments. To be eligible for this plan, customers are required to opt to pay off their electricity bills through EvenPay at sign-up. Features of the Simple Saver plan include a one-year contract term, e-billing, automatic payments through EvenPay and zero exit fees. If you’re looking to save on your electricity, this energy plan can lead to potential savings.s

ActewAGL Gas Plans

Now that we’ve looked at ActewAGL’s electricity plans in the section below, let’s turn our attention to their gas plans below.

Simple Saver Plan (Gas)

The Simple Saver provides customers with a fixed low rate for 12 months. However, customers must opt for the EvenPay payment option when selecting this plan. This plan does not have any lock-in contract or exit fees.

Standard Plan (Gas)

If you're searching for an ongoing, easy, everyday gas plan with flexibility, ActewAGL's Standard Gas plan could be for you. The Standard plan is an ongoing electricity deal with flexible billing and payment options, no lock-in contract and zero exit fees.

ActewAGL Solar

Solar Saver

ActewAGL’s Solar Saver plan enables customers to maximise their Return On Investment (ROI) on their Solar PV System. Customers will receive an attractive uncapped solar feed-in tariff rate for excess electricity produced by their solar PV system, which gets shared to the energy grid. Features of the Solar Saver Plan include flexible payment options and zero exit fees.

ActewAGL Solar Feed-in Tariff Rates

Curious to find out the Solar Feed-in Tariff (FiT) rate ActewAGL offers in your state? The table below summarises the Solar FiT rates ActewAGL offers in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

State Minimum FIT (c/kWh) Maximum FIT (c/kWh)
ACT 10.00 12.00
NSW 8.00 15.00
NSW 8.00 12.00

ActewAGL’s Business Plans

Looking for a competitive electricity plan for your business? ActewAGL offers electricity and gas services to small and large business customers in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Not only do they provide electricity and gas services, but business customers can also add on Greenchoice or even go solar with ActewAGL’s business plans.

ACT Business Saver

The ACT Business Saver enables businesses to boost their bottom line with great rates fixed for 12 months for electricity and gas.

ACT Business Rewards Plan

The ACT Business Rewards plan has variable rates on a 2-year benefit period. This plan is available for both electricity and gas, has no exit fees and offer flexible payment methods for business customers.

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How Green is ActewAGL Energy?

The figures below are taken from the Alviss Consulting, 2018 Green Electricity Guide Methodology report and indicate ActewAGL’s scores in the 7 areas that make up the 2018 Green Electricity Guide.

ActewAGL scored an 8 in the fossil fuels criteria due to their strong public position against future investments in fossil fuels. They also received a favourable rating of 7.5 for their transparency due to their comprehensive and accessible energy efficiency products and information available to customers via their website.

Even with ActewAGL’s solar export prices being lower than the state average and a lower export rate for the offer with the greatest discount, their solar offer is inequitable. Hence, ActewAGL received a score of 2.5 in the renewable energy criteria.

Their investments in coal power stations and emissions intensity above the NEM average earned them a poor score of 3 for the carbon emissions criteria. Overall, ActewAGL earned a score of 4.9 for how green they are in the 2018 Green Electricity Guide.

Carbon Emissions3/10
Carbon Offset6/10
Renewable Energy2.5/10
Fossil Fuels8/10
Energy Efficiency & Demand Response/Management5/10

ActewAGL & Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is a hot topic for electricity generation, with more and more retailers investing in a renewable energy portfolio. Let’s see how ActewAGL supports the Renewable Energy Sector below.

Greenpower & Green Gas

Want to do your part to preserve the environment by offsetting your carbon footprint? ActewAGL’s Greenchoice initiative helps you do your part by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from your electricity generation.

Customers who opt for the Greenchoice program can choose to add a Greenchoice fee on their electricity bill for the proportion of renewable energy they’d like to purchase from biomass, wind, hydro and solar assets.

Through the Greenchoice program, customers can decide how much they want to contribute and whether they’d like to pay a fixed amount each day or a fluctuating amount based on the proportion of the electricity they used.

Solar PV Systems

Customers can purchase a solar PV system through ActewAGL’s part-owned partner, Solarhub. Solarhub is renowned as one of the largest solar and battery suppliers in the Australian Capital Territory.

ActewAGL Serviceable Area

The table below summarises the electricity and gas services ActewAGL offers in Victoria, NSW, QLD, SA, ACT and WA.

State Electricity Gas

Billing and Payment

In this generation, consumers expect flexibility when it comes to their utilities. ActewAGL understands this and offers various billing and payment options to suit their customer’s flexibility. Let’s look at ActewAGL’s billing and payment options.

E-Billing or Paper Bills

With most of their electricity plans, customers can opt to receive their bills in the form of e-bills via email or paper bills through the post so that you won’t get caught out with a late outstanding bill.

Flexible Payment Options

Nowadays, customers want the utmost flexibility when it comes to settling outstanding bills. ActewAGL has various flexible payment options to suit your lifestyle. By logging into your account through their website, you can pay off your outstanding electricity bill or make a one-off payment.

