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Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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Why Kleenheat?

Kleenheat offers a broad range of gas and electricity solutions. They have turned on the gas for over 240,000 customers in Western Australia. Initially focusing on LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Kleenheat has evolved into one of WA’s leading retail gas suppliers They have also moved into LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) extraction, and provide business electricity to select customers.

Kleenheat hasn’t forgotten its roots, however. You can still pick up a new gas cylinder for your BBQ from one of their stores. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a heavy vehicle, Kleenheat supplies autogas to a number of service stations in the WA area. This had lead to Kleenheat becoming one of Australia’s leading suppliers of LNG for vehicles. Anyone looking to compare electricity and gas prices should get in touch with Electricity Monster today!

Supply Area

Kleenheat provides gas and business electricity in Western Australia. The area they cover is between Geraldton and Busselton, with the Perth Metropolitan Area included. Kleenheat is also a supplier of gas in the Northern Territory.

Kleenheat retails natural gas to customers via the Mid-West/South-West Gas Distribution System (GDS) to residential, small to medium businesses as well as commercial and industrial enterprises.

Kleenheat offers business electricity to customers who use over 50 megawatt hours. If your business is on the WA network and consumes this much, you may be eligible.

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How to compare Kleenheat rates?

To compare your Kleenheat Rates with rates from our providers please submit your details above or feel free to call us on 1300 232 848 to have one of our Electricity brokers help you find a better deal today.

Note: Electricity Monster is not in a commercial relationship with Kleenheat and therefore will not be displaying Kleenheat rates and plans in our comparison table. We do however include plans and rates from other retailers we are partners with which you can compare electricity against your Kleenheat Plan.


Natural Gas

Whether you’re after natural gas or need your LPG bottle refilled, Kleenheat can help you. If it’s natural gas you’re after they have 3 plans available. In terms of a basic type of package, Kleenheat has their Standard Form Contract, which gives you a 12.5% pay on time discount on your gas usage charges. If you want a larger discount you could investigate their Monthly Smart Saver. This plan nets you a 25% guaranteed discount on your gas usage for a period of 24 months. Kleenheats other plan is the Monthly Energiser. With this plan you’ll receive a 35% guaranteed discount on your gas usage charges for twelve months, then you’ll revert to a 25% guaranteed discount for the next twelve months.

* All offers are valid as of April 15, 2019.


If you’re after a refill for your LPG Kleenheat can help you out there too. Kleenheat makes it a point of pride that they deliver LPG to more locations across WA. Not only that but everything you need to get your LPG bottle refilled is available online. Combine this with their focus on friendly customer service and all your gas needs can be serviced in one place.


For over 60 years Kleenheat has been providing LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) to customers in Western Australia. The origins of its parent company, Wesfarmers, stretches back even further than that. Wesfarmers Limited has been around for over 100 years and is still kicking.


Kleenheat extracts more than 150,000 tons of liquefied petroleum gas per year at their joint LPG/LNG plant. In addition to their large output of LPG. their LNG process produces 175 tons of LNG a year. Both of these facilities are located in the Kwinana industrial area, south of Perth.

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