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Can You Get A Cheaper Electricity Rate? 

Electricity Monster is a 100% free service. We work with several retailers in the market to help you find a great deal. 

Our Energy Experts will compare your current plan to the available plans we have in your area and let you know if we can beat it!

If our brokers can't beat your current offer, they will also let you know so you have peace of mind that you are getting a fair deal for a fair price. 

How Long Does It Take?

The whole process takes as little as 15 minutes. It can take longer if you have a few questions, but usually, it's very fast! The process to change is easy as we take care of all the paperwork.

Why Is It Important To Check? 

Most energy plans benefit terms are only 12 months long. Your retailer may put you on a more expensive offer when your benefit period runs out. 

It can be hard to notice as it can sometimes take up to three months to receive your first bill on these more expensive rates. 

With over 40 Energy retailers available to choose from, there's always great deals to take advantage of in the market.

The electricity that gets fed into your home is the same regardless of what energy retailer you choose. What is most important is to make sure you are not paying more than you have to for essentially the same thing. 

Get Our Best Electricty Rate Today

Lots of energy contacts only have benefit periods for 12 months. When your benefit period runs out, you may get moved onto a more expensive offer from your retailer. It is essential to check your plan to ensure it is still competitive. Call one of our free energy experts on 1300 232 848, who will review your energy plan and help you renew today. 

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