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Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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Why Next Business Energy?

As a smart new player in the Australian marketplace, Next Business Energy has no legacy or old-fashioned systems to distract them from delivering the ultimate service level.

For too long, energy companies have been inadequate in their delivery of billing services. A customer receiving several bills for multi-site companies with several meters causes so much confusion. On top of this, customers calling in are waiting in queues for their queries to be answered. Next Business Energy recognises the need for this to change, and they have developed consolidated bills, personalised account management expert services to correct these common issues. If you’d like to know if Next Business Energy is right for your business, Electricity Monster can help you with comparing electricity retailers.

Supply Area

Next Business Energy currently provides electricity to small to medium businesses and commercial businesses in Victoria, South Australia, South East Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales.

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How to get connected to Next Business Energy?

To find out more about Next Business Energy, organise a connection or to switch to Next Business Energy call us on 1300 232 848 or submit your detail to have one energy experts help you.

Next Business Energy - Market Offers

When you’re running your own business you want to spend more time running it and less time fussing around with expenses. Electricity is a necessary, if also expensive, part of running your own business. If the lights aren’t the customers aren’t coming. However, business owners have not found any relief from the skyrocketing price of power. This is where Next Business Energy comes in. They’ve made things simple, with simple plans that beat whatever default offer is available in your state. Getting your energy at a great rate is a fantastic way to take some of the stress out of running your business, and Electricity Monster is a great way to compare business electricity in your area.

New South Wales

If you live in New South Wales you’ll know that your state has a large variety of options when it comes to choosing your electricity provider. However with so many options can come confusion, complication and bad deals. This is why considering Next Business Energy could be the best decision you make for your business. They offer a competitive market offer that matches the DMO. You could get a 7% total bill discount for paying on time! With the new regulations placing a price cap on power companies, finding a better deal can get tricky. However, with Electricity Monster, we can help compare your business to our partner providers in as little as fifteen minutes.


Getting a good deal for your business is essential in Queensland. If you’re on the Energex network in the South East, Next Business Energy might be able to get you the fair deal you’re entitled to, with a 7% pay on time discount off your entire bill. Their market offer matches the Default Market Offer for Queensland businesses. With the confusion arising from the arrival of the DMO, it’s really great to know there are companies out there that still making offering very competitive offers a priority. Call Electricity Monster if you feel the DMO does not go far enough!


If you live in Victoria and you’re after a plan that beats the VDO, consider switching your business to Next Business Energy. In a market like Victoria, it really pays to survey what’s available and figure out how to get your business onto a better rate. The market offer from next business energy comes with a 7% pay on time discount that beats the already competitive VDO offer. If your business has been hanging out for a better deal, consider calling Electricity Monster and making the switch today.


Next Business Energy was founded in 2014 and has offices located both in Melbourne and Sydney. Next Business energy offers competitive products and innovative solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in the eastern states of Australia. With over 10,000 business using their high tech service platforms.


Multiple billing options including master consolidation account


A revolutionary billing system to allow customers to receive monthly on-time billing.


For customers with smart meters, Next Business Energy can deliver state-of-the-art online management tools.

Enhanced Billing Options

Next Business Energy allows you to tailor your billing requirements for your energy usage. Next Business Energy’s SmartBilling gives you flexibility in both presentation, data design and delivery.

Personalised account management

Next Business Energy believes for far too long the energy retailing industry has offered an old-fashioned service level. Next Business Energy has built from the ground up to change that. Built on a culture of service first, no more waiting in the call queue to get your question answered.

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