Powershop Review 2019 – One of the best providers in Australia?

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Retailer Review | BY Ethan Rodgers

According to our Powershop review, this is one of the cheapest providers in Australia! In New South Wales and South Australia, you could save $165-$225 a year compared to our average price.

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They’ve got bargains in Victoria and Queensland as well, with affordable power offers available there too.

We give Powershop nearly top marks across all areas of its service, including 4.5 stars out of 5 for price. If you want to learn more about Powershop call us on 1300 232 848 today.

Powershop Review Price & Choice Scores

Powershop review prices

The first part of our Powershop review is the price. Powershop offers a great product, great rates and a flexible approach to billing. Instead of getting a bill every month or quarter, you buy packs of energy. You can do this after the fact, or even stock up on energy in advance. It gives you total control over your energy usage and is great for those who want to take control of their electricity situation. For the purposes of this review, we’ll be looking at Powershop’s best plan, the Powershop Shopper Market Offer, however, they do have a simpler plan called Powershop Lite which is more expensive. 

Overall here’s how we score Powershop. 

Price  :  
Choice  :  
Extras  :  

Powershop Electricity NSW

Powershop is one of the best providers in NSW. Their prices beat our average by $165. The best plan they offer is their standard Auto Pay Play which we calculate as being the cheapest. It comes with a 15% discount provided you log in to your My Account and pay the entire balance of the bill.

Plan Name Estimated Annual CostDiscount
Shopper Market Offer (Powershop)$ 188215%
Price :

Powershop Energy Queensland

Next, we’re going to head up to Queensland and it’s another bargain from Powershop here. The most affordable plan they offer is once again Auto Pay w/Mega Pack a plan that beats our average price by $86. The simpler Powershop Lite once again falls behind the other plan.

Plan Name Estimated Annual CostDiscount
Shopper Market Offer (Powershop)$ 177215%
Price :

Powershop Energy Victoria

How does Powershop compete in such a saturated market as Victoria? You’ll be pleased to know that they offer the same fantastic options in terms of choice that they do in other states.  If you’re looking for a great deal in Victoria, call Electricity Monster, and we’ll figure out if we can help you out. We calculate that they beat the average by $67.

Plan Name Estimated Annual CostDiscount
Shopper Market Offer (Powershop)$ 157523.2%
Price :

Powershop Electricity SA

Powershop has recently begun operations in South Australia, which is great news for South Australians as their rates are fantastic. We calculate you could on average save about $225 a year with Powershop. Their Powershop Shopper plan offers the same fantastic flexibility as their offers in other states.

Plan Name Estimated Annual CostDiscount
Shopper Market Offer (Powershop)$ 229315%
Price :

Powershop Review for Business

Powershop business review

The next part of the Powershop review is the business section, Powershop also offers business electricity. Much the same way they do it for residential customers, there are two options, Powershop Lite and Powershop Market Offer. Their business service is even better than their residential, especially in competitive states such as NSW and Victoria, and they also pull through in Queensland. 

What else can Powershop offer me?

Powershop review extras

Sick of old fashioned power companies that do things the exact same way they did it in the 1970s? Maybe Powershop is the right choice for you. Particular attention has been paid to Powershop’s app, one of the leading apps on the energy market. This app is free and is a real asset to your electricity usage. For one, when coupled with your smart meter, it allows you to monitor your usage, so you can really get a handle on your unique energy needs. This a great tool for anyone looking to curb their electricity usage. 

Secondly, it allows you to purchase your power packs quickly and easily. You can take care of these things from anywhere in the world, adding an extra layer of convenience. Imagine being able to settle your power bill while kicking back in Bali? It also allows you to manage your account. And by managing your account, we mean really take care of things. Not only can you look back at your billing history to figure out some trends, but you can also organise a meter read without having to call anyone. That’s a major relief. Lastly, it can actually save you money. If you sign up a mate, Powershop will flick a $75 credit onto your energy bill. 

In addition to the app, Powershop can also offer you greener energy. Thanks to its owner Meridian Energy’s commitment to offsetting carbon emissions, all the energy you use as a Powershop customer is 100% carbon neutral.  Finally, any electricity connection you might get through Powershop will be free.  

Extras :

Powershop Review – The Results

Depending on where you live going with Powershop could save your up to $225, all you need to do is call us on 1300 232 848 or put your details in the form below. Electricity Monster could have you on a sharper rate on your power in as little as fifteen minutes. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • For Victoria, the Citipower distributor has been used across all electricity retailers.
  • In NSW, we have used the Ausgrid network.

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