15 ways to save on your energy costs this winter!

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Winter Energy Saving

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Keep warm this winter and save on your energy costs!

Winter isn’t coming it’s already here!

While there won’t be any White Walkers and wildlings, it’s still shaping up to be a chilly affair.

That’s why you need to find some ways to keep yourself toasty without blowing out your power bill.

As we always are, Electricity Monster is here with some great suggestions to help you save, and keep warm this winter.

Check them out, then check your power bill at the end of the season, and see how much you’ve managed to save!

1. Layer Up and Save

Are you still rocking your stubbies and a festive floral print shirt?

Might be time to rug up a bit.

Throwing on a warm jumper is the obvious choice when it comes to warming up.

But you should really be thinking like Shrek, in layers.

Start with an insulating thermal layer, and build out from there.

If you’re still cold under four layers, you can always throw that jumper on top.

Warming your core is the single most crucial part of keeping you warm, if your core is cold then you’ll be cold.

2. Try to warm your hands and feet

Your core is essential, but so are your extremities.

You might have heard that ten per cent of your body heat is lost through your head.

This is a myth.

What your body does in cold weather is constrict the blood flow to your hands and feet.

This helps protect your vital organs that need the warmth more desperately.

However, your fingers and toes are sacrificed and left susceptible to frostbite.

Don’t worry though, a pair of gloves and an extra pair of socks can help keep your hands and feet nice and warm.

That said, wearing a beanie can’t hurt!

3. Drafts cost! Block them!

You’ve all seen those little snakes people stick at the bottom of their doors.

Perhaps you’ve even tripped over one?

Well, they aren’t there just to annoy you, they serve a super important purpose.

A simple draft excluder can help stop warm air escaping and cold air breaking into your room.

You can get one for a crazy reasonable price at any home supplies store, and it’ll pay for itself in no time.

4. Take advantage of your curtains

It’s simple; it’s effective.

If you open your curtains during the day, you’ll allow the sun to shine in.

This will warm your house throughout the day while you’re away at work.

Once you get home and it’s dark, pull them closed.

This will provide a bit of extra insulation and help keep the warm air from escaping, which is a big plus in the middle of winter.

5. Skip the booze…

Another common misconception you might have heard (or partaken in) is that a bit of booze can help warm you up.

That warm feeling is a result of the vessels on your skin dilating, so your skin feels warmer.

This is a result of blood flowing to your skin.

However, this means the blood is no longer flowing to your core.

Drinking a bit of alcohol will, as a result, lower your core body temperature.

If you want to be warm, you want your core to be warm, and drinking costs core temperature at the expense of temporary skin warmth.

6. …but not the cocoa!

Drinking a nice hot chocolate will help you stay warm.

But there’s a catch!

Take heed of tip number 1 and make sure you’re wrapped up and nice and warm.

Drinking a hot drink will make you sweat, usually, that would cool you.

However, if you’re bundled up, the sweat won’t be able to evaporate and you will become warmer.

7. Use a hot water bottle and save on energy!

Old time remedies still have a place in 2018.

A simple hot water bottle can warm your bed the same way an electric blanket does.

Just pour some hot water inside it and stick in between your covers.

Once you’re ready to go to bed, it’ll be nice and cosy.

Place your bottle in a fleece cover if you like to keep your feet warm in bed.

And it should go without saying, a hot water bottle uses much less energy than an electric blanket.

* We do not compare all energy providers

8. Invest in some energy efficient appliances

When push comes to shove sometimes, you’ve just got to turn the heater on to keep warm.

But when that time comes, make sure you have a top quality machine.

No-one wants to be cold, but no-one looks forward to that first power bill of the winter either.

An energy efficient heater will use less energy and cost you less in the long run.

It’s also worth considering getting a fireplace installed.

It might cost a bit, but burning a log of an evening costs you $0 in electricity.

9. Only heat the room your using

You might be tempted to crank up your central heating, so you’re warm everywhere you go.

But that costs a bunch!

Instead only heat the room you’re occupying.

Use a small heater in a small room; it’ll use less power and warm the room at the same time.

If you can stomach being a little chilly when you run for the loo, it’s a great way to save!

10. Get your ceiling fan to spin in reverse

Got a ceiling fan?

Then you should put it to use.

A staple of keeping homes cool in the summer, most ceiling fans also have a reverse setting.

The reverse setting will cause the fan to spin backwards, pushing the warm air that has risen back down towards you.

This is a super simple and energy saving way to keep a bit warmer in the winter.

11. After you’ve cooked a meal, leave the oven door open

This tip might seem silly, but it works!

Let’s say you’ve served up a perfectly cooked Sunday roast, but you’re still frozen solid.

Turn your oven off, leave the door open, and let that heat radiate out through the kitchen!

Seeing as the oven is off, it won’t be using any electricity or (more dangerously) gas.

So you can take advantage of the energy you’ve already used.

12. Programme your central heating

Your central heating can seem like a gift from God during the coldest months of the year.

However, learning to use it smartly is a wonderful skill to acquire.

Try to keep your heater set to between 18-20°C

Every degree above this range adds an extra 10% to your energy costs!

Also, make sure to programme your central heating for 20 minutes before you wake up and 20 minutes after you go to bed.

Leaving it running all night is a waste of money!

13. Take short showers

Heating hot water is responsible for about a third of energy use.

Taking an hour-long shower on a cold winter’s day might seem like the perfect idea.

But you can get just as clean in fifteen minutes.

Cutting back on your hot water usage will definitely help you cut back on your energy costs.

14. Get gas smart

One thing you might notice on your first power bill of the winter is that your gas bill has shot up!

So it pays to observe a few ideas to keep your gas usage down.

For one a lot of recipes tell you to preheat the oven.

But a gas oven warms up so quickly this is a waste of gas!

Just stick your food right in there and save a little each time you cook.

Another sneaky tip is to turn your oven off right before your food is done.

This way your food will keep cooking but your gas won’t keep burning.

15. Share the love!

Skin-on-skin contact has been scientifically proven to help quickly raise your body temperature!

If you’ve got a loved one, go have a cuddle.

Not only that but cuddling has been proven to lift mood, reduce anxiety and strengthen the immune system.

Big claims I know.

But the science backs it up!

Human contact leads to a number of important chemicals being released that help aid in lifting your mood.

These include spiking amounts dopamine and serotonin, which are feel-good chemicals.

As well as lowering levels of cortisol, which is a known stress hormone.

Not only will you keep warm you’ll help beat the winter blues a bit too!

Still looking to save a bit extra this winter? Call us at Electricity Monster!

If you’ve tried everything here and you’re still finding your power bill a bit hefty, then pick up the phone and call us!

Here at Electricity Monster, we provide a 100% free service that compares the available electricity retailers in your area.

Our trained electricity brokers are waiting to help find you find a way to keep those winter energy costs down!

So if you’re looking for a sharper rate, give us a call, you’ve got nothing to lose but your pricey bill.

Remember to keep warm this winter!

* We do not compare all energy providers

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