Pensioner Concession Cards: How to Apply and Save Money on Your Energy

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Pensioner Concession Cardholder Benefits

The state of the current energy market has left many seniors struggling to meet the inflated cost-of-living increases. If you hold a valid concession card, however, you could be eligible for a number of rebates and concessions which could help reduce the cost of your energy bills. This guide is designed to provide you with information regarding pensioner concessionaire cards, how you apply for one, and the inclusive financial benefits that come with being a cardholder.

How Can I Reduce My Energy Bill Further?

If you think you’re paying more for electricity, it’s possible you are. One of the easiest ways you can lower your bill is to compare energy plans and switch to a more competitive rate. Most retailers offer a benefit period that ends after a specified period (i.e. 12 months). Once this promotional period ends, you may be paying more than you have to. At Electricity Monster, we can help you potentially lower your bill by comparing rates and finding you a fair deal from our network of partnered retailers. We may also be able to apply energy concessions to your energy account at no cost to you. Click on the link below to get our best deal and a $50 voucher.

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How Can I Get a Pensioner Concession Card?

You can get a Pensioner Concession Card if you get certain payments from the Australian Government. These payments are as follows:

  • Age Pension
  • Carer Payment
  • Disability Support Pension
  • JobSeeker Payment or Youth Allowance – the recipient must be single, caring for a dependent child, and looking for work.
  • Parenting Payment.

The pensioner concession card holder must be 60 or older and have a partial capacity to work.

It should be noted that you do not need to apply for a Pensioner Concession Card. The Australian Government will send you one if you're eligible.

What Power Plan Is Ideal For A Senior?

As a senior, you shouldn’t have to worry about the rising cost of energy and comparing the market to find the best deal. But with the state of the current energy market, it’s important that you do your due diligence to ensure you’re on a good rate. Staying with the same provider for years won’t net you any “loyalty” credits or benefits. It’s actually quite the opposite. Once your benefit period ends, your rate could skyrocket, with you being the benefactor of high power bills.

Every state in Australia offers a discounted price to pension concession card holders or senior card holders, which gives access to rebates for seniors. The amount and eligibility requirements vary, so it is important to check your state government's website to see what is available for you. 

The right energy plan for seniors is different for every individual. There are dozens of active electricity retailers out there, each offering unique benefits, discounts, and incentives. Don’t settle for your first option. Compare the market and see which plan is right for you. 

Electricity Monster can help with this process. Our team of energy experts can help you find the best deal we have available and do the comparison shopping for you. Call us today to get started.

What Are Energy Concessions?

Energy concessions are benefits offered to concession holders. Eligible cardholders may be able to claim active concessions for financial relief.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible?

In order to take advantage of energy concessions, you’ll need to be a Commonwealth concession cardholder, with eligible cards such as:

  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
  • Centrelink HealthCare Card
  • Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card

Residents claiming the concessions must have an energy account in their name and be listed first on their energy bill.

Please note that eligibility may vary depending on your state or territory. Give us a call at Electricity Monster if you have any questions regarding energy concessions.

How Do I Claim Energy Concessions In My Area?

In order to claim energy concessions in your area, you’ll need to contact your energy provider or the government if you live in South Australia and Northern Territory to apply them to your bill. 

Or, give Electricity Monster a call. We’ll analyse your energy account, help you get a better deal, and most of the time we can even add on your concession card to your new plan.

and caneven attempt to apply for an energy concession on your behalf. On top of this, we can also find you the best deal we have available within our network of partnered retailers.

What If I Live In An Embedded or On-Supplied Network?

If you live in an embedded network or get your energy from your strata or landlord in a caravan park and you are eligible to receive an energy concession, you must contact your energy provider and ask them to apply the concession to your energy bill.

Embedded networks can be defined as residents who get their electricity from their landlord in an apartment building, retirement home, or village. A resident who receives power bills but does not have a direct relationship with the retailer may not fall under the embedded network category.

What If I Am Not Eligible for Energy Concessions?

Seniors and pensioners suffering from high power bills are being urged to compare energy plans and find a better deal. If you’re looking to switch or want to see how your rates stack up against other retailers, give Electricity Monster a call today, as we can analyse your energy bill and offer you a variety of free solutions. Our service is 100% FREE to use.

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