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Small changes. Modest investments. This what we’re talking about when it comes to using smart tech to save on your bill. Many of the products listed below can not only pay for themselves over a relatively short time but also make substantial differences to your overall bills in the long term.

1. Heat and cool your home the smart way – “Smart” thermostats

More and more homes are using smart meters and similar devices to assist with managing everyday energy usage. This provides additional hands-free connectivity to your daily tasks there are even more options that can add functionality to the way you control energy use in your home.

Since hitting the market nearly 10 years ago, “Smart” or “Learning” Thermostats have been an exciting development. These devices to show us what modern home automation products can offer. They are becoming a common feature in many newly built properties.

The latest releases of these thermostats also boast a host of additional features and many models are also easy to set-up by yourself. No need for complicated installations, and they can be fitted with very little hassle.

Not to mention, these devices often boast stylish and modern designs. This make them not only functional smart devices but also some pretty cool talking points to have installed in your home!

Many can even integrate seamlessly with other domestic devices helping to create the fully connected future home.

2. More Efficient Heat Pumps

When the time comes to replace your current heating/cooling system it can be valuable to look at the bigger picture rather than just the initial cost of the equipment that you have your eye on.

The difference in your energy consumption can make a massive difference and end up costing you much more in the long-term if you end up with a model that is power hungry.

Proper installation can also be a factor. It’s worth ensuring that everything is fitted and working at its full potential to guarantee biggest savings possible on your bill.

3. Time for new appliances?

Have you been thinking about renewing and replacing your home appliances? It may be better to do so sooner rather than later.

Most kitchen goods become less economical over time. This could end up costing you more in the long run.

Just because it still works, often it doesn’t mean that it is working peak efficiency. Replacing them with a new higher Energy Rated (or ENERGY STAR if purchased online) appliance make big savings on energy bills in the home.

Here are just a couple of the latest appliances that can assist with your home energy usage;

4. Energy Efficient Clothes Dryers

The latest generation of clothes dryers make use of latest heat pump technology. They provide much more energy efficient use of one of the heaviest consuming appliances in the home. How does making savings of up to 20%-60% on your energy usage sound? This is possible when compared with contemporary clothes dryers.

Larger families that make even heavier use of these modern white-goods can make substantially more savings. They will also know that they are making the most environmentally sound choice when replacing the old machine with a shiny new energy efficient model.

5. Next Generation Fridges

If the time has come to replace your current refrigerator, there are plenty of energy (and money) saving options now available on the market.

These range from eco-friendly to solar-powered models. But it is always worth keeping an eye out to see what the latest technology is doing to change the way we look at these products.

On the tech horizon is the advent of Magnetic Powered Refrigerators! This will remove the need for coolants and chemicals from our home chillers, saving both the environment and our wallets.

6. Know Your Energy Ratings

Most brand new electrical products come with a whole range of labels and stickers that explain their features and qualities.

This can make it is very easy to think that more stars simply means a better purchase.

One problem with this can be that some older models use an energy rating between 1 and 6 stars.

However, technology continues to become better and more efficient. Nowadays it’s commonplace to see many of the latest releases now use an extra row of stars and for rankings now range between 1 and 10.

It’s certainly worth keeping this in mind when it comes to your next big purchase. Spend a moment looking at the long-term costs of your appliances, and ensure that you are getting the most from your future purchases.

7. Infrared Thermometer

The tech mentioned on this list is how each gadget is not only useful and helps to save money! Saving is important in its own right but also proves even more use when combined with the other devices mentioned here.

An Infrared Thermometer is no different! It can be an incredibly useful tool in finding out where the money you spend on heating the home is leaking away.

They retail for $70.00. So picking one up for your home won’t break the bank! And they can help to save you cash straight away.

We also dare you to not spend a day or two wandering around your home taking the temperature readings of everything in your path from pets to your spouse!

8. Docking Stations

Phones, tablets and other digital products have become a vital part of our lives. Most modern homes this day and age have an average of 6 separate devices. Each requiring charging throughout a normal day of use.

Dedicated Charge Stations not only put all of your obligatory cables and adapters in one place but they also only provide power when necessary. This can mean energy savings of up to 8% when looking at a standard family’s us. This can even happen when nothing is actually plugged in and actively charging!

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