* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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* We do not compare all energy providers and have commercial arrangements with our partners.


Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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Gas Suppliers South Australia

Need to find a gas provider in SA? Do you have a problem with your current provider and need advice? Want to see if you can get a sharp rate on your residential or business gas? If any of these questions are on your mind making the call to Electricity Monster is a must-do. No matter what your energy needs are we specialise in taking problems and finding solutions. We can compare the plans we have available in your area and see if we can find you a sharper rate on your gas connection. So far our team of Energy Brokers have helped over 30,000 Australians into sharper rates and we’d love to do the same for you.

Give us a call, our number is 1300 232 848 and we offer a 100% Free Service.

South Australia has been hit the hardest by the out of control increases in the price of energy over the last decade. This has put a real strain on many families in the state. While almost everyone is aware that they’re paying too much for their power, few notice that the price of gas has also seen significant increases over the past few years. Gas is a household essential, and it’s essential you get it at a sharp rate.

So if you’re fed up with prices being so high in SA, call Electricity Monster today!

Is natural gas the answer to South Australia’s energy woes?

If you live in South Australia blackouts are something you’re far too familiar with. It’s been shown in the past few years that the grid in South Australia just isn’t up to dealing with some of the more extreme weather we’ve been seeing lately. As a consumer or business owner, it’s incredibly frustrating when something you’re forced to spend so much money on isn’t reliable. In fact, some studies have shown that customers in South Australia are paying more for their energy than anyone else in the world, let alone anyone else in Australia.

Recently there have been some pretty serious moves made in the South Australian gas industry. Beginning in early 2017 a number of different companies began to see the energy troubles SA was experiencing as an opportunity. It began with a group of former BHP Billiton and BP executives. Working under the Integrated Global Partners label these executives proposed the construction of a massive $600 million, 350-megawatt gas-fired peaking plant which would get its fuel from gas extracted from both the North West Shelf as well as Singapore. A year later, in 2018, the massive Japanese company Mitsubishi also jumped on the plan. Their plan involves what’s known as a “virtual pipeline” where a large amount of natural gas would be imported into South Australia. Once it has arrived it would be processed at Pelican Point, a power station located around 20kms south of Adelaide. The addition of Mitsubishi has also meant the size of the project has grown to $800 million.

What’s great about these plans is that if this new project gets off the ground it could really help South Australia’s energy issues.

“Looking for gas? We can get you cooking! And with our Peace of Mind Guarantee you know there’s no need to worry. The whole process can take less than 10 minutes so give us a call and speak to one of our free energy consultants today"



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How to find the best gas suppliers in South Australia

These days, it’s more important than ever to shop for your energy needs. South Australians, in particular, have been left paying some insanely high prices for the energy. Despite all the focus on new energy generation schemes, be they new natural gas or renewables, it feels like very little has changed about your power bill. It’s still too big, it’s still putting a lot of pressure on your family and it’s still past time something was done about it. This is a result of a number of factors. Extremely high wholesale costs, wild weather placing a large amount of strain on the network, and people sticking with expensive providers despite there being alternatives available on the market. Considering the situation, why take fifteen minutes out of your day and compare energy providers? What do you have to lose by making sure you’re getting one of the best plans we have available?

At Electricity Monster we’ve got some great deals with many of the sharpest gas suppliers Adelaide has. The brokers at Electricity Monster have the skills, expertise and talent to find you a rate that leaves you better off, even in a difficult and expensive market like South Australia. Plus we can help you regardless of whether you need a gas connection for your home or for your business. We’ve got all the bases covered. So if you’re looking for a fairer rate and want to speak to someone who really knows the ins-and-outs of the industry, give us a call today, our number is 1300 232 848.

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How your gas gets to you

South Australia is one of the most resource-rich states in the country. The Cooper Basin, which is a massive area stretching from the northeast of SA to the south west of Queensland, is one the richest resource deposits in the country. In addition to being a major source of oil, the Cooper Basin is also home to over 160 natural gas fields. These fields add up to 630 wells, each one producing a large amount of natural gas. Around 60% of this gas is then used to generate energy, while the rest is sent out to be used in households across the country. Other locations such as Port Bonython off the coast of Adelaide, produce up to 10,000 tons of propane per month.

From there gas is transmitted through a number of pipelines to locations all across South Australia. There are six pipelines in total: the Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline (MAPS), the South the East Australia Gas (SEA Gas), the Moomba to Sydney Pipeline (MSP), the Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales link (QSN), South East South Australia pipeline (SESA), and the South East Pipeline System (SEPS). It’s through these particular pipelines that nearly all of the gas in South Australia travels. Finally, there’s the SA Riverland Pipeline. This pipeline doesn’t directly send gas to South Australia, but it does pass through Murray Bridge on its way to Mildura, a small city in northern Victoria. It’s through these networks of pipes that the gas ends up in your home, where it can be used for cooking, heating and all manner of household tasks.

So now that you know how exactly your gas is getting to you, you might want to know how to get that gas some very competitive rates. In order to do that, it’s essential you make the call to Electricity Monster.

Looking for more cost-effective gas suppliers?

Curious about what happens when you call us at Electricity Monster?

As energy brokers, Electricity Monster makes it our job to set regular South Australians like you up with great energy providers. Not only can we help you out with your gas, but if you find your power bill is getting a bit steep, we can sort that too. We don’t just compare gas retailers, we can also help with any billing inquiries, and set you up with your new gas connection.

Here’s our process. Once you’ve made the call, you’ll be connected to one of our Energy Brokers. The first thing we’ll do is work out what your tariff is, for that all we require is your address and meter number. As soon as we have that figured out we’ll see if we have a provider available who can offer you a sharp rate.

If we do have some great plans available from our best partners, we take care of the switch from your old retailer to your new one. You won’t have to lift a finger. The next thing you know you’ll have received a welcome pack from your new provider and you’ll be on your way to a sharper rate for your residential or business gas. As an added bonus, we can take care of all of this, in less than 15 minutes.

One question a lot of people have is: “Will I be without gas?”. No. Not if you call us here at Electricity Monster. Your gas will remain flowing and you’ll be able to cook your food and heat your home just the way you used to.

Electricity Monster turned up on the energy scene with one mission, make sure every Australian is on a sharper rate. We’ve found great deals for over 30,000 people so far and we look forward to adding you to the list. Our number is 1300 232 848. Call today.

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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners. Voucher Terms & Conditions Apply


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If for any reason, after 6 months you are not happy with the retailer we switched you to, then we will set you up with any other retailer of your choosing from our panel and reimburse your exit fees where applicable up to $75 for your electricity and $25 for your gas.

So now you can get a better deal on your electricity & gas with 100% peace of mind. Electricity Monster is 100% FREE SERVICE! Up to $100 protection peace of mind guarantee.

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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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