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Why Commander Power and Gas?

Much like their name suggests, Commander Power and Gas offers an all-encompassing service. Commander can set up your office phone, mobile connection and provide broadband or data services.

They also claim that they are the exclusive provider capable of providing small business clients with the capability to bundle their phone bills with their electricity to create savings and give small businesses an extra edge to help stay afloat.

With no lock-in contract or exit fees, the appeal to small businesses for a one-stop shop to ‘tap into’ their telephone and power needs are obvious to see! If you’d like to compare energy plans, make sure you call Electricity Monster.

Supply Area

Commander provides electricity in the Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales region.

How to compare Commander Power and Gas Rates?

To compare your Commander Power and Gas Rates with rates from our providers please submit your details above or feel free to call us on 1300 232 848 to have one of our Electricity brokers help you find a better deal today.

Note: Electricity Monster is not in a commercial relationship with Commander Power and Gas and therefore will not be displaying Commander Power and Gas rates and plans in our comparison table. We do however include plans and rates from other retailers we are partners with which you can compare electricity against your Commander Power and Gas Plan.

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Launched in 2014 and a part of the Melbourne-based M2 Group, Commander currently has acquired licenses from the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) to sell electricity and gas in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, ACT and South Australia. In September of 2015, M2 Group merged with Sydney-headquartered Vocus Communications to create, what was at the time, the 4th largest telecommunication company in Australia on the basis of subscribers.

Did you know that a poorly programmed thermostat may be costing you money? Here are some other interesting ways to save on your electricity bill.

Market Offers

A discount can be availed on electricity usage rates should the bill be paid on time. If you were to adopt Commander’s electricity and telephone bundle plans, an additional discount can be obtained on your business phone plan.

Most electricity retailers provide discounts only if you pay on time and you have a direct debit payment option enabled. Allow us to explain some other things you need to keep in mind while looking for a new electricity provider.

* All offers are valid as of November 2, 2018.


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