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    Electricity prices have been continuously rising in Australia, and it’s all over the news. Many families & businesses are struggling with these expensive power prices. Electricity Monster is a broker that compares rates from our partners.

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    Why Aurora?

    Until recently, Aurora Energy, who are owned by the Tasmanian Government, were pretty much the only option available to get your home connected in Tasmania. However, 1st Energy has just entered the Tasmanian market in 2019, so the dominance of Aurora Energy is now being challenged. Competition in the Tasmanian markets has been open since July 2014, however, most competitors have stayed away from the market because of the regulated prices in the state, which is set by the state government.

    Aurora Energy’s dominance in Tasmania through the years as the only retailer operating in the market has seen them amass a large chunk of the market. In fact, they power the homes of over 240,000 Tasmanians, as well as over 35,000 small businesses in the state.

    Tasmanians generally do not have easy access to enough gas which has led to homes in the state using more power than homes in other states in Australia. Given those circumstances, it is vital to get yourself on an excellent plan in Tasmania. With flat rates and no confusing discounts, the appeal to homes and businesses in Tasmania is clear to see.

    Supply Area

    Aurora provides electricity and gas for homes and businesses in Tasmania.

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    Market Offers

    Not relying on complicated discount structures, Aurora Energy instead relies on affordable rates while giving you access to a variety of tariff types. None of the plans from Aurora, however, provide a discount. Additionally, all plans from Aurora Energy charge a small late payment fee of $5 if you forget to pay. Aurora Energy also passes on the cost to customers if they wish to have their property connected or disconnected; this fee currently stands at a substantial $66.

    WA Residential Electricity

    For residential properties in Tasmania, Aurora Energy provides the following varieties of tariff plans:

    1. Residential Flat Rate: The plan provides a general rate for power usage and daily supply, but does not come with any discounts. With this plan, you know exactly what you are paying for when you adopt the plan.
    2. Residential Time of Use: If you have a meter at your property that is compatible to handle time-of-use (TOU) plans you should look at the TOU offering of Aurora Energy. By using most of your power in the off-peak hours, you can avail more savings through the cheaper off-peak rates. During weekdays off-peak hours run between 10 am - 4 pm and 9 pm - 7 am. Offpeak rates also run through the entire weekend. If you find that you’re home is usually occupied during the weekends, then moving onto a TOU plan will give you more control over how much you are paying for your power.
    3. Heating and Hot Water: Do you have wired-in heating in your property such as a heat pump as well as a hot water system? Then you can choose to adopt a variation of the Residential Light and Power plan to include a special tariff for your heating and hot water. While your power will have a standard flat rate, your wired-in heating and hot water system will enjoy a lower usage and supply rate. This can be useful for large homes with a lot of members where everybody is using heating through the winter and member that love taking hot showers!
    4. Off-Peak with Afternoon Boost: Have a time-of-use meter and want lower off-peak rates during the afternoon? Perhaps you get off work earlier than most people or your children get back from school during the afternoon. Aurora Energy has a solution for you through their Off-Peak with Afternoon Boost tariff variation. The Off-Peak hours under this plan run for nine hours between 8 pm and 7 am and, as the name suggests, there is a crucial period when off-peak rates apply for two hours between 1 pm - 4:30 pm in the afternoon.
    5. Off-Peak with Night Period Only: Own a time-of-use compatible meter and find yourself staying up through the night? Perhaps even wanting to use most of your appliances between this time of the night? Through Aurora Energy’s Off-Peak with Night Period Only tariff, you can do exactly that! Lower off-peak rates run between 10 pm and 7 am every night under the plan.
    Plan Name:Tariff 31
    Usage Rate:26.431 cents/kWh
    Daily Supply Charge:94.636 cents/day
    Plan Name:Tariff 93
    Peak Rate:31.95 cents/kWh
    Off-Peak Rate:14.88 cents/kWh
    Daily Supply Charge:105.13 cents/day
    Plan Name:Tariff 41
    Usage Rate:17.16 cents/kWh
    Daily Supply Charge:17.65 cents/day
    Plan Name:Tariff 61
    Usage Rate:13.82 cents/kWh
    Daily Supply Charge:21.81 cents/day
    Plan Name:Tariff 62
    Usage Rate:13.02 cents/kWh
    Daily Supply Charge:20.85 cents/day

