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Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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Gas Suppliers Victoria

Considering comparing gas suppliers in Victoria? Whether it’s residential or business gas that you’re after, Electricity Monster can have you cooking with gas in no time. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the top gas plans, have a problem with your gas connection, or questions about your provider, our Energy Brokers have the skills and experience to get you your gas at a sharp rate.

Our 100% Free Service makes comparing gas retailers a breeze.

Need Gas Connected?

If you’re looking to get your gas connected the team at Electricity Monster can help. We’re specialists in ensuring that whatever your energy problems are we can find solutions. Another big problem in Victoria is you have an absolutely overwhelming amount of retailers to choose from. The large amount of suppliers makes it rather difficult to find out who has got some of the best rates on business or residential gas. This is why you should join over 30,000 other Australians who have made the smart choice and signed up to a deal via our team at Electricity Monster.

You’ve definitely seen the shocking rise in energy prices over the past few years. Perhaps your family has experienced just how much pressure a steadily rising power bill can blow out your family budget. What you might not know is that gas prices have shot up as well, and that little bit extra can make a big difference. We can help you with that, the whole process can be taken care of in as little as 15 minutes.

So give us a call! Our number is 1300 232 848

"Looking for gas? We can get you cooking! And with our Peace of Mind Guarantee you know there’s no need to worry. The whole process can take less than 10 minutes so give us a call and speak to one of our free energy consultants today"

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Beat Victoria’s Gas Crisis with Electricity Monster

We’ve all seen the headlines, the Australian power bill has spiralled out of control. While the big retailers are boasting of record profits, the ordinary Aussie battler is struggling to pay for his or her energy use. The team at Electricity Monster is firmly on the side of the regular Australian consumer, and we help people just like you get sharp rates every day. However we like to be thorough in our approach. Let’s say you’re getting a 25% pay on time discount on your power, what about your business or residential gas? You could be missing out on better gas deals, if you don’t take the time to compare your gas as well. Comparing energy plans is one thing, but comparing gas plans as well is something you must do. Especially in Victoria as winter is very cold and gas bills can be very expensive!

You might not think of your gas bill that often but remember that for most Victorians gas plays a major part in your life. Between cooking and heating, you use quite a lot of gas in your daily life. But the secret is using more frequently could result in a lighter power bill. How? For one using gas to heat your oven or hot water is actually cheaper than using power from the grid. According to the Australian Gas Networks, the average home in Melbourne uses 19 gigajoules of natural gas per year on water and cooking a year. On average those who do use their gas to cook and heat their water will spend about $737. Meanwhile people who opt to heat their water and cook their dinner using electricity alone will spend about $1423 on average. That’s a nearly 50% difference in costs! Now think what could happen if we got you that gas at an even sharper rate. Using cheap gas to power your essential household appliances could end up in major savings down the line.

Another major reason to get serious about shopping for gas is many observers are predicting a gas shortfall in the next few years. In a report released by The Australian Energy Market Operator has predicted a 57% drop in total gas production during the next five years. In real terms this means Victoria could be looking at a shortfall of anywhere from 36 terajoules to 220 terajoules during the winters of 2021 & 2022. A gas shortage in the winter could leave many Victorian families slug with high gas bills.This whole scenario is completely unacceptable and it prompted PM Malcolm Turnbull to say:

“We are facing an energy crisis because of [these] restrictions on gas”

What’s causing this looming energy crisis? A number of factors. For one, both the Gippsland Basin gas fields and the Port Campbell gas fields have seen their production levels tank. Gippsland is down by 38% while Port Campbell has shrunk by 68%. In response to this Gippsland Basin begun to ramp up their production, however all this means is that their resources are going to run out even faster. Secondly the state government in Victoria has placed a moratorium on any onshore exploration for natural gas, despite the fact that Victoria has some massive gas reserves available. This has placed extra pressure on the dwindling reserves offshore, reducing their supply and driving up prices for Victorian customers. This is only going to get worse as we approach the point where our reserves are exhausted.

With these incredibly troubling developments looming over Victorian gas customers it’s up to the everyday consumer to take these problems into their own hands. The upside is, in Victoria you have a fully deregulated energy market. Now the problem is finding the best gas deals and plans in Victoria.

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How to find the best gas deals in Victoria?

Looking to the future of gas in Victoria, it appears there are a number of serious problems on the horizon. The coming years could result in massive shortages, and massive price increases for your gas connection. It’s times like this where taking the time to shop for your gas is the smartest move you can make. However, in Victoria we know how overwhelming it can get with the insane amount retailers on the market. Not only that, but sometimes what they’re offering can get confusing and complicated. Taking the time to compare retailers is super important, and it’s our job to make that important task much easier for you.

That’s why you call Electricity Monster. We’re partnered with some of the fairest gas providers Melbourne has to offer, and we are passionate about getting you gas at a sharp rate. For way too long we saw ordinary Australians getting charged outrageous rates for their gas and we didn’t like the sight of it, one bit. So whether you need business gas or residential gas, give us a call here at Electricity Monster, our number is 1300 232 848. We have a team of trained, professional Electricity Brokers who are dedicated to finding Victorians the sharpest rates we have on offer.

The History of Gas in Victoria

Gas has been a major part of Victorian life for over a hundred years. In fact, the usage of gas in the state dates back to well before the advent of electricity. Early usage of gas in Melbourne started in the 1850s, where it was used to power all sorts of things from street lamps to stoves to gas heaters. Back then it wasn’t, the extracted natural gas that we use today, it was gas sourced from black coal, and required gasworks to be dotted about suburban areas. For many years the gas was under the control of either one of three companies, the Metropolitan Gas Company, the Geelong Gas Company or the Brighton Gas Company.

