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A few more “Smart” ways new tech can save money on energy bills

Bright ideas to save on energy bills

As we outlined in our earlier posts minor alterations and modest investments in current digital solutions can also help to make immediate savings on your energy spend and many of the products listed below can not only pay for themselves over a relatively short time but also make substantial differences to your overall bills in the long term.

Here is part three of our ongoing list to show some more of the latest ways that modern digital technology is doing its part to help save us money on our energy bills;

Energy Saving Gadgets – Infrared Thermometer

Another great thing about the tech mentioned on this list is how each gadget is not only useful and helps to save money saving in its own right but also provides even more use when combined with the other devices mentioned here.

An Infrared Thermometer is no different and can be an incredibly useful tool in finding out where the money you spend on heating the home is leaking away.

With current prices starting at around A$70.00, picking one up for your home won’t break the bank and can
help to save you cash straight away.

We also dare you to not spend a day or two wandering around your home taking the temperature readings of everything in your path from pets to your spouse!

Docking Stations – Phones, tablets and other digital products have become a vital part of our lives and most modern homes this day and age have an average of 6 separate devices, each requiring charging throughout a normal day of use.

Dedicated Charge Stations not only put all of your obligatory cables and adapters in one place but they also only provide power when necessary, this can mean energy savings of up to 8% when looking at a standard family’s use and this can even happen when nothing is actually plugged in and actively charging.

Speak to us! – Your time can be as precious as money in the bank and we know just how difficult it can be to find a moment to investigate the best possible options for lowering your energy spend.

Luckily that is what we are here for!

Here at Electricity Monster our specialised team of money-saving experts spend their time looking for the best possible deals so that you don’t have to.

They are constantly searching for the most effective savings across the various energy providers available and then pass them directly onto you.

We really know what it is like to be busy so drop us a line with your details and one of our energy brokers will get back to you at a time that best suits you and find a specific plan tailored to your household and optimised for the largest savings possible.


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