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Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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Why Sumo Power

Sumo power is proudly 100% Australian owned and Operated. They value making products simple and passing rewards to customers who deserve it most. Sumo Power is very passionate about its customers and is continuously investing in new innovations to enhance the customer experience. If you’re looking to compare electricity retailers, call us and we’ll see if Sumo is right for you.

Supply Area

Sumo Power currently offers Electricity and Gas to homes in Victoria and NSW.

Sumo Power also offers Electricity to business customers in Victoria and NSW.

How to get connected to Sumo Power?

To find out more about Sumo Power, organise a connection or to switch to Sumo Power call us on
1300 232 848 or submit your detail to have one energy experts help you.

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Sumo Power Rates


Sumo Energy

Sumo Power started in Victoria and Victorian customers will be pleased to know that they haven’t lost touch with their roots and are still offering great deals for every Victorian. For starters, they have their signature Sumo Saver plan. This plan offers Victorian customers quite a bit, a $100 Sumo credit (jumping to $160 Sumo credits for dual fuel customers) as well as competitive rates and no lock-in contracts. Victorian customers also don’t have to worry about any electricity connection fees, Sumo has you covered. If you’re a business customer you have the option of going on their Sumo Lite plan. It doesn’t offer credits or discount but it’s still super competitive.

Sumo Gas

If you’re in need of gas, Sumo has you covered here as well. Thanks to the partnership between Sumo Power and Electricity Monster we can offer you an extra special credit on your gas as well. If you bundle your gas with your electricity, you can get yourself a $60 credit to go along with the $100 credit on your power with the Sumo Saver plan. The Sumo Lite plan for gas customers once again showcases a flat rate on gas usage and supply rates.


Sumo Energy

If you’re a business customer you have the option of going on their Sumo Lite plan. It doesn’t offer credits or discount but it’s still super competitive.


Sumo Energy

Sumo Power has finally arrived in NSW!  And they’ve arrived with a simple plan for residential customers. If you’re looking for a an easy to understand plan give Sumo Power’s Standing Offer plan a look, as you also get no lock-in contracts and no exit fees.


Sumo Energy

Business customers are also well served by Sumo Power. Their Standing Offer doesn’t have any credits being added to your power bill but it does offer competitive rates with no lock-in contract.

Basic Plan Information Document for this plan is available here.

Victoria Energy Fact Sheet for this plan is available here.


Sumo Power is one of Victoria's newest retailers launching in 2015. Locally based in South Melbourne.

Their products are simple and their prices are low.

They are dedicated to getting things right the first time.

If you call Sumo you'll speak to a real person who knows their stuff. If they can not fix your problem on the first call, they will own your problem until it is resolved.

No Surprises

No more bill shock and no surprises. Sumo Power bills monthly.

Great Price

Sumo Power keeps prices low. On top of that, they’ve recently announced a suite of new plans that offer competitive rates and big credit schemes. This could really cut a chunk out of your power bill, leaving you with more money to spend on the things you want.

Real Service

Sumo power are nimble and reliable, no fuss. That means giving customers what they want without the jargon. Calls answered by locals who know their stuff. Bill that are easy to understand. Convenient payment methods.

Sumo Perks

Sumo Power has recently introduced a new benefits program for their energy customers, where you will earn extra rewards for your loyalty as a customer.

There is a range of benefits waiting for Sumo Perks rewards customers that include, VIP discounts from many of Australia's leading brands and retailers, such as; Coles, Myers, Village Cinemas & Woolworths.

The Sumo Perks rewards will come in the form of exclusive instant offers, both online and in-store, access to movie ticket concessions and reductions, special travel, hotel and flight offers, and up to a 60% discount on recommended retail prices from affiliated stores.

Call Electricity Monster today if you want to discover if the Sumo Perks rewards can apply to your electricity connection and one of our experts can give you more details about the special offers that could be available to those using this benefits program.

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Sumo Power News

Date: November 12, 2018

Bigger discount on offer for Sumo SME customers in Victoria

Sumo business customers in Victoria, we have some news for you. If you’re a small or medium enterprise the discount Sumo is offering is about to change. Rather than your normal 37% discount, you will now be offered a 40% discount on your SME electricity bill. If you’re a business owner in Victoria and would to discover more about what Sumo can offer you, get in touch with one of the team at Electricity Monster today.

Date: September 4, 2018

Sumo to offer electricity in NSW!

After launching a telco service in NSW a few months ago, Sumo is thrilled to announce they will now also be providing residential and business electricity in NSW. Not only are they offering their same commitment to providing quality service to quality customers, but they’re also bringing their always competitive discounts to a state flooded with dud offers. The other great part of their arrival in NSW is that they have plans available for both the business owner and the homeowner. So If you’re interested in a 100% Australian owned and operated provider, give Electricity Monster a call on 1300 584 872.

Date: July 10, 2018

Sumo Launches Gas in Victoria

Sumo power has been offering fantastic discounts on electricity to all its customers in Victoria since 2015, and they are doing the same for gas! If you have gas available on your property, you can now take advantage of a Sumo Electricity and Gas bundle where you can get great discounts on each. If you are interested in joining Sumo for your gas or electricity needs, call Electricity Monster on 1300 584 872.

Date: April 1, 2018

Sumo now offer Broadband and Home Phone

Sumo is now diversifying into the world of telecommunications. Sumo now provides customers NBN and ADSL plans Australia wide at competitive prices. Even better news, if you bundle your electricity and internet needs together with Sumo in Victoria, you receive a $5 discount off each of your internet bills. Just like their electricity and gas offers, there is no lock-in contracts or exit fees with Sumo broadband. Just month to month short-term contracts.

Date: March 1, 2018

Sumo Launches Sumo Perks

Sumo has launched Sumo Perks to provide further benefits to its customer base. Now if you are a Sumo Customer, you receive discounts from lots of top brands including Coles, David Jones and Village Cinemas. To access Sumo Perks, you need to become a Sumo customer and also register an email address. For more info on Sumo and the Sumo, Perks program feel free to give one of our Brokers a call on 1300 584 872.