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Did you forget to sort out your Internet when you connected your energy with Electricity Monster? Well, that could cause problems when you urgently need to jump on the net or to watch Netflix. Just imagine if we go back into LOCKDOWN and you can’t do your work. Imagine trying to explain to your boss you have No Internet. But don’t worry because our nbn experts at Electricity Monster can get you connected ASAP!

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Simply click on the yellow link that says, "Get $25* Voucher Now" in yellow. Electricity Monster will then you get your Electricity Connected. We will need to talk to you again but it won’t take long as we have all your details on file. Let us know when the best time to call you back.

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Broker Cory McGown

Cory McGown

- Electricity & Internet Specialist

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Nathan & Kelly where shocked that our service was free! Our lucky competition winners couldn’t understand how our service was totally Free. We’ve helped over 100,000 people compare their electricity, gas or internet and have never charged them a cent. Nathan was struggling with trying to understand why his power bill was so high. It didn’t make sense because he wasn’t home that much. When he saw our TV ad, he quickly picked up the phone and thought Electricity Monster may have the answer. He had come to the right place as we quickly identified he was on terrible rates. Then a few months later we had our $10,000 draw & he won. It took a few more times to convince him that it wasn’t a joke! But when the $10,000 hit his bank account he knew it was real! He took is lovely wife and new born to Fiji. Don’t believe us? Watch Video

Any Internet Connections done with Electricity Monster get extra entries into our annual DRAW.

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