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* We do not compare all energy providers and have commercial arrangements with our partners.


Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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Gas Suppliers Queensland

If you’re in South-East Queensland and have questions about your residential or business gas supply, give the team at Electricity Monster a call. As Energy Brokers, we’re passionate about every aspect of your energy use. We understand that in Queensland your options in terms of gas suppliers are pretty limited, and that mains gas isn’t top of the mind for most Queenslanders. If you do have any issues with your mains gas, give us a call, we have a number of things we can do to help you.

Electricity Monster provides a 100% Free Service.

Need a gas connection? We can help!

Most people in Queensland looking for gas are probably after bottled gas rather than mains gas. However in the event that you’re looking to get your mains gas connected, Electricity Monster can help you there. Just give us a call and let one of our energy brokers take care of the rest. In just the last few years Electricity Monster has helped over 30,000 Australians find sharper rates on their residential and business energy needs.

Using a broker to sort out your energy supply might be the best decision you make all year. Energy prices in Queensland have spiralled out of control in the last decade, leaving many people at a loss as to what to do. These energy price spikes have been putting real pressure on Australian families and businesses, with some people being forced to choose between heating and eating. In Queensland, you’re having to pay for the most expensive gas in Australia. By coming to Electricity Monster and speaking to one of our professional Energy Brokers, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best rate we have available.

Pick up the phone today and call 1300 232 848, and let’s find you a sharper rate.

“Looking for gas? We can get you cooking! And with our Peace of Mind Guarantee you know there’s no need to worry. The whole process can take less than 10 minutes so give us a call and speak to one of our free energy consultants today"



- Energy Analysis Expert

Queensland has the most expensive gas in the country

It’s not just us saying that. The Australian government deemed Queensland’s gas the most expensive in the country in the Gas Price Trends Review Report 2017. Households in Queensland got far from one of the best deals in the country. Whereas other states paid, on average, 2.9 cents per megajoule of gas they used, those in Queensland had to pay a whopping 6.4 cents. That’s more than double the national average, and nearly two cents more than the next most expensive state, South Australia. You might be asking what has caused Queensland to pay so much more for there mains gas? It sort of comes down to basic economics, supply and demand. It’s both harder for providers to get the gas supply to Queensland, and there’s not as much demand for mains gas, to begin with. Distribution costs make up a bulk of what you pay for your gas connection in Queensland. According to Jim Snow, an analyst from the energy consultancy firm Oakley Greenwood, 3.78 cents of the 6.4 cents per megajoule you pay for your gas is made up by distribution costs.

The next biggest component of your gas bill is how much you have to pay in retail costs. If you’re using mains gas in Queensland, you’re going to be on one of two retailers: AGL or Origin. Despite the natural gas market being deregulated in Queensland, no-one else has gotten involved. AGL and Origin take 1.5 cents per megajoule out of this 6.4 cents paid out by Queenslanders for their business or residential gas. This might not seem like a huge amount, but it’s double the national average of 0.7 cents. These super high gas prices lead Ian Jarratt from the Queensland Consumers Association:

“I'd be thinking in the future — if and when this gas stove goes or the hot water system goes, see whether I can do anything in terms of changing to electricity or bottled gas”

If you’re interested in starting to heat your stove or hot water with your power rather than your gas make sure you give Electricity Monster a call. Once you’ve made that decision we can help you out with a great rate on one of our top energy plans.

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How to find the top deals in Queensland

The good news for anyone looking for some of the best plans and top providers in Queensland is that Electricity Monster is here to help. If you’ve got energy questions, we’ve got the answers. If you’re in the Energex Network you have a wide variety of retailers to choose from. The Energex Network covers all of South-East Queensland, so if you live in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast, you’re in luck because Electricity Monster can help you. Comparing energy retailers could be a very time-consuming process, but by using our Free Service we can set you up with a sharper rate in less than 15 minutes.

