“Smart” ways that new tech can save money on energy bills

Energy bill money saving

Small changes and modest investments in current digital solutions can also help to make immediate savings on your energy bill and many of the products listed below can not only pay for themselves over a relatively short time but also make substantial differences to your overall bills in the long term.

Here is part one of our ongoing list to show some more of the latest ways that modern digital technology is doing its part to help save us money on our energy bills;

1. Heat and cool your home the smart way – “Smart” thermostats

With more and more homes using smart meters and similar devices to assist with managing everyday energy usage, and providing additional hands-free connectivity to your daily tasks there are even more options that can add functionality to the way you control energy use in your home.

Since hitting the market nearly 10 years ago, “Smart” or “Learning” Thermostats have been some of the earliest home devices to show us what modern Home Automation Products can offer and are becoming a common feature in many newly built properties.

The latest releases of these thermostats also boast a host of additional features and many models are also easy to set-up by yourself without the need for complicated installations and can be fitted with very little hassle.

These devices often boast stylish and modern designs making them not only functional smart devices but also some pretty cool talking points to have installed in your home.

Many can even integrate seamlessly with lots of other domestic devices helping to create the fully connected future home that we have all been dreaming of.

2. More Efficient Heat Pumps

Like many of the other tips we will cover on this list, like speaking to our dedicated team of professional Energy Brokers, when the time comes to replace your current  heating/cooling system it can be valuable to look at the bigger picture rather than just the initial cost of the equipment that you have your eye on.

The difference in your energy consumption can make a massive difference and end up costing you much more in the long-term if you end up with a model that is power hungry.

Proper installation can also be a factor and it is worth ensuring that everything is fitted and working at its full potential to guarantee biggest savings possible on your bill.

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