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Should you get Mojo Power?

Why Mojo?

Mojo brands itself as being a bit different from the other providers. And it’s not hard to see why. Operating with a focus on giving consumers control of their power needs, there’s a vibe of radical transparency all over this provider.

Mojo prides itself on offering a fair deal to its customers. Mojo claims that its customers use less energy than other people with other suppliers and that their electricity is at a permanently lower rate.

Market Offers

Mojo’s business model is definitely interesting. Unlike a lot of providers, Mojo makes a 0% profit on your electricity usage. That means you pay for exactly what you use. Instead of profiting off of your usage, your daily supply charge is what keeps Mojo in business.

Because of this Mojo has no vested interest in you using more electricity, so if you use less you pay less. And it makes no difference to their bottom line what you do. In addition to this, they also have a competitive pay-in-advance scheme operating, and they will upgrade your current meter to a smart meter if required.

Supply Area

Mojo provides electricity in both the Queensland and New South Wales region. This is only residential electricity, however, and businesses will have to look elsewhere. If you live in either Queensland or New South Wales and want to find a sharp rate on your energy needs, Electricity Monster can help you compare electricity and gas plans.

How to compare Mojo Power Rates?

To compare your Mojo Power Rates with rates from our providers please submit your details above or feel free to call us on 1300 232 848 to have one of our Electricity brokers help you find a better deal today.

Note: Electricity Monster is not in a commercial relationship with Mojo Power and therefore will not be displaying Mojo Power rates and plans in our comparison table. We do however include plans and rates from other retailers we are partners with which you can compare electricity against your Mojo Power Plan.

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Mojo was founded in 2015 with the goal of reducing their customers dependence on the grid, Mojo is an interesting new company on the Australian energy scene. Mojo is a big supporter of solar power as well, and advocates for it as part of their mission to save Australians on their power bill.


A lot of people will also be pleasantly surprised to learn that Mojo is 100% Australian owned and operated, keeping its profits in Australia.


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