7 Things You Should Have Done Before Choosing A Gas Provider

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If you find yourself in an Australian state where gas markets are open to competition among retailers, then you can select your provider.

Choosing a suitable retailer, however, is not an easy task.

We wanted to share a few unconventional things that you need to consider before choosing a gas retailer.

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1. The devil is in the fine print

With so many options to choose from, retailers may not be shy to take advantage of the chaos and sneakily offer plans that reel you in, but leave you worse off.

Gas plans in Australia are generally charged in blocks, where the usage rate you are charged changes based on the level you use.

Caution needs to be exercised when choosing a plan that uses these blocks or “stepped rates”, as the rates can rise based on the more you use.

For Victorians, gas rates change according to the season – summer or winter.

Higher rates may be charged for winter months as gas receives more demand for heating.

By understanding what affects price changes, Electricity Monster will carefully look at the plans offered by our gas providers.

2.  Fixed costs are dangerous

Find the daily supply charges on your bill to get an idea of the component of your bill that is fixed.

By recognising the opportunity to save money on lower daily supply charges, Electricity Monster’s service can help you better predict the scale of your gas spending.

3. Predictability is key

To have predictability when bill payments come around is a major relief for both households and businesses.

By accurately forecasting what the costs will be, there is greater visibility into a home’s budget or calculating the potential profits of a business.

Having good vision over expected bills will help shield families and business owners from rising costs in Australia.

4. Comparing gas retailers is the way to go

By understanding your requirements, the choice of a new gas supplier maximises fittingly.

It is essential to consider the expertise of your retailer in supplying a product that is potentially dangerous.

As there are many payment options, compare and get onto a plan that has billing options that are easier on your budget.

Bill payment has become a huge concern for thousands of Australian households, with nearly 42,000 homes currently experiencing energy poverty.

5. “Look within”

It is Zen ideology to “look within”, but for Australians looking to save on gas bills, understanding how your home or business uses gas is essential.

By understanding when your gas uses is at its highest, you can plan ahead and find a way to minimise how much you’re using.

Cutting gas use usually revolves around improving insulation, to avoid gas heating needs.

6. Customer Service changes everything

Nobody wants to wait on hold for hours for a representative to resolve a dispute you might have.

Customer service can be a severe concern for Australians wanting a reliable line of communication with their retailer.

With billing inquiries, outages and service requests common for Australians, a reliable and prompt customer service team is vital.

The attitude and knowledge of call centre workers can make a gas provider so much more attractive to adopt.

7. Identify opportunities to save

To get a better outlook on long-term saving, carefully examine the discount benefit period and contract lock-in periods.

If your gas supplier also supplies electricity, then you may be able to save further by getting onto “dual fuel" plans.

By identifying all opportunities to save, the power is back in the hands of regular Australians to choose a supplier that is perfect for their home or business.

Providing visibility over the long-term outcome of gas plans, in a complicated market, is the 100% FREE SERVICE Electricity Monster stands by.

Planning a budget can be so much easier when information is readily available, so call Electricity Monster today on 1300 232 848.

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