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Locality Planning Energy

Please Note: Locality Planning Energy is no longer accepting new customers. We advise you to call us at Electricity Monster if you are looking to switch. The rates are set to increase by 150% 

Due to the volatility of the Queensland wholesale electricity market, LPE, according to its official website, is no longer accepting new electricity customers and is significantly increasing its rates for its current customers. LPE recommends that you seek an alternate electricity retailer immediately to avoid paying extremely high bills. 

If you are an existing customer of LPE or believe you are overpaying on your current plan, you need to call Electricity Monster on 1300 232 848 now as we can help you switch to a new electricity retailer within our network and offer you the best rates we have available.

Locality Planning Energy (LPE) is a Brisbane-based energy retailer that caters to the residential energy space in Queensland, more notably to embedded energy networks and community housing such as apartment complexes. However, LPE has expanded its ranks to include households of smaller sizes and businesses.

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LPE Plans

LPE has transitioned into the residential energy sector while still focusing on supplying strata and embedded networks.

Following the same trend as its counterparts in the energy market, LPE focuses on a straightforward plan with no conditional discounts. LPE also claims the plans they offer will not include any exit fees or contract terms. So if customers are looking to switch to a new provider, they can do so with relative ease.

If you are a current customer of LPE, you may want to switch providers immediately. According to LPE’s official website, they are urging customers to find more affordable energy providers and will no longer accept new customers. They have also stated that current customers will be automatically moved to significantly higher rates if they do not switch.

Phone Electricity Monster now on 1300 232 848 and we can help you switch providers within our network for free. We also offer the best rates we have available and can get you connected fast to a retailer within our network.

Need to Switch Away from LPE? Avoid a 150% Increase In Your Rates.

Locality Planning Energy is significantly raising its rates by 150% this June. To avoid overpaying on your power bill give Electricity Monster a call now on 1300 232 848 or click on the button below. We’ll help you get connected to a new retailer within our network and offer a variety of free solutions.

Billing and Payment

LPE currently accepts payment via their online payment portal on their official website. Customers can pay their power bill, update their personal information, and contact an LPE representative for any general enquiries.

LPE Online Resources

LPE customers generally handle their billing and payment needs though their online portal which is available 24/7. Here, customers can:

  • View your billing history
  • Change your payment method
  • Pay your bill online
  • Manage your contact information

How to Contact LPE

LPE offers phone support and a contact us form located on their main website to get ahold of them when it comes to general enquiries, billing questions, and more.

Is LPE Right For Me?

Locality Planning Energy has stated they are no longer accepting new customers with expected increased rates of up to 150% by June. On their official website they have urged existing customers to find a new retailer as their current rates will increase significantly in the near future.

To learn more, please call us on 1300 232 848.

If you are an existing LPE customer or looking to get connected to a new retailer within our network, you need to phone Electricity Monster on 1300 232 848 NOW. Our energy experts will offer you fair rates on a fair plan for a fair price.

We’ll help initiate the process of switching to one of our partnered retailers so you avoid higher electricity bills on your current. Our comprehensive service is 100% free to use and we offer a variety of solutions at no cost to you.

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This publication reviews Locality Planning Energy’s plans in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, ACT, and WA published on their website as of 07/02/2024.


Important Points to note are:


  • The plans displayed have been taken from the energy fact sheets published on the retailer’s website. We do not guarantee that this information is correct or that it applies to every household in Australia.
  • Comparisons have been made on the peak rates in single rate plans from retailers, plus their daily electricity supply charges.
  • The Citipower network has been used to compare electricity plans, and the Australian Gas network has been used to compare gas plans in Victoria.
  • The Ausgrid network has been used to compare electricity plans, and the Jemena gas network has been used to compare gas plans in NSW.
  • The SA Power Networks network has been used to compare electricity plans, and the Australian Gas network has been used to compare gas plans in Victoria.
  • The Energex network has been used to compare electricity plans, and the Australian Gas network has been used to compare gas plans in QLD.
  • The Evoenergy network has been used to compare electricity plans, and the Jemena gas network has been used to compare gas plans in the ACT.
  • The ACTO network has been used to compare gas plans in WA.
  • The reference price/VDO/GAS comparison will differ based on tariff type and location (distribution area). Your actual energy bill may be significantly different to these estimates if your usage differs from the average amounts used in this calculation.
  • The information in this blog cannot substitute for legal advice. No financial decisions should be made based on information from this blog.
  • All dollar figures include GST.
  • The plans displayed may be different than those advertised.
  • The plans offered on this page may not be available in our call center.
  • Get Best Offer is indicative of the best offer available in our database from our partners.
  • The information displayed has been taken directly from Locality Planning Energy’s retailer website. You should not rely upon the material or information on this website as a basis for making any business, legal, or any decisions. Any reliance you place on such material is therefore strictly at your own risk.