Further Price Reductions Possible for Victorian Energy Customers

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In today’s energy market, many consumers fully understand the significance of renewable energy and its important role in the provision of our future energy requirements and the effect that these demands put onto both the environment and the huge impact that such stresses may create moving forwards.

One of the main ways that this situation has been affecting more and more customers, is that we are often put in the unenviable position of being forced to choose between trying to save some money on the rapidly spiralling costs of Australian energy, or by spending even more cash to support those companies who have focused on investing in carbon-free options and making an effort to assure consumers that they are committed to developing and providing further renewable energy alternatives to standard way that our electricity needs have been met traditionally.

However, in early March Powershop took another step towards making this decision a tad simpler by announcing that they would be cutting Victorian rates by around 5% after a pricing update was announced by Ed McManus – Powershop CEO, via video announcement.

This has been eased into place by the purchase of three hydro plants have been recently acquired by Powershop, as well as the confirmation of several longer-term contracts that have been secured to provide energy from both solar and wind farms across the eastern coast of Australia, at potentially cheaper energy prices.

Powershop is considered a well-known option the Australian energy market when it comes to renewable sourced energy.

Powershop is one of the more well-known energy companies that offer Australian consumers additional options for their electricity needs if renewable energy and more environmentally conscious preferences are important elements to factor into the companies that you wish to support with your custom.

If signing up to a company that shares these values is an important aspect of your decision-making process and you would like to see what available tariffs and electricity plans may apply to your specific requirements, give Electricity Monster a call.

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By talking to our team, you can also ask any questions that you may have about the energy retailers that are in your city or region, who will be able to provide information about the renewable electricity options that certain “greener” energy partners are currently on the market.

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