* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

Energy Australia Review (Save $100* By Making the Switch)

Sick of High Electricity Bills?
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* We do not compare all energy providers and have commercial arrangements with our partners.

In Victoria and NSW Energy Australia has some fantastic offers available.

They smash our calculated average yearly price by $100.

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Overall Energy Australia Review Ratings

In our Energy Australia review, we’ll be scoring them out of 5 for the most critical aspects of their retail service. Beyond the price, we’ll also be looking at the plan choice available and the presence of loyalty programs.

Overall, Energy Australia scores in this way in our review:

Price  :  
Choice  :  
Extras  :  

Energy Australia Best Victoria Deals

Energy Australia Review Vic


For energy retailers, the market in Victoria is a highly competitive one, and EnergyAustralia flexes its muscle with some attractive offers for homeowners!

According to our calculations, the Total Plan is the most cost-effective electricity offer from EnergyAustralia in Victoria.

Average electricity costs for a 4-person home (5782 kWh/year):

Plan NameEstimated Annual CostDiscount
Total Plan (Energy Australia)$1,2929%
Price VIC :
Choice VIC :

Energy Australia Top Plans in SA


South Australia currently has some of the costliest power prices on Earth.

Getting a cost-effective retailer is harder than you think! 

EnergyAustralia, however, may not be able to remedy the pain South Australians feel when they see their energy bills!

According to our data, the Total Plan is one of the cheapest electricity deals in South Australia from Energy Australia. 

Average electricity costs in SA for a 4-person home (6019 kWh/year):

Plan NameEstimated Annual CostDiscount
Total Plan (Energy Australia)$1,7226%
Price SA :
Choice SA :

Energy Australia Best Plans in NSW


The most attractive power plan that is provided to NSW homes is the No Frills plan.

The plan does not come with any fancy discounts but still is more cost-effective than the plans with discounts! 

Average electricity costs in NSW for a 4-person home (6632 kWh/year):

Plan NameEstimated Annual CostDiscount
Total Plan (Energy Australia)$1,27816%
Price NSW :
Choice NSW :

Energy Australia Top Plans in SE Queensland

Energy Australia Review Queensland


The top plan that SE Queensland residents can enjoy from Energy Australia is the No Frill plan, which comes with simple, affordable rates.

Average electricity costs in QLD for a 4-person home (6672 kWh/year):

Plan NameEstimated Annual CostDiscount
Total Plan (Energy Australia)$1,29714%
Price QLD :
Choice QLD :

Energy Australia Extras

After Origin Energy (Review) and AGL Energy, Energy Australia is the third-largest energy retailer in Australia.

The numbers from our Energy Australia review calculations back up Energy Australia’s dominance.

Altogether, Energy Australia supplies electricity to 1.7 million Aussie homes and over 100,000 small to medium enterprises.

Plans from Energy Australia have discounts running for at least 12 months.

Energy Australia allows you to negotiate a personalised instalment plan.

For the carbon-conscious consumer, Energy Australia has a novel solution for you!

Through their ‘Go Neutral’ programme, Energy Australia will calculate just how much emissions your electricity usage creates.

The company then purchase carbon offsets – usually through climate action projects.

Importantly, the ‘Go Neutral’ project is extended to customers at no extra cost!

If you are considering solar, it might be worth your while to look at Energy Australia’s solar offerings.

If you choose to purchase a solar system through Energy Australia, then you won’t have to pay a dime in upfront costs! You can enter into a no-interest 5-year payment plan.

Excluding GST, Energy Australia gives homes in Victoria a 12 cents/kWh feed-in tariff.

This rises to 12.5 cents/kWh in NSW, 15 cents/kWh in SA and goes as high as 16.1 cents/kWh in QLD.

Additionally, Energy Australia has an online portal for its customers called “My Account”.

“My Account” allows you to pay your bill online as well as monitor your energy usage in real-time.

Energy Australia: The Fine Print 

Only about 2%1 of customers from Energy Australia customers filed a complaint in 2017 against an Australian average of 3.2%.

Wait time on customer calls is appalling though!

A recent report from the AER claims that Energy Australia customers were most likely to abandon their call.

Energy Australia’s customer service representatives take 104 seconds1 to say hello!

Compare that against the Australia-wide average of only 44 seconds!

In recent years, certain business practices of Energy Australia has invited punishment from the competition authority ACCC.

Barely a couple of years ago, the ACCC slapped Energy Australia with an enormous $1 million fine.

The fine was for using a sales agent that made false claims to sign up customers.

In another unrelated incident, the ACCC fined Energy Australia another $500,000.

This was for making customers in the ACT and SA enter contracts without their knowledge or consent.   

Surprisingly for such a large retailer, we found in our Energy Australia review that the company does not provide any loyalty programs!

The only rewards initiative is the frequent flyer program partnership with Virgin Australia.

The bottom line? The power of choice is in your hands!

Don’t keep wasting your money on a plan or provider you simply cannot afford!

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Sick of High Electricity Bills?
We can help compare your energy rates!

* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.


This publication looks at how much a 4-person household pays a year, on average, on electricity plans from Energy Australia in NSW, VIC, QLD and SA. The information being made available in this document cannot substitute for legally sound advice. No financial decisions should be made based on data from this publication. Individual usage, circumstances and brands could cause usage figures to vary.

Important points to note are:

  • In brief, we do not guarantee that the information provided applies to every household in Australia
  • Significantly, all dollar figures are including GST.
  • Rates are accurate as of July 25, 2019.
  • Specifically, electricity comparisons are on the peak rates in single rate plans, plus their daily electricity supply charges.
  • Accordingly, electricity rates used are from the Energy Australia website. We have not verified their accuracy.
  • Chiefly, electricity benchmarks used for the average power usage of households are from theAER website.
  • For Victoria, the Citipower distributor has been used for electricity.
  • In NSW, the Ausgrid network is utilised for electricity.
  • For QLD, we have chosen the Energex network for electricity.
  • In SA, SA Power Networks distributor has been chosen for electricity.
  • Overall, star ratings for the price are calculated by comparing the prices offered in each state, to the average prices offered by seven retailers.
  • *$90 savings relates to a comparison between Energy Australia’s No Frills plan against the average electricity bill in the Ausgrid network in NSW.

¹AER submission dated Dec 2018 “Annual report on compliance and performance of the retail energy market 2017-18”

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