In the 1950s multiple gas retailers were replaced with a monopoly. The Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria was established by the government and totally eliminated the Metropolitan Gas Company and the Brighton Gas Company. This new company maintained their monopoly on gas in Victoria for over 40 years, and in 1971 finally acquired the Geelong Gas Company. After Geelong was acquired the sole remaining private gas company Ballarat closed due to the overall move towards natural gas in Victoria.

These days the major sources of gas in Victoria are from offshore natural gas reserves. The largest of these is the Gippsland Basin, the largest natural gas reserve in Victoria. Other gas reserves are located at the Otway Basin and the Bass Coast region. Once it has been extracted, the gas is taken to the Longford Processing Plant, which produces the lion’s share of Victoria’s commercial natural gas product. Overall while a large amount of natural gas is being produced in the state, it’s still very expensive for many families and it’s still running out. If you don’t want to be stuck with extremely expensive natural gas bills, you need to make the call to Electricity Monster today.

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Want to know how we work?

Electricity Monster works as an Energy Broker, we make it our job to have some of Vic’s best gas plans in a one stop shop. Whether you want a sharp rate, a top plan, or just have a few questions about your current gas provider, we want to hear from you.

Just make the call. The professional energy brokers at Electricity Monster will guide you through every step of the process. Once we’ve got your name and address we’ll figure out your gas tariff and get started on comparing the retailers we have available.

Before you know it, we’ll have found you a sharp rate that leaves you better off. Best of all you won’t have to do a thing, we handle everything, you won’t even need to call your current provider.

Afterwards you’ll be mailed a welcome pack from your brand new gas provider and you will never be without gas at any point in the process. We can take care of everything in as little as 15 minutes.

So far we’ve helped 30,000 Australians and we’re waiting and ready to add you to our list of happy customers. So don’t wait for a miracle, take things into your own hands, Electricity Monster is here to help with our 100% Free Service.

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We get it. In Victoria there are many to choose from in terms of gas plans. You have a life to lead, a business to run, and a family to spend time with. Taking time out of your busy day to laboriously compare gas is a major hassle. Making the call to Electricity Monster on the other hand will take less than fifteen minutes and our brokers can take care of everything.

Here’s what we do here at Electricity Monster. We compare plans from our list of providers and find you a competitive rate on your gas. By partnering with some of Victoria’s leading providers we find you a great rate without charging you a cent.

No you won’t. What will happen is we organise a special kind of meter reading. This is just to identify where your old provider stops supplying your gas, and when your new one takes over. Once you’re all set, you will receive a welcome back from your new provider and there will never be any loss of gas supply.

Nope. We offer a 100% Free Service to businesses and consumers in Victoria.

Pick up the phone and call 1300 232 848. We take care of the rest.

Gas usage charges are what the lion's share of you gas bill we be made out of. This is what you are charged based on how much gas you use. If you use less you get charged less, if you use more you get charged more. Getting a sharp rate on your gas usage charge is a great way to save money.

A gas supply charge is pretty straightforward, this is the daily fixed fee you are charged for being connected to the gas network. How much you pay for your gas supply charge will depend on which retailer you are signed up with.

Unlike when it comes to energy, gas tariffs do not vary. You will be on a single use tariff regardless of the time of day you are using your gas. This basically means you will pay the same gas usage charge regardless of what time of day you use your gas.

You may be charged in blocks depending on how much you use though, and there may be seasonal charges for gas usage, so make sure you consult your new provider.

Suppliers of gas offer these as a way to reward you to pay your bills on time. If you pay your bills on time, you’ll receive a discount on your bill.

It’s just like a pay on time discount. Plans that offer direct debit discounts are pretty common these days. The way a direct debit discount operates is very much like a pay on time discount. If you pay via direct debit you’ll get a discount.

This is the period of time any discount you’re getting will remain on your power bill. If you have a direct debit or pay on time discount, these will typically only remain in effect for a certain period of time. Pay extra close attention to when these periods end as a lot of people end up with a shockingly large power bill in the mail when the discount benefit period expires. Once this expires make sure to call Electricity Monster to shop for your new sharp rate!

It’s a sad state of affairs that many Victorians have this problem. The major issue is that many of them never take the time to compare retailers and find themselves a sharper rate. If you can’t pay your gas bill this may be because you are overpaying and find a new retailer that offers a more reasonable rate could be the solution. If you’re not sure where to start, start with Electricity Monster. We’ll help you find you a sharp rate.

Bill smoothing helps eliminate any nasty surprises that might turn up in your letter box. Rather than pay the exact amount on your bill every time, you’ll pay a set rate that will sometimes be a little more and other times be a little less. The idea is you don’t have to worry about your bill so much because it’s always about the same.

By calling the friendly team at Electricity Monster. 1300 232 848.

Whenever you feel you’re paying way too much for your gas. Over the past few years the price of gas has increased significantly and many Australians are.


If for any reason, after 6 months you are not happy with the retailer we switched you to, then we will set you up with any other retailer of your choosing from our panel and reimburse your exit fees where applicable up to $75 for your electricity and $25 for your gas.

So now you can get a better deal on your electricity & gas with 100% peace of mind. Electricity Monster is 100% FREE SERVICE! Up to $100 protection peace of mind guarantee.

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