At Electricity Monster we’re partnered with some of Queensland’s leading energy retailers, and we’ve got some of the top deals and best plans in the entire country, all under one roof. If you’re interested in finding a sharp rate on your business or residential gas or energy, call us on 1300 232 848 today. Australian businesses and homeowners have been getting a raw deal on their energy needs for far too long. Especially in a state like Queensland that produces such a large amount of Australia’s energy resources. That’s why speaking to an Energy Broker is so essential.

Queensland's gas landscape

Even though natural gas isn’t the most popular energy source in the state, it does have a very long history in Queensland. The first instance of natural gas being discovered in Queensland dates back to the year 1900, in a small outback town called Roma. While drilling into a water well, the lucky excavators managed to strike the first natural gas field discovered in Australia. By 1969 Roma was home to Australia’s first natural gas pipeline. This over four hundred kilometre long pipeline connected the remote town to Brisbane on the east coast. Having access to natural gas was a first for any state capital in Australia, and this move put Queensland at the front of natural gas in the country. In 1996 this pipeline received a massive extension, being extended by a further seven hundred and fifty kilometres to connect with the Ballera gas fields.

Outside of natural gas, Queensland is also a national leader in coal seam gas. The coal seam gas industry got started in 1996 at the Dawson Valley. Within a decade coal seam gas took over the gas market in Queensland. As of 2005, it was believed that Queensland had 95% of Australia's available resources in terms of coal seam gas. By the 2009/2010 financial year, the coal seam gas industry in Queensland had exploded even further, growing by 43%. Overall coal seam gas production had grown from 0 petajoules in 1995, to a massive 254 petajoules in 2012, then blowing out even further to 979 petajoules in 2016. The gigantic growth in coal seam gas extraction in Queensland is a real testament to the most resource-rich state in Australia.

The great thing about Queensland is that it’s always been at the forefront of Australia’s energy concern. Not only was it the originator of natural gas, it was also the first state in the country to have any electricity at all. Despite its wealth of resources, however, Queenslanders really aren’t getting top deals on their own energy. In a state with more access to the raw ingredients that power our homes and businesses, don’t you think the people in that state should benefit the most from these assets? Here at Electricity Monster, that’s exactly what we think, that’s why we’re committed to finding Queenslanders the sharpest rates we have available. Want to learn more? Here’s a brief rundown of how our Free Service works.

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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners. Voucher Terms & Conditions Apply

Want a more cost-effective gas provider?

Here’s how we can help you find better plans.

Looking to get all of your energy needs sorted at once? That’s exactly what the team at Electricity Monster has to offer. We’ve got access to some of the sharpest energy plans in Queensland, and we would love to see each and every Queenslander signed up to a sharp rate.

All you have to do is give us a call. We’ve got a crack team of expert Energy Brokers who will ensure that every step of the process runs as smoothly as possible. The only thing we need from you is your name and address, once that’s squared away we’ll work out what your energy tariff might be and move right onto locating you a sharp rate.

One of the best things about our service is it requires absolutely no effort on your end. At no point will you have to even contact your old provider, we take care of all the paperwork and if you make the switch with Electricity Monster, you’ll never be without power.

Shortly after we’ve taken care of the switch, you will get a welcome pack from your new retailer. All and all for about fifteen minutes of your time, you could be enjoying multiple years of sharp rates on your energy usage.

If you’re interested in joining the long list of over 30,000 Australians that we’ve found better deals for, get in touch with us today. Our number is 1300 962 027, and we offer a 100% Free Service.

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If for any reason, after 6 months you are not happy with the retailer we switched you to, then we will set you up with any other retailer of your choosing from our panel and reimburse your exit fees where applicable up to $75 for your electricity and $25 for your gas.

So now you can get a better deal on your electricity & gas with 100% peace of mind. Electricity Monster is 100% FREE SERVICE! Up to $100 protection peace of mind guarantee.

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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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