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Comparing Gas Suppliers in Wollongong?

Find the Right Gas and Electricity Supplier For Your Home or Business

At Electricity Monster, we make it our job to get you connected to the best rates we have available. Living in Wollongong, it can sometimes feel like you’re being constantly bombarded with a wide variety of energy and gas plans. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused when shopping around for the right plan. We can help. Call us now and we’ll help you find a fair deal to match your gas or energy needs.

How Much Will It Cost Me to Switch Gas Suppliers in Wollongong?

If you’re looking for a better deal, give us a call. The good news is we work with local gas suppliers and energy providers that waive any connection fee with select plans. Ready to learn more? Phone us now at 1300 242 848

Can I Choose My Gas Supplier?

Yes you can. In certain cases, gas suppliers will even offer a further discount if you combine both your gas and electricity. Call us today to find out more.

Why Should I Switch Gas Suppliers in Wollongong?

Switching providers can actually save you money. By shopping around and comparing rates, you may find a gas plan that costs less than what you’re currently paying for. This is where we can help. Call us now and we’ll sort through each provider within our network to find you a fair deal.

Need to Get Connected?

Are you moving house and need an electricity or gas connection? Maybe you’re overpaying with your current provider and need a better deal. If so, call us on 1300 232 848. We’ll do the comparison shopping for you and help you find a fair deal for a fair price.

Organise Your Gas Connection Today

What Should I Look Out For When Choosing a Gas Supplier in Wollongong?

If you’re looking for a new natural gas supplier, it’s important to find the best rate available. Gas suppliers in Wollongong want your business and will showcase every incentive they currently offer to get it. This process can easily be overwhelming, especially with so many options on the market. We make it easy. One quick and free consultation may set you up with a better deal than what you’re currently paying.

How Do I Find the Right Gas Supplier For My Home or Business

It’s easy, call Electricity Monster now and one of our energy experts will get you connected to the best gas and electricity plan we have available.

How Do I Get a New Gas Connection?

Organising a new gas connection to a house is relatively easy. All you need is the address of the property you are moving into, along with the date you need to be connected by. In certain cases, we may need a form of ID to set up your account. Phone us at 1300 232 848 and we’ll help you with this process.

Do Gas Suppliers Near Me Offer Urgent or Same Day Connections?

If the gas is turned off at your home or business, it can take up to three business days to turn on. We recommend giving us a call now. We compare prices between our network of suppliers and work to get you connected fast. Same day electricity connections are possible, however you need to make sure you get your application in before the cut-off time. Cut-off times vary depending on your region and the supplier you choose. Call us as soon as possible so you can make sure to get your application in before the cut-off time.

Electricity Monster Provides a 100% Free Service

By calling Electricity Monster, we make comparison shopping easy. A quick call with one of our trained energy experts can sort you out with a new electricity and gas connection, or switch you to a new provider at the sharpest rate we have on offer. So don’t wait, give us a call today.