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Compare Electricity Providers Gold Coast With Electricity Monster

Did you know that as a Gold Coast resident, you can choose which electricity provider you can sign up with? Being able to switch to a provider of your choice gives you the flexibility to compare the market and sort through each retailer’s plans, rates, and offers to ensure you are on the best rate.

Energy prices can change regularly, so it’s recommended to shop around regularly. Remember, you could be on an overly expensive rate if you haven’t switched in years. This means that you could be paying more than the market average, which generally leads to higher power bills and less money that could be spent towards your cost of living.

Fortunately, there’s a solution – and that solution is Electricity Monster. Submit your details above or call us, and one of our energy brokers will help you find a better deal on your energy by comparing trusted retailers within our network of partners. We can even help switch you to your new electricity provider in minutes. Our service is 100% FREE to use.

Why Compare Electricity Providers in Gold Coast?

Comparing electricity providers in Gold Coast allows you to understand what options you have in the current energy market. On top of that, if you find a cheaper deal, you can always switch to that provider. The process, however, may not be as straightforward if you haven’t switched in years. Here are some common factors that you’ll want to look at when shopping around:

  • Tariffs and rates
  • Contract length
  • Discounts and incentives
  • Features
  • Solar Feed-in Tariffs

It’s important to keep all of these factors in mind. You could potentially find an energy plan that offers a high solar feed-in tariff, a competitive rate, and discounts that can lower your power bill by a significant margin.

Call us today at Electricity Monster, and let us handle the comparison shopping. We’ll guide you through the process, help you find the best deal we have available, and even get you connected. If you’re worried you're paying more than you should, we’ve got you covered. We can even help you get connected fast. Call us today.

Retailer % Below DMO* Price/year (Est.)
Globird QLD
20% $1,580
Sumo Energy QLD
Sumo Switch
19% $1,603
Dodo QLD
Residential Market Offer
18% $1,604
18% $1,619
OVO Energy QLD
One Plan
18% $1,620
Powershop QLD
Switch Saver
17.60% $1,621
Ampol Energy QLD
Powering On
17% $1,624
Nectr QLD
Nectr 100% Clean
13% $1,669
Kogan Energy QLD
Current Kogan First members
10% $1,672
Alinta Energy QLD
Better Deal
15% $1,674

*Queensland electricity rates are based on usage of 4613kWh/year for a residential customer on a single rate tariff in the Energex network, the DMO reference price is: $1,969/ year. Click here for more information.


How Can Electricity Monster Help Me?

Electricity Monster provides a 100% FREE electricity comparison service for customers looking for a better electricity rate. Remember, it’s you can choose your power company. With dozens of electricity providers operating in Gold Coast, you have plenty of options, so it makes sense to shop around and compare the market. 

We can initiate this process for you. All it takes is one call, and we’ll help you find a fair deal for a fair price.

How Much Does It Cost to Switch Electricity Providers in Gold Coast?

It won’t cost you anything to compare and switch electricity providers in Gold Coast through Electricity Monster. If you’re concerned about exit fees, fortunately, many retailers have eliminated them, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll encounter these if you decide to switch to another provider. However, you should check with your provider first to confirm.

How Long Does Your Service Take?

The whole process can take as little as 15 minutes, depending on your personal needs and circumstances.

Who is the Best Provider in Gold Coast for Solar Feed-In Tariffs?

Electricity providers in Gold Coast offer solar feed-in tariffs (FiTs) on their solar plans, which are generally credits you receive from the retailer for exporting energy back to the grid. Solar feed-in tariffs vary between retailers, with each brand offering its unique set rate. If you want to learn more about solar feed-in tariffs or want to sign up for a new solar plan, call our solar experts now.

How Much Does Electricity Monster Cost?

Electricity Monster is a 100% FREE service for customers. We compare plans within our network of trusted electricity providers and provide you with our best offer.

How Do I Switch Electricity Providers in Gold Coast?

It’s simple. Call the energy experts at Electricity Monster today, and we’ll compare plans within our network of partnered electricity providers to find you the best deal we have available. Best of all, our service is 100% free to use. If you’re tired of shopping around and want a streamlined solution to your energy needs, we can help.

How Long Does It Take to Switch Electricity Providers in Gold Coast?

Switching to a new electricity provider in Gold Coast can take as little as two business days.

Can I Cancel If I Don’t Like My New Electricity Provider?

Once you’ve switched to a new electricity provider in Gold Coast, there’s what is known as a 10-day cooling-off period, which allows you to cancel your energy agreement without being charged any penalties or fees.

When Is the Best Time to Change Electricity Providers?

While there is no ideal timeframe, you should always compare the market if you think you’re paying more for energy. Electricity providers are always releasing new offers that could be lower than what you are currently paying. By keeping on top of the market and ensuring you stay on the best rate, you could save a significant amount of money on your utilities.

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