    Business Plans

    For small businesses in Tasmania, Aurora Energy provides a variety of tariffs to choose from:

    1. General: The General Plan provides a flat rate for usage and supply to your business and is aided by the fact that there are no complicated discounts. By doing so, your business can budget better as you are aware of exactly what you are paying for.
    2. Business Time of Use: If you have a time of use meter at your business, then you can make use of time-of-use (TOU) plans to control the costs you may incur. Businesses that use most of their power during off-peak hours will find it especially useful to move onto a TOU plan. Through this plan from Aurora Energy, off-peak hours will run between 10 pm - 7 am during the weekdays. Offpeak and shoulder rates run through the weekend, with shoulder rate timings between 7 am - 10 pm and off-peak timings between 10 pm - 7 am.
    3. Business Hot Water Supply: Does your business use a hot water system that is an electric storage water heater that complies with Australian Standard 1056? Your business may be eligible for the lower rates under this plan if the hot water system your business makes use of only 16 watts per litre, or 32 watts per litre if the system delivers 500 litres of water. You can choose to adopt this plan along with the General Plan.
    4. Off-Peak with Afternoon Boost: Making use of a time-of-use meter at your business and want lower off-peak rates during the afternoon? Through Aurora Energy’s Off-Peak with Afternoon Boost tariff, your business can get access to lower rates for two hours during the crucial afternoon period between 1 pm - 4:30 pm.
    5. Off-Peak with Night Period Only: Does your business mainly operate with night shifts? If your business property also has access to time-of-use plans through a TOU-compatible meter, then consider Aurora Energy’s Off-Peak with Night Period Only tariff. Between 10 m and 7 am, lower off-peak rates apply, which can seriously save some cash for your business if used smartly.
    Plan Name:Tariff 22
    Usage Rate (First 500 kWh/quarter):33.863 cents/kWh
    Usage Rate (Remainder of the Quarter):25.051 cents/kWh
    Daily Supply Charge:101.926 cents/day
    Plan Name:Tariff 94
    Peak Rate:27.866 cents/kWh
    Off-Peak Rate:11.781 cents/kWh
    Shoulder Rate:20.141 cents/kWh
    Daily Supply Charge:110.407 cents/day
    Plan Name:Tariff 43
    Usage Rate:16.041 cents/kWh
    Daily Supply Charge:18.273 cents/day
    Plan Name:Tariff 61
    Off-Peak Usage Rate (After Discounts):13.819 cents/kWh
    Daily Supply Charge:21.808 cents/day
    Plan Name:Tariff 62
    Off-Peak Usage Rate:13.016 cents/kWh
    Daily Supply Charge:20.846 cents/day

    Unlike Aurora Energy, however, it must be said that most power providers showcase discounts - particularly ones that are applicable if you pay your bills on time and you have a direct debit payment option enabled. We’ve compiled the top things to keep in mind while searching for a new power provider.

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    Pay As You Go

    Aurora Energy has a unique payment plan for homeowners in Tasmania that allows your home to pay for the power used by buying some credits in advance. The company claims that by adopting such a payment plan, budgeting for homes can be made more simple. The credits that can be purchased according to the plan can be bought from PAY AS YOU GO agents around Tasmania. A complication; the PAYG plan does cause one difficulty, however, as you need to set up a meter at your property that is compatible with the PAYG plan.

    Payment Options

    Aurora Energy allows you to make a payment via Credit Card or even via BPAY. You can also choose to activate a direct debit option on your account so that you are never susceptible to the late payment charge if you forget to pay your bill before it becomes due. You could also pay for your power bill by going to your nearest Australia Post branch. The easiest option perhaps is the chance to make a payment over the phone by sharing your account or card details with an Aurora Energy customer rep.


    In 1998, the Hydro-Electric Corporation (HEC) was split up into three different entities by the Tasmanian state government. The generation of electricity would be done through Hydro Tasmania, the transmission of electricity or gas would be done by a distribution business named Transend while the retail arm became Aurora Energy. In 2014, a distribution arm of Aurora Energy was merged with the transmission business of Transend to create the distributor TasNetworks. At the same time, the retail market was made open to competition to improve efficiencies. It is only recently, however, that competitors have entered the market.

    Were you aware that an improperly programmed thermostat could cost you a bucketload of money? Check out some of the most interesting bill saving tips to reduce your power bill.

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