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Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Home

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* We do not compare all energy providers and have commercial arrangements with our partners.

Moving home is no laughing matter.

When people think about something fun, moving home won’t be the first thing on their mind.

After all, it’s more than just putting all your stuff in big boxes and taking it to your new property.

Moving home consumes a lot of time and effort and can become pretty costly.

There are a variety of common mistakes that are made when moving home, and some of them can be very expensive.

Find out how to make your move easier and avoid some unforgivable mistakes completely!

1. Procrastinate later

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So many people seriously underestimate the work it takes to move home.

Do not leave your packing for the last minute, last day or even last week!

Stay on top of things by starting early, try a month in advance.

Small tasks over the course of a month will add up, and you will discover how easy it is to be ready on the big day.

Try setting aside two days for a one-bedroom place, three days for two bedrooms and five days for three bedrooms.

2. Look ahead, book ahead

Spending on packaging, renting a moving van, as well as fuel and road tolls, are the hidden costs of trying to move home by yourself.

You probably have to book a moving company to transport your stuff or help carry larger items.

If you are moving during a busy period of the year, like summertime, you may have to book well in advance.

Half of all moving takes place during late summer and early spring.

3. Pets need prep

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Don’t forget that good old Rex has to make the move too!
The family pets possibly have to visit the vet, if you are moving across states.

By doing so, you can make sure that your furry companions are up to date on booster shots and identification cards.

For pet relocation across long distances, set up a portable kennel and get motion sickness meds.

Be sure to reward your loving pets with a treat for being well-behaved!

4. Have a packing strategy

Packing can be either very easy or very difficult, depending on your approach.

At least a few weeks before your move, create a calendar outlining the daily packing you intend to do.

Try dealing with it on a room-by-room basis, say starting with the garage and bedrooms before finishing with the bathroom and kitchen.

Write down numbers for your boxes and try to label what’s inside as well as what room the box needs to go to.

Stick to your calendar and packing should be a breeze!

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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

5. Gardens are tricky

You might have to say goodbye to your plants.

All across Australia, some regulations restrict the free flow of plants.

Before your move, contact the local plant quarantine regulator in the place you are moving to and check if your houseplants are safe.

Transfer plants from heavy clay pots to lighter, more flexible plastic pots.

Alternatively, you can donate them to the local play school or retirement home.

6. Some things cannot be moved

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Got important documents lying around? Maybe a fancy camera with an expensive stand? Or perhaps an old coin collection you cherish?

If you are hiring movers, you may need to carry your expensive valuables like jewellery with you.

Remember documents like your tax returns, birth certificates and insurance cards.

Most movers do not allow you to send your firearms or your alcohol with them.

Have them shipped early so that on moving day you don’t have to travel on a car full of booze and guns!

7. Get an exact cost estimate

If you are considering getting a mover, then get at least three estimates from different companies.

Keep pressing about hidden charges such as an extra charge for fuel.

Want an accurate cost estimate? Insist that your mover visit your property.

By doing so, the movers can make sure they send a correctly sized relocation van.

A site visit also lets your movers know about anything blocking access to your driveway or any parking restrictions.

8. Insurance is key

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Accidents, fires and theft are unpredictable and need to be protected against.

Most movers give full protection or partial protection for the value of the goods you send through them.

Items can break during a move, especially if it’s fragile.

Consider organising your own insurance plan if your mover will not cover your household goods.

9. Survival kits

You don’t want to have to search through a million boxes to get the essentials when you reach your new property.

A ‘survival kit’ has keys, medications, pet food, basic toiletries, chargers as well as snacks and extra clothes for children.

Keep a pair of scissors handy for breaking open your boxes.

Have a little cash on hand to tip the movers and pick up a pizza on moving day!

10. Don’t forget the bills

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When moving home, you may not be able to stay with the current electricity, gas and internet provider you are with.

Moving home, starting fresh, is a great opportunity to select a new provider for your utilities and potentially save money.

Need some help doing that? Electricity Monster can compare electricity, gas and internet providers in your location and get you on a sharp rate.

Our brokers can make moving home easy and take away all the stress involved!

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Want to save on electricity?
We can help compare your energy rates!

* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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