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Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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Why Elysian?

Melbourne-based Elysian Energy is the new kid on the block, commencing operations just this year.

Although they are currently limited to selling electricity in Victoria, Elysian Energy intend to expand into other states before 2020.

Instead of tying your home or business down on a contract, Elysian Energy just wants to keep it simple.

This energy retailer has simple-to-understand plans that make budgeting simple with flat rates and monthly bills.

It could be said that residential power plans from Elysian Energy are something like a phone or internet plan, with pre-determined monthly rates.

Supply Area

Elysian Energy provides electricity to residential and business customers in Victoria. The company envisions moving into the gas retail space and the other east-coast states before 2019 ends.

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How to get connected to Elysian Energy?

To find out more about Elysian Energy, organise a connection or to switch to Elysian Energy call us on 1300 232 848 or submit your detail to have one energy experts help you.


Elysian Energy plans will let you know what exactly you are paying by putting you on specific plans that match your home’s usage type.

At the end of the month, if you have unused energy remaining on your plan, you will receive a credit on your bill.

Similarly, if your usage goes above the monthly allotment, you will have to make an extra payment at a fixed rate depending on your network.

Your next month’s plan will depend on your usage in the current month.

If you use 10% more than your current plan size, you will move onto the next threshold.

If your home uses 25% less than your current plan size, you will drop down to a lower threshold. Customers also have access to a hot water pack if they have a dedicated meter for their hot water system.

Under the pack, for an extra $20 a month, your home will receive 150 kWh of power to your dedicated meter.

Plans from Elysian Energy also come with a Solar Pack that grants you a credit of $30 if your home generates 300 kWh of energy from your solar panels.

That ideally translates to a 9.9 cents/kWh feed-in tariff rate!

Anything below 300 kWh will be recouped from your next month’s bill, while anything above will be credited to your account.

If all of this is a little hard to wrap your head around, Elysian Energy also allows you to get onto a standard offer with a 10% pay-on-time discount.

No Elysian Energy plan comes with exit fees, giving you the flexibility to maneuver in the market.

* All offers are valid as of April 15, 2019.


Victoria Residential

For homes in Victoria, Elysian Energy has one plan with a discount which is the standing rate contract with a 10% pay-on-time discount as well as four plans with fixed monthly rates. We’ve explained what each of these plans means:

The Minimalist

A New Chapter

The Good Life

The Full House

Victoria Business

For Victorian businesses, Elysian Energy has a 10% pay-on-time discount while giving businesses the opportunity to choose from different tariff types.

While the discount seems small, the rates are already so low that we think a lot of Victorian businesses should look at Elysian Energy seriously!

Tariff types include a single rate plan, two rate 5-day plan, two rate 7-day plan, interval pricing and demand pricing.


Elysian Energy is one of the newest kids on the block, with the ink barely dry on the company’s approval as an authorised energy retailer.

Although currently limited to selling power in Victoria, the company’s plans for expansion are set to be massive.

Elysian expects to be in New South Wales, South Australia and Southeast Queensland before 2019 ends.

Managing Director of Elysian Energy, Scott Wells, was previously one of the first employees at the NBN.

The Melbourne-based company is wholly owned and operated within Australia.

Elysian Energy Referral Program

Elysian Energy wants to ensure that you are rewarded for referring your friends to the company as well!

If you refer a friend to Elysian Energy, then you will receive a $10 discount on your power bill for the next three months.

Payment Options

You can make payments from your credit card or even pay the old-fashioned way, over the counter, at an Australia Post branch.

For residential customers, it is necessary to set up a direct debit option to pay bills on Elysian Energy market offers.

You will be charged a merchant service fee of 0.4% for paying via Visa or Mastercard.

Elysian Energy does not accept payments made from American Express cards, unfortunately.

You will also be charged a $2 fee for making a payment in person at an Australia Post branch.

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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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