* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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* We do not compare all energy providers and have commercial arrangements with our partners.


Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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If you call Queensland home and are a resident of the Gold Coast or the surrounding areas, it can be very easy to think that, until recently, you have not been offered the same types of discounts and deals that occupants in neighbouring states have been enjoying lately.

While many other Australian states and cities have had their pick from a wide selection of energy providers, tariffs and discount options when they have taken the time to compare electricity providers for a better deal on their existing energy plan it has not quite that simple for those consumers searching the electricity retailers Gold Coast has had to choose between.

Because of this, customers have found themselves signed up onto older price plans and saw very little in the way of competition from the selection of energy suppliers on the market, unlike many of their fellow Australian states.

The gradual process of deregulation has brought an end to this situation and opened the market for alternative electricity companies to compete for your custom, meaning there may have never been a better time for Gold Coast residents to explore more attractive rates on their residential or small business electricity connection.

However, due to the number of different energy retailers that have hit the market since the deregulation of the Australian energy market and that this has now also been rolled out allowing a variety of electricity retailers Queensland residents can now pick from and, there has been an ever-growing list of electricity providers Gold Coast bill payers alone can now choose between.

Queensland residents can now pick from and, there has been an ever-growing list of electricity providers Gold Coast bill payers alone can now choose between.

Now consumers in the region have a staggering number of alternatives to select from when they compare electricity retailers and are looking for the best deal available for their business or residential electricity supplier.

The previously sparse number of alternatives for those of us living in Brisbane who have been searching the information on available energy retailers is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

At the time of writing, there are more and more electricity suppliers Gold Coast locals can shop between, and while this can make definitive answers a little more complicated to find, please remember, Electricity Monster is always available to lend a helping hand. Our dedicated team of Electricity Brokers pride themselves on being able to search our available information on the energy companies that we partner with to find a top deal on your new or existing energy needs.

“Comparing Electricity makes sense with Electricity Monster! Especially with our Peace of Mind Guarantee. The whole process can take less than 10 Minutes so give us a call & speak to one of our Free Energy Consultants Today"



- Energy Analysis Expert

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How can Electricity Monster help to find you the right supplier/retailer?

EElectricity Monster understands that it can be a very confusing and time-consuming process for customers to compare the electricity retailers that Queensland now has on the market. And that is where we come in!

It is a very simple process to call our FREE service with one of your most recent bills in hand and allow one of our team to look at the various alternatives available to you.

Doing this might not only find effective ways of reducing your costs but we can also provide assistance if you would like further information on companies that focus on renewable energy supplies or even if you would just like to sign up with a provider who offers the facility to send paper bills rather than a purely online system of checking your most recent statements.

Will there be any disruption to my supply if I decide to change my electricity supplier/retailer?

The short answer is no!

Whenever a customer swaps from one energy retailer to another, there is no disruption to your electricity supply and your home or business will not suffer any interruption to the regular electricity service.

The electricity distributor in your state or region remains the same, and it is only the retailer (the company that sends out your bill) who has been changed, meaning you will continue having power as usual.

Other than that, the only change will be that your previous provider will send a final invoice and from then on, you can expect your new bills, along with any discounts that will offered by your new energy retailer.

What does Electricity Monster do?

Electricity Monster is here to reduce the time and hassle that searching many different tariffs and price plans can take. With the many electricity providers, Queensland has competing for your custom, we know just how long and arduous it can be to find a cost-effective option for your needs or to select the best choice for a supplier who fulfils the specific requirements that your home or business may have.

Calling our team of dedicated Electricity Brokers search all available information and data we have on our energy partners and could find you an answer in minutes as-well-as provide a substantial discounts on your current energy spend.

Peace Of Mind Guarantee


If for any reason, after 6 months you are not happy with the retailer we switched you to, then we will set you up with any other retailer of your choosing from our panel and reimburse your exit fees where applicable up to $75 for your electricity and $25 for your gas.

So now you can get a better deal on your electricity & gas with 100% peace of mind. Electricity Monster is 100% FREE SERVICE! Up to $100 protection peace of mind guarantee.

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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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