* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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* We do not compare all energy providers and have commercial arrangements with our partners.


Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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It is an unfortunate fact that electricity company prices across all of Australia have been steadily increasing for some time. Many of us have long noticed this sharp increase in the utility bills that we have been receiving for our business or residential electricity supplies, we have also had the advantage of having among the most extensive selection of electricity providers New South Wales has to offer in the city of Sydney.

Looking into this heavy competition and if you take note of the electricity providers Sydney has seen enter the arena it is very easy to see that the region has quickly evolved into quite the battleground when you assess the competitive energy retailer options fighting for your custom.

Sparing some time to do an energy comparison to see what New South Wales has available to you can quickly demonstrate that this is a top moment to discover some superb ways to take some of the expense out on your current home or small business electricity connection. Effectively looking at your alternatives can not only help you to reduce the costs on your energy usage but also go a long way to help you to discover an energy supplier who may better fit the wants and needs of your particular requirements.

This closely fought market makes for some outstanding offers that consumers can take advantage of, but it does also mean that due to the multitude of choices, the situation becomes more difficult for anyone who does not want to devote hours trying to find definitive answers when compare electricity providers in their area.

At the moment, looking into the general comparisons between the electricity providers Sydney has available can still reveal some sizeable discounts and special offers to those shopping around for a better deal on their energy provision. For a more accurate and up-to-date explanation of the offers and deals that may be available to your household or Sydney based business the quickest way to find out more can be to call us here at Electricity Monster. In minutes one of our team can look at info from all of our partnered energy suppliers to see what great deals may be waiting for you to take advantage of.

Due to the mass of different energy providers, each one advertising a selection of alternative rates and sign up deals, knowing that you have spoken to a professional to talk about the best options from the many electricity suppliers New South Wales can be a real relief. It is here where Electricity Monster can offer assistance by doing our utmost to reduce costs in both time and money.

“Comparing Electricity makes sense with Electricity Monster! Especially with our Peace of Mind Guarantee. The whole process can take less than 10 Minutes so give us a call & speak to one of our Free Energy Consultants Today"



- Energy Analysis Expert

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How can Electricity Monster help to find you the right supplier/retailer?

In such a complex market we at Electricity Monster know just how long and frustrating it can be when you start taking the time to compare electricity retailers Sydney currently has fighting for a share of the energy market.

Our team of professional Electricity Brokers will look into all of the available information and data that they have on the current deals available from our extensive lists of energy partners to ensure that they can advise you on the best possible options that they discover for your electricity connection.

This will not only find potential ways to cost you less money, but we also take the time to ensure that we find an energy retailer that is the best fit for your needs.

Perhaps it is important to you that we search for companies who offer renewable energy options or maybe you would like to find an electricity provider who can still send paper bills to your home or workplace.

Will there be any disruption to my supply if I decide to change my electricity supplier/retailer??

No need to worry, as only the company that sends out your bills will be altered rather than your electricity distributor.

Changing from one energy retailer to another will not disrupt your supply, and you can continue to use your electricity supply as if nothing has happened!

What does Electricity Monster do?

Our team will search for the best deals that they can find via the companies that we work alongside. With the many electricity providers New South Wales has currently competing for your custom, Electricity Monster knows just how difficult it can be to take the time to ensure that you have found a great deal so let us do that bit for you.

Our service is FREE, and we only ask that you call us along with a copy of your most recent bill in hand so that we can provide the best advice based on your current energy spend, along with any other requirements that you may want to ask of your new electricity supplier.

Peace Of Mind Guarantee


If for any reason, after 6 months you are not happy with the retailer we switched you to, then we will set you up with any other retailer of your choosing from our panel and reimburse your exit fees where applicable up to $75 for your electricity and $25 for your gas.

So now you can get a better deal on your electricity & gas with 100% peace of mind. Electricity Monster is 100% FREE SERVICE! Up to $100 protection peace of mind guarantee.

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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.

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Energy Specialist