5 Devices That Can Cut Your Electricity Bill

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Do you find yourself straining to ensure that you cut your massive electricity costs?

Smart tech can modernise to your property, allowing you to take a breather by doing the work for you!

More visibility and better awareness are the holy grails of electricity saving device.

The best part? You need only a little help to set up these devices!

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1. Motion Detectors


Your property may be using lighting, heaters or air-conditioners, even when nobody is around to enjoy the comforts.

Motion sensors identify if a room is occupied, and turn on or off appliances like the air conditioner.

For homes, motion detectors in the rooms of young, forgetful children or the garage and basement to keep tabs on runaway costs.

For businesses, focusing on maintenance closets and conference areas, help save a lot of unused electricity.

2. Efficient Shower Heads


Although not technically a “smart” innovation by the technology employed, the practicality of this device is undoubtedly bright.

With a quality shower head, you can place controls on the volume of water used in a shower.

Beyond the water-saving function, some variations of the technology can play music and even take calls!

U.S.-based research suggests an average home can save a whopping 15,000 gallons of water a year by shifting.

Savings arise from the hot water system being used to heat lesser water.

Water heating makes up more than 21% of the average energy use of an Australian home.

Electricity Monster has previously discussed how wanting hot showers can cost $250 a month, in certain parts of Australia.

3. Smart Lights


Smart lights make physically switching lights off a thing of the past.

This technology is excellent for homes that forget to keep rooms dark often.

By connecting to your smartphone, you can control the lighting with just a swipe of your fingers.

Stay on top of how much lighting your property uses and watch your electricity bill come tumbling down.

Consider switching to LED lighting as it uses 90% less energy than regular light.

4. Smart thermostats


These thermostats are different from “programmable thermostats” as they give advanced control.

Most smart thermostats can set up a sophisticated, customisable schedule and are controllable from anywhere.

With the technology, households and businesses can now control the temperatures at their property remotely.

Many existing models can understand your heating and cooling patterns and make changes for you!

5. Surge Boards


An inexpensive modification has certain appliances on separate surge boards to quickly switch off.

So one board could have appliances that ought to be switched off often.

A surge board can make it easier to turn off unused appliances with the flick of a single switch.

We have previously burst the myth of appliances not consuming any power when connected to a socket.

“Phantom power” can make up to 10% of your electricity bill; surge board helps you stay on top of your electricity bill.

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Please keep in mind the installation costs before making any financial decisions.

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