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Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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Why ERM Power?

ERM Power or otherwise known as ERM Business Energy are the experts in Business Energy. They provide electricity for both large businesses and Small Medium Enterprise. The company is 100% Australian-owned and operated and provides both retail and generation to the electricity market.

They partner with businesses to help them meet their energy needs by looking at and analysing the best ways to manage their consumption and costs. Thinking ERM might be right for you? Electricity Monster can help you with comparing electricity retailers like ERM.

Supply Area

ERM provides electricity to small businesses in Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. ERM Power also offers its service to large customers nationwide.

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How to get connected to ERM Power?

To find out more about ERM Power, organise a connection or to switch to ERM Power call us on 1300 232 848 or submit your detail to have one energy experts help you.


ERM Power describes itself as an expert in providing business electricity solutions to all kinds of businesses – small, medium and large. By shifting the focus of their plans from complicated discount structures to simplified rates, customers know exactly what they are getting with ERM Power.*

* All offers are valid as of July 23, 2019.

ERM POWER New South Wales

The offers that ERM has in NSW for businesses are identical to plans they have in the pipeline for Victorian businesses. The operating costs of any business – large or small, revolves around its use of electricity. With steadily rising electricity prices, most business owners look at electricity prices as unpredictable to their business’ bottom line. To promote predictability, the plans ERM provides is easy to understand and predict from usage, as no complex discount criteria are mentioned.

The Standard Offer made available in NSW boasts of a price locking mechanism that keeps tariff rates fixed for as much as six months. The plan has no lock-in contract and therefore lends businesses the freedom they need to move in the market.

ERM POWER Victoria

Are you a business owner in Victoria that has plans that are easy to grasp? Victoria is a region in Australia with high levels of competition among retailers, making it a tough market for retailers to differentiate themselves. ERM, however, is bucking the trend by presenting a plan to the market that goes against the grain. Instead of needlessly focusing on discounts for benefit periods that expire eventually, ERM looks to reel in businesses by proposing a rate on supplying and using electricity that is attractive.

The Standard Offer they have in the state locks-in the price of tariffs for at least six months, protecting business owners from large price rises. No contracts mean that you have the freedom to leave at any time and protect your business bottom line.

ERM POWER South Australia

In the state in Australia where electricity prices are highest, the plans ERM have may help boost the bottom line for businesses, crippled by rising operating costs such as electricity. This resolves a major headache for enterprises in the region. Going for an option that is significantly more cost-cutting can free up more of the budget of your business. Although high discount rates look great on paper, businesses ought to focus on getting attractive tariff rates on usage, to drive long-term savings.

For South Australian businesses, the Standard Offer that ERM provides could make a world of difference in allowing them to operate more predictably. As prices remain the same for usage and supply tariffs for at least six months, businesses have a more detailed picture of how their budget needs to be structured. The Standard Offer showcases a price lockdown feature that shields South Australians from an increasingly inflated market. The best part of the Standard Offer is the lack of contracts or exit fees!

ERM POWER Queensland

Are you a business in Queensland eagerly on the lookout for a stable, cheap electricity connection? Most business owners in Queensland are unaware of the criteria they need to watch out for in market offers from energy retailers. As opposed to sneakily signing up people on discounts they do not fully understand, ERM presents plans with great rates that look to sway business owners.

The Standard Offer does not allow rates to vary for six months, keeping them fixed for that period so that business owners know exactly what they are getting through ERM.


ERM Power has over 30 years of experience, founded in Australia in 1980 as a small consultancy business, and since 2007 they have specialised into a business-only provider. In fact, ERM Power is now the largest business-only electricity provider.

ERM has expanded over the years by acquiring the lighting efficiency company Lumaled in March 2016 which specialised in energy-efficient lighting for industrial and commercial businesses. In December 2015, they also acquired Greensense, a data analytics and energy resource management software company to strengthen their suite of solutions they could offer to their new and existing customers.

No Lock-in Contracts

ERM Power is also so confident in their pricing and service they provide that they have no lock-in contract or exit fees for Small and Medium Enterprises.

No Connection/Disconnection Fees

ERM does not charge any connection or disconnection fees as they believe moving premises can be expensive enough without wasting valuable money ln extra fees.

Business Energy Solutions

Rather than offer a stand-alone solution, ERM Power offers a suite of products tailored to your energy management objectives. Everything from lighting to integrated monitoring Technologies. ERM Power current solutions:

  • Energy Audits
  • Data Analytics and energy monitoring
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Demand Response
  • Power Factor Correction

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