Customers can choose to pay via ActewAGL’s EvenPay option, whereby the cost of their yearly electricity and gas bills are split up into even direct debit payments so that you’re paying the same price for every bill.

Customers can also pay via ActewAGL’s FullPay option, whereby the total amount of their electricity bill gets deducted via direct debit on the due date of your bill. BPay and using your credit card to pay via phone are other methods of payment ActewAGL accepts.

Customers that wish to pay their energy bills through the mail can simply do so by posting a cheque with the payment slip. Customers can also pay in person at an Australian Post Office and through CentrePay. Centrepay is a payment method where customers pay off a bill via a regular amount deducted from their Centrelink payment.

Billing Frequency

Customers can choose between a monthly or quarterly billing frequency to suit their flexibility.

How Digital Is ActewAGL?

ActewAGL recognises the importance of implementing a strong digital presence to reach their customers and make it easy to manage their electricity.

ActewAGL’s website makes it easy for customers to access their accounts, keep track of their historical and current energy usage, pay off their electricity bill, transfer credit between accounts, update their personal details, request a payment extension and book a move to their new home.

ActewAGL’s ePayPlus service notifies customers via email when they receive a bill online while also letting them view and manage their account history, pay off an outstanding bill and track their bill history.

Moving Home?

Moving home and need to get connected with ActewAGL? For existing ActewAGL customers, all you need to do is inform them of your move-in date, and they will disconnect the electricity at your old address and connect it to your new home.

Customers that are new to ActewAGL can still get their electricity connected within minutes. The ActewAGL Power Move plan gives customers savings of up to $200 credit on their electricity bills when moving homes with ActewAGL.

Looking to get your electricity connected at your new home? Give Electricity Monster a call on 1300 232 848 to speak to one of our energy specialists today, and we’ll help you get your home connected with a fair electricity plan!

ActewAGL Financial Assistance

ActewAGL acknowledges the importance of keeping the light on in your home when you fall on hard financial times. With some customers facing trouble paying off their outstanding electricity bills or worrying about having their power disconnected, ActewAGL has various options available to help you out so that you won’t have to worry about your family being in the dark.

Payment Extension

Suppose you’re after some extra time to pay off an outstanding electricity bill. In that case, you can simply do that by requesting a payment extension by accessing your account on the ActewAGL website.

Staying Connected Program

ActewAGL’s Staying Connected Program is designed to help those stuck in a financial situation by working with them to develop and implement a personalized and practical solution so that your electricity will always be connected.

This program involves discussing a flexible payment plan that will suit your financial situation and your capacity to pay. Customers will be contacted by an energy expert who has experience dealing with customers in similar situations of financial hardship.

The Staying Connected Program consists of payment assistance vouchers that can help customers access government concession schemes, setting up a personalized payment plan to suit their needs and energy-saving tips to help them decrease their energy expense and increase their energy efficiency.

How To Contact ActewAGL?

ActewAGL offers customers several ways to contact them if they are having trouble with their electricity. To speak to one of their energy experts, customers can call them for assistance with their account inquiries, help understand their bills, arrange their move, and get helpful tips to save on your electricity.

Those customers who want to talk in person can drop in anytime to The Energy Bar to speak to one of ActewAGL’s energy experts; no appointment required. Customers can find these energy bars in shopping malls across NSW and ACT open 7 days a week.

Customers can also send them an email or post ActewAGL mail for any assistance with their enquiries.

Is ActewAGL Right For Me?

Well, there you have it! There’s all the information you need to decide whether ActewAGL is the retailer for you.

With their flexible billing and payment options, multiple contact options, competitive energy plans and trusted brand, ActewAGL provides customers with peace of mind when it comes to their electricity.

Unhappy with what your current electricity retailer is charging you? Well, give Electricity Monster a call on 1300 232 848 to speak to an energy specialist who’ll help you find a sharper rate for your electricity.

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This publication reviews ActewAGL Energy's plans in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, ACT, and WA published on their website as of 10/05/2024.  


Important Points to note are:


  • The plans displayed have been taken from the energy fact sheets published on the retailer's website. We do not guarantee that this information is correct or that it applies to every household in Australia. 
  • Comparisons have been made on the peak rates in single rate plans from retailers, plus their daily electricity supply charges.
  • The Citipower network has been used to compare electricity plans, and the Australian Gas network has been used to compare gas plans in Victoria.
  • The Ausgrid network has been used to compare electricity plans, and the Jemena gas network has been used to compare gas plans in NSW.
  • The SA Power Networks network has been used to compare electricity plans, and the Australian Gas network has been used to compare gas plans in Victoria.
  • The Energex network has been used to compare electricity plans, and the Australian Gas network has been used to compare gas plans in QLD.
  • The Evoenergy network has been used to compare electricity plans, and the Jemena gas network has been used to compare gas plans in the ACT.
  • The ACTO network has been used to compare gas plans in WA.
  • The reference price/VDO/GAS comparison will differ based on tariff type and location (distribution area). Your actual energy bill may be significantly different to these estimates if your usage differs from the average amounts used in this calculation. 
  • The information in this blog cannot substitute for legal advice. No financial decisions should be made based on information from this blog.
  • All dollar figures include GST.